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Nan Gorgwaith OOC RP Thread

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Ok, I have not a lot going on right now, but I will use this as a blog of sorts.


Recently we had a LARGE fire in Nan Gorgwaith that was started by some radical groups who have been giving me trouble smile.gif Eventually they will get out of hand and some sort of major crackdown will have to happen.


I have 3-4 people making their way from my nation to other nations to make a personal request for official recognition (aka establishing embassies). I figure, as a former isolationist nation, we would not be allowed to fly over other's airspace and using 'electronic' greetings for 1st real contact is so, wrong (I could be a 9 yr old using my school's pc after all and not some all powerful ruler! tongue.gif) So anyway, be on the look out as they address your nation in my Official Greetings thread in Europa Today.


I am working on getting all of my nation's info created and online somehow.. maybe wiki.


Future events:

I plan on a military plane having to make a crash landing somewhere... (maybe YOUR backyard!) So if anyone wants to RP a diplomatic air crash exchange, let me know.

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Finally NS is recognizing that I have been resolving issues and has changed me from a Psychotic Dictatorship to an Authoritarian Democracy..oh and now I am a Democratic Socialist.. all in 2 days! Anyway, that means its time for some political change/RP.


I mentioned some of this in the news, that my nation is becoming less of a dictatorship.

Aside from the council of advisors, there is a legislature and they do get elected. I think it might be time for an election, since that is all the rage. Maybe a monarchy is next.


Any ideas on some polical government stuff to RP? I have not had to do it yet tongue.gif

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an establishment of a constitutional monarchy, or something less totalitarian then a dictatorship because half your nation threatens to secede from the union if not


Yes, I am already heading that way. I think there is going to be a political change, "crisis" to some, where I will be less autocratic. There will probably be an RP regarding plot expansion and that coupled with my problems with some isolationist groups could lead to succesion talk.


Thanks for the suggestions 2-thumbup.gif

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I just qualified for a 2nd plot so it is RP time. If approved, I will be claiming the plot of the former Slavic Byzantium. I was eyeing it when I claimed my 1st plot and he claimed it. So now I get a second chance wink.gif


Many of the residents of my region of Hithlum are of the same ethnic and cultural background that is shared with the former country. Some of the unrest in Nan GorGwaith is caused by people who want to break away and join up with the troubled land. They will be joining up with Isolationist radicals and will cause some serious issues here in the next few weeks.


There has been some protests recently, but the next step is attacks on military posts to prevent them from reacting when needed. First, there will be sabotage at an army post. Then the navy will be hit. There will be a retaliation by government forces that might seem heavy handed. I invite responses from other nations (even if they have not responded to my Official Greetings Thread... dry.gif ) If you participate in my RP thread I will add you to my officially recognized nation list.


I dont want to give away all the drama yet, so this is just a start. I will also be posting in my NEWs thread to co-incide with the RP thread.


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Ok that sounds like a plan, but I am going to have to wait a few. With this Conference going on it 1) gives me one RP thread to work on and 2) it set off the one I have been working on for a little while. I think when things calm down a bit, then look to the sky smile.gif


After all, nobody EXPECTS a plane crash.


er well except some terrorists who might have something to do with it...


er well maybe if a mechanic forgot his wrench in a vital part of the airplane...


er well perhaps those people who hate technology and think we are all going to die!



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Ok Unrest thread started.

I will be coordinating that with my news thread and the Conference thread we are currently holding.


Right now there are no outside countries involved, however as things develop, comments from officials would be encouraged. I have already been given the plot that was once Slavic Byz. and I will be RPing that it had a failed government and had descended into a chaotic mess. It will be funneling people and arms to my few radical groups and will be drawn into my crisis. when this happens, if anyone else wants to get militarily involved please let me know.

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Well here I am in the thick of my RP. It is kind of hard to follow so ask Q if you need to.


Summary in 30 seconds:


Bombs hit country. Radical groups planted them. They are being supported by Syri.. er Slavic Byzantium (former nation) Most of the groups members are in custody. Border has been sealed. Military is on high alert. Mr Frachette, top advisor to Lord Gothmog, has caved in to pressure by the military and Information directory McCarthy and has supposedly authorized an expedition into SB. That is where we are now.


I suppose once Europa learns this, there might be a few states who would like to condemn it or something. Feel free. Lord Gothmog is still not back yet from that CCSE Conference thing and won't respond.


I plan on him dealing with the crisis at home, soon I hope.

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Well, I did not discuss my assassination attempt thing as it was kinda spontanious and gave me a pretext to launch an all out invasion sort of. Anyway, Lord gothmog is up and out of the hospital. There is going to be a confrontation in the government, then a shakeup.


Oh and since there is no Slavic Byzantium to respond, I am going to have the rogue leaders surrender and have a referendum held to see what will happen to the country which since I have already claimed it, well..

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This from all 2 of my fans!


Hey Nan GorGwaith, when are you going to get back to RPing?


Nan GorGwaith responds:


Due to unforseen difficulties in working fulltime and going to school fulltime, Nan GorGwaith has had trouble finding time to RP. It is possible that in about 3 weeks, things will pick up.



Thank you for your time.

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