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The Nachrichten

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Good evening good citizens. The Emperor has commisioned this television news network so that the people may be informed.


Several members of the Dilikado terrorist group have been captured by the Inquisition. Will be executed by firing squad on crimes of sedition and conspiracy against the State. Remember, THEY ARE NOT FREEDOM FIGHTERS, THEY ARE TRAITORS!!!


Military Reformation- Over 58 billion nitches have been spent in order to further modernize the military. This will greatly assist in protecting the good people of Damak Var from all enemies foreign or domestic.


Space Initiative- Government has sent unemployed Baliistic Missle Developement team to Deltannia to aid in space initiative.


Science- Dizdex Genetic Industries have made numerous breakthroughs in genetic technologies. Services have been opened already. The Executive Council predicts a stunning 6.4% economic growth within the end of the year.



Government Policy Changes-


By order of the Emperor, all citizens must report to a medical facility within two months to recieve their barcode tattoos. It is mandatory that all citizens be barcoded in order for them to be easily identified by the righteous government police forces. Barcodes will be placed on the back of the left hand.






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The Federative Popular Republic of Emakera, while knowing few about your nation, condemnes such an intervention in one?s body by the part of a government. There are more reliable and less intromitive ways of identifying people that tatooing a barcode-- which our people are affectuosly calling "The Beast Mark"-- in one?s hand. We urge your government to please reconsider this, for our citizens, mostly our christian ones, are revolting because of this.




President Dictator Richard Haller

Rep?blica Federativa Popular de Emakera

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My apologies to the people of Emakera. However this action must be taken to effectively identify criminals and has been higly reccommended by the Emperor's Inquisition. Once a warrant for an arrest has been issued, fugitives will not be able to enter any public facility without alerting the police forces. Even if this fails to work, video cameras are stationed in all public urban areas. Crime has been reduced by 95% since the abolishment of the democratic government. But the citizens are granted full privacy within their own homes. My suggestion to you is to use water guns, tear gas, and as much brutality needed to quell the revolting. Let your people that you will not tolerate a society in disorder. It works all the time in our nation. Also our government does not consider religious principles to have any relevance when making decisions. Citizens are allowed to practice any form of religion they wish as long as it is done within the boundaries of the law and in private.


-The Emperor's Inquisition

-Damak Var National Crime Investigation Agency (NCIA)

-Provincial Police Departments


NOW FOR THE NEWS (special television announcement from Mr. Ludgher)


Good Morning good citizens. I am Marcus Ludgher, Director of the Emperor's Inquisition. Yesterday, Ferrille Sutherland, the main ringleader and his top lieutenants of the Dilikado have been captured!!! The Dilikado Silla claims to be an organization of political freedom fighters. They are nothing but a criminal syndicate with the intention of disrupting the good society of our nation. In approximately 1 minute, they will be shot in a secure detention center which is not to be revealed. With Sutherland and his top henchmen put to justice, I am sure the Dilikado will be in disarray and its effectiveness shall decrease exponentially from now on. Rejoice citizens, for tonight you may sleep with less fear in your hearts. And remember, the Emperor is watching over you!


(screen switches to a different setting, there is a firing squad and men in blindfolds...)

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To: Damak Var

From: Emakera


Excuse us for the error of our official translator. When we meant "revolt", we was reffering to unrest and indignation, and all kinds of demonstrations didn?t cross the line of protesting to riot, and if it did, we would stop it, just as you suggested. We thank you for the explanation, and we shall convince our people about this. Just as your government, the Federative Popular Republic of Emakera is an atheist state, although we take into account the beliefs of our citizens in major decisions like this one.

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The government has recently began issueing out mass loans to various high tech Damak Var corporations. Also allowing more free enterprise.


Damak Var is a small and ambitious nation. It has been decided that our nation's economy must move towards more of a free enterprise system. Dizdex Genetic Industries has already began the spark with its numerous genetic techonolgy breakthroughs! More corporations must follow their path, and bring our nation to dominance. Emperor Justinus has promised to loosen its regulation of the businesses in order for them to produce. However they must remain within the boundaries of the law. Many loans have been given out to get business moving. Hopefully they will produce much for our great nation.


-Chief Administrator of Economics

The Damak Var Executive Council


Major companies who have recieved loans are


-Dizdex Genetic Industries

-Schnellenflugzeug Aviation

-Vonrichkover Electronics

-Herrlich Warfare Systems

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Meteor shower that devasted Damak Var urban areas was at first mistaken for a nuclear missle strike from Ide Jima. Thankfully, Emperor Justinus ordered Nuclear Corps. to not counterattack due to past false alarms. A visual was taken from Air Force reconnaissance units to verify they were indeed not missles. The meteors left 150 and 312 wounded total and decimated buildings all over the country. But the Executive Council remains optimistic that material damages will be reconstructed within two weeks. Plans have gone underway to update radar systems to make them able to determine the difference from meteors and ICMB's.


Skateboarding is now punishable with heavy fines.


Navy budget has been increased.


The increasingly militant Animal Liberation Front struck again last night, freeing dozens of chickens bound for delicious snack packs. They have been ordered to cease operations and disband, or face the consequences.

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The New Triumvirate has recently released thousands of prisoners thrown in jail by the Inquisition. These men have been declared innocent and victims of the Emperor's madness and paranoia.


John Heights spent the last fifteen years in prison, he says, "I lead the protests against the the ascention of power against the Emperor and his party. I was trying to preserve our free Republic. Men came into the night and dragged me away. Now I am free. I knew it wouldn't last that long!"


Before these men were branded as conspirators and traitors, now they have been declared innocent and will be allowed to rejoin society immediately.

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Recently the Department of Economics has recently calculated a GDP growth rate of 7%, an all time high for Damak Var. Officials consider this to be an explosive phenomenon in the nation. Average GDP growth rate during the period of the Emperor's Reign was 2%. Unemployment has dropped to 5% and children are getting much better educations.


Now we all can see the prosperity that the Triumvirate has brought to us.

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OOC: A bit crude, but oh well


Government Reform Decree


"In three months, the Triumvirate shall commision a new government of Damak Var. This will be the fourth regime in the history of the nation. The government system is as follows..."


Damak Var will be divided into thirteen provinces.


Each province will elect a Consul to represent them in the Grand Council of Thirteen.


The Grand Council of Thirteen votes will vote on all matters. Thirteen members, thus, never a tie.


The Grand Council of Thirteen is the head of state and has supreme control of the nation.


The Grand Council of Thirteen shall appoint a candidate for High Executor to carry out their will.


The Grand Council of Thirteen shall appoint Executors to manage each department (ex. Department of Commerce).


The commision of the War Council. The War Council will compose of a number High Generals and Admirals that will command the entire armed forces of Damak Var. One member is to be appointed to the rank of Executor. He will function like the other Executors. (War Council is just like any other department)


The Grand Council of Thirteen has the power to remove High Executors and Executors from office through vote at any time.


Should a Consul resign, die, or be incapacitated for a period longer than three months a new Consul from his or her province is to be elected immediately.


If the Grand Council is missing members and elections have not taken place to replace these members, matters voted upon are still valid. If there is a tie due to an even amount of Consuls, the tie breaker will be decided by the vote of the High Executor.


Should all members of the Grand Council of Thirteen be incapacitated or unable to perform duties, protocal declares that the High Executor gain supreme control of the nation until elections can be held.

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The Grand Council of the Thirteen Provinces have passed a new order today, outlawing monopolies and trusts by a unanimous vote. To reflect on the growing economy, Enterprise Magazine has compiled a list of the top 20 Varian Business Enterprises.


TOP 20 Varian Business Enterprises


1. Leets Incorporated - Information Technology


2. Kropper Food and Drug - Grocery Retailer


3. Byzacium Corporation - Software, computer technology, nanotechnology


4. Batavadorum Motors Co. - Automobiles


5. Dizdex Industries - Pharmaceutical, biotech


6. Pope and Doppler - Energy


7. Bricktop Co. - Investment Firm


8. Varian Royal - Insurance


9. Preacher Docks - ship design and manufacturing


10. Universal - communications service provider


11. Emperor Imbel - banking


12. Galaxy Incorporated - integrated circuits manufacturer


13. Teratech Incorporated - supercomputers, military software


14. Metron - Oil and Gas


15. Lightyear Express - Delivery


16. Nertshire Incoporated - media


17. Duke and Dauphin - tobacco, food and beverage


18. Gozzel - wholesale retailer


19. Gerard Walker - entertainment


20. Apoc - private military company (mercenaries)


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Grand Council Cuts Defense Spending


Recently, the Grand Council has decided to reduce defense spending by as much as 25%. Consul Charles Gellin states, "The war of the future is won with business, not tanks and soldiers. The government must focus more on its citizen's social welfare, healthcare, commerce, and especially education. One day, this country is going to rival the greatest economic powers in Europa and we don't need anymore bombs to do that. The steps we are taking will make the children of Damak Var today, become great men tomorrow. Human Capital, that is what this country needs, Human Capital."


The Order was passed on a unanimous vote from the thirteen Consuls, and nation applauds the decision. Approval for the new government system instituted by the Triumvirate and all recent legislation is rising exponentially.


"This is an prime example that the Varian people have climbed out of the grave that Emperor Imbel so shamelessly dug for us. Post Tenebras Lux Damak Var!"




Grand Council Names the Triumvirate National Heroes


In another unanimous votes, the Grand Council has decided to name the Triumvirate national heroes.


(pre-revolution status)


Louis Marcellus- Chairman of the Executive Council by the will of Emperor Imbel


Donovin Charrington- Command-in-Chief of the SSG by the will of Emperor Imbel


Alfred Dagmar- Grand General, Chairman of the War Council, and Chief Executor by the will of Emperor Imbel


Despite the prosperity and liberty that the people of Damak Var experience, we must always remember our past. We must always keep in mind the dangers of tyranny.


It is an honor to express this country's gratitude to three great men who liberated an oppressed people. Three great men have made it so that our children do not have to live in fear of the Inquisition. Three great men who are responsible for this prosperity and liberty that we love so much. May it last for a thousand years!


By the power vested in me by the People of the Thirteen Provinces and Grand Council of Damak Var, I declare Louis Marcellus, Donovin Charrington, and Alfred Dagmar national heroes. November Five is also hereby declared a national holiday for all to remember that the Varian people can overcome any obstacle. November Five, Salvation Day!


Post Tenebras Lux Damak Var!


-High Executor Derek Drask


OOC: November five is a good date. Gundpowder treason, liberation of Bacolod in the Filipino Revolution, and my birth date!


Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

The righteous treason and plot

I see no reason why righteous treason

Should ever be forgot.

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Grand Council Cuts Law and Order Spending


The Grand Council issued a new Order today, cutting Law and Order spending. Stating that having such a large police force is a relic of past times and is no longer necessary. More focus is being diverted to the Varian National Crime Investigation Agency in order to better crack down on the organized crime which is plaguing the nation.


The National Enterprise Regulation Agency


The National Enterprise Regulation Agency has been commissioned by High Executor Drask in order to better regulate Damak Var's growing businesses. The NERA will be given the authority to investigate business enterprises for any foul play. NERA's main goal is to disestablish monopolies and make sure all businesses are operating within the boundaries of the law.


Dealth Penalty is Abolished


"No man deserves death, but all deserve justice. In Damak Var, justice will be done." states Consul James Fincham. There has been much controversy over this new decision but people generally accept it. Confinement will give criminals time to contemplate their bad deeds, making it a more efficient and more humane punishment.

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Captain Gordon Breds Recieves Life Sentence



user posted image



Gordan Greds was one of the most notorious metropolitan police captains during the reign of Emperor Imbel. Five months ago he was found guilty of multiple crimes against humanity. Gordon Breds was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent people in the city of Alesia, including women and children. He is of the many men that reigned down terror on the defenseless citizens of Damak Var during the Old Order. The Grand Council has assured the country that it will continue its efforts "...until what remains of Emperor Imbel be brought to justice."

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Military Goes Old School


The Army, Navy, Speerspitze Legions, Waffen Schutzgesellschaft, and Air Force have adopted a new standard rifle and sidearm. The Department of Defense has chosen the FN FAL to replace the G36 and 1911 to replace the Beretta. Stating that the newer model does not necessarily mean they are better. The FN FAL and 1911 are reliable and efficient combat weapons that clearly match or outdue the quality of newer designs.


"The G36 was a bulky and cumbersome weapon and it did not make up for it in accuracy either. I also wanted my men equipped with a sidearm that has more stopping power, the 1911 gets the job done." stated General Orwell of the Speerspitze Legions.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

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Decree: Varian Petroleum Initiative


The Grand Council today just approved of the grants and a seven year long subsidies to be given to three start up Varian Petroleum companies begin drilling in the seas around Damak Var. Hubble will be drilling in the Northern Metreorolas sea, Tarbox in the South, and Goodwood in the Token sea. In addition to this, Goodwood, Tarbox, and Hubble petroleum have been guaranteed protection by the Commonwealth Navy.


High Executor Drask remarks, "Damak Var has been dependent on foreign oil for too long. It is time we take the initiative and rid ourselves of this predicament. If these companies are successful, the price of gas here at home will drop considerably. The Grand Council has high hopes about what this can do to our economy. But we don't want to stop there either. Perhaps one day Damak Var can be Europa's leading exporter in fossil fuels as well. A long shot, yet possible."



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