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Alas, I don't have enough money for a trans-Atlantic flight Pirilao, else I would.


@Italgria: Wow, that would drive me insane. (Don't like the cold)


Anyways, I'm headed to Oklahoma to participate in the largest Paintball scenario game in the world. D-Day. This is, of course, a re-creation of Operation Overlord that took the Atlantic Wall in the largest amphibious assault in history and was the turning point of World War 2.


I'm in the 1st Division, tasked with the charge of taking Omaha Beach, so I expect to get pummeled with about a thousand paintballs as soon as I come off the landing craft.

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I'm back everybody!


And man, it was the most intense, exciting, and exhausting thing I've ever done.


I'll make another post or something later, right now I just want to check up on all my internet stuff and sleep in my good ole bed.

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