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Organising the General forum

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General forum is the most active area and a great big chaos. An area for travelling and going away is already there, but I think some other parts could be created as well. I have some proposals of my own, but would like ask that others share their ideas as well.


+ Chatroom [link to the java chatroom]

+ Going away [as is]

+ In the news [media, politics, ]

+ Internet and games [links, console and computer games]

+ Polls [find out whatever you want to find out]


All other stuff (birthdays, pictures, exams, etc) should stay where they are.

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I second your motion, it is kinda chaotic laugh.gif


Your list is very good so far. If i was too add to it, i would probably say that you should break the "in the news" section down further, because it includes issues like bird flu, and could also include world cup... two totally different things so they shouldn't be in the same section.


Can i suggest that the "In the News" section be renamed "Whats new?" because it is broader


In this section i propose these sub-categories


What's new?

  • World Issues
  • Sport
  • Latest Gossip



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@ Rennd: Thank you for the suggestions. They will surely be taken into consideration.


@ Nan Gorgwaith: I thought about that too, but at the moment they're good where they are. Moving those threads would leave the entire place empty. wink.gif

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