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The TVV Quiz


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Ok simple i ask questions you answer. I will keep track of the score and the winner will gain respect from everybody and a paint made trophy wink.gif And only i make questions.. tongue.gif


Question: In Band of Brothers the 101st Airborne trained at a specific place called the .....?


Hint: It is the name of a mountain and spelling is not important...

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I'd give this one to Rennd myself, but, more specifically, Marissa Cooper (who was killed off rather early).


Now, as to how I know this...three females in my staff platoon...their common interest happens to be this show, and matching interests gets me...easier requisitions.

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Ach you ******* @Mongol... You just spoiled me the god damn entire third season!


Its only going to start tomorro and you just told me who died at the end of it sad.gif




1) Nan Gorgwaith (1)

1) Foofur (1)

1) Ide Jima (1)

1) Rennd


Question: How did Homer Simpson call himself when he was building houses for houseless people with his daugther Lisa?

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