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Exams anyone?

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Thank you... good luck to you as well


Im doing my gcses at the moment, and i am quite busy when it comes to revision. Can't wait for economics exam 2.30 hours - not angry.gif . Still not as bad as art... that is a 10 HOUR exam.

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I'm doing as levels too. I had English Lang+Lit and German on tuesday (6 hrs!) and I've got History and Economics to go in about two weeks - the exam board has mercifully spread those out a bit more biggrin.gif

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Just finished APs, moving on to finals and such (which are infinitely easier than APs...)


Had to to Comp Sci on one day (easy), followed by US History and English Language the next. That was a lot of testing to do in a day (3 hours each plus administrative time), I had about 10 minutes to go downstairs and eat food, and even then when we came back, they started reading off the instructions. There were a total of 6 timed essays to write between the two, I thought that the English test wasn't even written in english..... I couldn't think at all at that point.


Now just a lot of projects and a few finals....


Good luck to everyone! 2-thumbup.gif

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note to self: Don't take a university course with a dissertation module


Honestly, do!!!!! Ul be suprised ii'm doing a law degree at the mo, ive got my final 2 exams wed and thurs morning and its an absolute nightmare trying to fit the work in! In total ive had 4 3.30 hour exams, If i'd have done a dissertation that would mean 1 less exam, and if id have chosen a module that was 100% coursework that would mean a total of 2 exams, and i'd have been on easy street. Ok a dissertation means more work thoughout the year but when it comes to the crunch its one less exam to stress over!

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Less then 24 hours to go.


Cultural History of the Ancient Near East. (Commonly refered to as the Middle East.) Think Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Assyria, etc.


Warning: slightly sexual content


Here are some funny facts I translated from a 5000 year old Akkadian text:

    "If a man has sexual relations with a dusmu, he will be unfortunate."


    "If a woman sits on top of a man, the man will lose his virility for one month."


    "If a man is together with a woman, and the woman keeps staring at his penis, nothing will be safe in his house anymore."


    "If a man keeps begging his woman for her anus, then his food will no longer satisfy him."

Crazy Mesopotamians. And things are even funnier in the middle ages, but that's a diferent story for some other time.
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Finished first uni exam today on medieval history. 4 nice questions on:

The first crusade

The black death

Columbus' Voyage of Discovery

Martin Luther and the Printing press


im happy with that

Oeh oeh oeh, I could go on for HOURS about those topics. How did you do, Kant?

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