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War - Tarragat Island

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“No, I won't do it!”

Kane, the minister of war, remembered the day's events and shivered in anticipation. Anticipation of his death. He had betrayed Drogogli, and now he was anxiously awaiting. He didn't know what would happen to him. He had heard tales about people who went against Drogogli's wishes and that they were fed to the tigers. Ironic, he thought that these same animals are the nation's national animal. Kane was worried of the unknown, bleak future ahead of him. He had a sense of pride of disobeying Drogogli though, for what he was asking was both disgusting and immoral. Never in a million years would Kane Savage, minister of war, obey these orders. Drogogli had demanded that Kane must assign an army to invade Tarragat island and take control of the oil and coal industries in this area.

Kane still stayed motionless and morose, and wondered at Drogogli's true intention behind the invasion. Could it be that the organisation holding the oil and coal is a capitalist atheist and environmentally poor and is against all of his ideals. He was unsure about his motives.

The Mid-afternoon of Friday was going slowly now. Only the tops of the Falamore Mountains gleamed. There was a distinct, sharp knock at the door. Kane hesitated for a while, worrying his future may have been behind the door, but then marched defiantly towards his destiny. The doors opened, and two huge, muscular men pinned him aggressively to the floor, and blindfolded him. He was then dragged off by the two men, even though they had the capability of lifting him comfortably. Kane was confused and scared. The Minister of War was being dragged like an unwanted puppet and the country was in chaos.

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Constantine sighed, showing his impatience for the whole assignment. He was disappointed and annoyed by the whole situation, feeling that he deserved more than this. Especially after the now-famous coverage of the Nevareion Civil War, which had seen him, and his cameraman Bill, trudge around the war-torn nation, and ended up with them being held hostage by a heavily-armed group of Special Forces soldiers. They'd only let them go once they promised not to allow the footage to be seen by the wider world.

Now the politics within the Tagmatine Broadcasting Corporation had seen them given a minor assignment to some island backwater, covering the re-discovery of a fish long thought extinct.

“Look, Cons, you're becoming a bit too big-headed about the whole thing,” replied his cameraman, Bill, with a slight sound of weariness in his voice. “What about the days when we just did it for the adventure and the truth?”

The correspondent shrugged. “You're right, but it is irritating nonetheless. I mean, we were foreign reporters of high standing, but now we're covering some ruddy fish that's just decided to show up again after God knows how many years.?”

Both men lapsed into silence again. They were sat at a café which overlooked a fairly pristine breach, in a warm temperature with a cooling breeze blowing off the sea. Gulls wheeled and screamed above them in the azure blue of the sky. Clouds sculled across the sky, but none showed any signs of staying and spoiling an otherwise perfect day. A waiter came across and offered them a refill, but both men declined.

“Well,” said Bill, standing up. “We'll have to get down to the quay, so we can film that fish.”

Constantine nodded, and put his pipe in his mouth. It was going to a boring, but fairly easy day. He was dissatisfied with the fact that there was no excitement, but it was probably a good trade-off with getting shot at by gun-wielding fanatical Christians, bloodthirsty, psychopathic paratroopers or desperate refugees.

OOC: These two are characters re-cycled from a war in Q102, a region I'm ambassador to. If you're interested, the thread is here:


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OOC: Check out RNN News for today. It will give you a clue about what Drogogli is talking about here.

“Damn it!” exclaimed Drogogli.

Drogogli switched off his TV. The public were gradually becoming aware of what he did to the minister. It was only a matter of time for Drogogli. But no-one disobeyed him and got away with it, he thought. After all, he was sent here by God, or so he believed.

Drogogli looked wearily at his secretary.

“Barva!” he shouted

“What is it sir” Barva replied in a weak frightened voice.

“Get me Yahav!” he commanded

At once, Barva leapt to his feet like a dog does when his master gets ready to throw a ball. Barva left the room.

Silence fell upon the room. It was still noon. The weather was grim. The tops of the Falamore mountains looked aggressive and angry. Flashes of lightning and showers of rain were meeting with the tops of these mountains. To the west of his room, he could see Goalla park, empty and peaceful under the violent weather.

Several moments passed before Barva returned with Yahav. Yahav was a tall, well-built man whose hands told a story of war and struggle. He was a trusted young man and a leading and authoritative war general.

Barva looked up apprehensively like he had done something wrong before sinking into his fear with his head down. Yahav was the opposite, he stood up proud and restless to hear Drogogli's orders.

Drogogli jumped up off his seat. He immediately welcomed Yahav. He respected Yahav and could turn to him in times of trouble.

“Tarragat Island”, Drogogli said.

“Yes Sir, I know of it” replied Yahav fearless and warrior like.

“I want the oil and coal there… every single last bit” Drogogli commanded.

“How can I help you do that?” stated Yahav plainly

“Destroy the capitalist scum there, and make our own industries there, send a military force. I want that island. It is valuable” Drogogli stated.

“Yes Sir, but don't you want to talk to your minister of war first” asked Yahav.

No answer came. Drogogli didn't want to answer that question. Instead, he tried to ignore what was being said and move on.

“We will discuss plans of an invasion later” Drogogli said bitterly, although he was excited on the inside.

“Yes Sir” echoed Yahav.

And with that Yahav left the room.

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After escorting ships out of the area of the @Pirilao@Koku war games, several ships from Deltannia were ordered to reinforce other areas of international waters…

The DSS Phaereon was cruising en route to Tarragat Island, where it was escorting a two-ship surveying team. By the morning they were expected to see the island, and hopeful could be finished in the next few days to return to the nearby base.

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Niederoestereichian Catholic Mission, Tarragat Island

John Xavier had just finished the morning mass for the natives; he had been in the Catholic Mission on Tarragat Island for a few months now, bringing the word of God to the heathen natives. Niederoestereichian by birth, he had grown up and been educated in the Catholic faith. He had hoped by performing God's work on Tarragat for 2 years he might be granted a Bishopric in the lowlands of Niederoestereich. His work had been progressing relatively well, and had grown to be quite popular in the Native Mission, but construction of a new coal mine 10kms south of the Mission had been unsettling the natives. Native chieftains had promised to build a stone Church in his honour in their village if Xavier persuaded the developers to leave.

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The fish had been suitably odd-looking, like some ancient, long-extinct creature rediscovered.

The correspondent shook his head, realising what a poor metaphor that was, as it just mirrored the truth. Constantine regretted his earlier out-burst about the Tarragat Island assignment. It was nice and quiet. The lack of any real excitement was what Constantine was really looking for. The shift in mood in the Tagmatine Broadcasting Corporation after the replacement of many of the heads of broadcasting and programming had meant a fair few of the older correspondents and staff had found themselves in out of the way places. Such was the Byzantine nature of the politics and machinations of most parts of Tagmatium.

“You know, Cons, it's not so bad here. We're out of the way of any of the various pacts bollocks, and there is more or less no trouble happening on the island.”

The reporter turned to his cameraman. “Just what I was thinking. Whatever's going on with the Riderians or @Ide Jimans is a good few hundred miles away from here. And that fish wasn't exactly hard work.”

The cameraman, Bill, took out a cigarette and sparked it up. They were walking along the quay back to the café that had been their usual haunt over the last few days. Once again, the day was perfect, not at all like the wet weather Tagmatium itself usually encountered at this time of year.

Bill blew out a plume of smoke, and turned to Constantine. “Apparently, there is also a lot of natural gas and oil on this island. A new mine or something has sprung up to the south. I imagine that will attract the attention of the Ide Jimans or the @Emakerans.”

Constantine nodded. He didn't really care, and thought that whatever was going to happen would happen once they were far away from this place.

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*Start transmission*

Breaking news!

Missing Minster Confirmed Missing

Shocking Rumours of a missing minster have now been confirmed. A special RNN investigation has revealed that on May 26th at roughly 3pm, the minister of war, Kane Savage, was dragged off by two men. We suspect that it was a terrorist organisation based in @Rennd. President Drogogli looked uneasy when he found out this news. He said, “We will do everything humanly possible to catch these criminals.” The President Dictator seemed slightly nervous and apprehensive, as if he himself had committed this crime. Many government members are blaming a terrorist organisation working for a company in Tarragat island.

Liberation of Tarragat island announced

The president announced that it was officially going to “liberate” the native inhabitants of Tarragat island. In the president's words, “Tarragat island is partly controlled by a company owning a small amount of crude oil industries and coal mining shafts, who are troubling these inhabitants with the noise and pollution generated.”

Although the government has clearly stated this is a liberation mission, sceptics are criticising the aims of the government and that this is an elaborate excuse to gain control of Tarragat island's abundant oil and coal resources. Critics warn that this is both inhumane and not politically correct in this day and age.

On the 5th of June, 3 battleships, 7 tanks, 4,500 armed soldiers, 300 medics, 700 engineers and 10 catholic missionaries will be transported to the island. The government's position is one of prevention of fighting, and will only keep these forces on standby, if the company refuses to cooperate with the catholic missionaries and refuses to take their plans elsewhere. If not, Rennd is likely to take military action against hostile companies. The forces will land near the south-east of the island will not take military action unless the hostile company refuses to leave on the missionaries' requests.

That is all for now. This is Greg Backfield reporting on RNN, goodbye.

*End transmission*

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Rennd

Deltannia requests its small naval outpost on Tarragat Island not be touched. As a neutral nation to your own, we have no quarrel with you, but will defend ourselves if necessary.

Deltannian Foreign Ministry

Deltannian Naval High Council


“… and so we are to defend ourselves from any attack on our outpost. The High Council has deemed that this outpost is one of the furthest Europan bases from Deltannia, and it must be secured to maintain a naval presence on this side of the continent. Therefore, I'm ordering the recall of all ships in the area, which are then to be put on patrol duties immediately….”


The DSS Phaereon finished its escort duties just as they were recalled to base. They were expecting some bit of overhaul, but they got the minimum treatment, supplies, a few repairs, but were to be sent back out to lead patrol starting east of the island....

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FROM: Rennd

TO: @Deltannia

Rennd understands your position on this matter and gives its word, as a nation, of no military activity to this outpost. However, should your patrol forces attack Rennd or its soldiers, it will be considered an act of war, and we may be forced to defend ourselves.

Rennd wishes to remain on good terms with Deltannia, and we assure you that our quarrel is only with the coal and oil industries disrupting the island's natural habitat and native inhabitants. We do not wish to attack your naval outpost as it we understand its importance in securing “a naval presence on this side of the continent”, but we may be forced to defend ourselves if necessary.


Mr Gerald Heraldquin

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rennd

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: @Rennd

Deltannia would ask the definition of “disrupting.” These companies conduct business with and supply the outpost with easy access oil. Surely you must agree that these industries do not cover every inch of the island and are separate from its native inhabitants, of which many are employed in said industries.

Deltannian Foreign Ministry


The DSS Phaereon was leading its section of the patrol around the island now. Several other sections were circling the island as well, each having its own mission and patrol areas. They had radar and satellite coordinates of Rennd naval forces, and had estimates as to the headings that would follow. The Phaereon and all support vessels were ordered into this path range, hoping to intercept the fleet and engage in open communication…

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A special meeting of the Tribal Tribunal was called, in response to disturbing intelligence reports from observers in the MMRTA fleet, concerning a sharp increase of activity on and around Tarragat Island…

War Chief Marcus Lobonsky, the senior warrior of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa's 'cell army', presented to the Tribal Tribunal reports of heavy activity by the @Deltannian Navy around their base in the area, as well as reports of @Rennd military forces moving into the region. Based upon this information, recommendation was made to the Tribunal to activate an observation cell (composed of 8 Special Forces soldiers trained in covert reconnaissance), to deploy to the area to gather any information on the size of forces being concentrated on the island by the Rennd, as well as to determine any potentially high value targets and key terrain/facilities which would be conducive to the success of forces operating on and around the island.

After a lengthy debate, the Tribunal agreed to approve this mission. The plan that came to War Chief Lobonsky's mind, soon thereafter, entailed an airborne insertion via a ‘camouflaged’ MMRTA air transport (Douglas DC-3). The observation cell which would be conducting the operation would make every effort to blend in with local nationals (an integral component of their training) and conduct reconnaissance operations on Tarragat Island, again, to confirm troop estimates on Rennd forces moving into the area, as well as establish a troop strength evaluation on the Deltannian Navy operating in the area. Also, any other previously unidentified factions operating in the area were to be identified if possible, as well as to perform terrain analysis and mission analysis, in order to prepare for a possible deployment of additional forces to the island in the event of a CIS involvement, or should anything unfavourable become of the observation cell that would be sent to the island.

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FROM: Rennd

TO: @Deltannia

Surely a great nation such as yourself can see the need for immediate action against these “companies”. Whilst they do supply oil to your naval outpost and are helpful to some people, overall, the majority of island inhabitants would argue that the mining is causing destruction to forests, and wildlife in order to make more space for mining. Military action is of course a last resort, but immediate action must be taken. I'm sure a great nation such as Deltannia, can see that natives do not appreciate this, and many of their culture, lifestyle and homes have to be destroyed to make way for oil and coal industries.

Rennd also wishes to know of the intention behind the mobilisation of the DSS Phareon, as we are a neutral nation to yourself. This is acceptable if your mission is peace, and we welcome all peace missions. Rennd will allow for peaceful talks to resolve this matter if necessary.

Signed: Gerald Heraldquin

Minister of Foreign Affairs


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FROM: Rennd

TO: Social Alliance of @Mongol-Swedes

We welcome the reconnaissance mission, but only for peaceful purposes. Rennd does not wish to become involved in an international crisis over these islands, and hopes that the information gathered will only be used for the prevention of crisis. Otherwise, please feel free to investigate the scale of the matter.


Mr Gerald Heraldquin

Minister of Foreign Affairs


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OOC: It's not just the DSS Phaereon, it's a lot of ships, I'm just focusing on that one for now. Also, below, I'm not saying that the oil companies are mine, just FYI.

FROM: Deltannia

TO: @Rennd

Deltannia does agree with Rennd that action should be taken against these companies due to the cultural significance. We understand the importance of separation between the inhabitants and the said companies. That is why we have helped petition companies expanding beyond a certain boundary not to, and these have largely been successful.

Mobilizing a military force, however, to make sure that these companies are removed, suggests the possible use of hostile forces against civilians. Any takeover of non-Rennd companies by your forces can be considered a tactical offense against another nation. While you say that “military action is a last resort,” sending the force you have for the complete takeover of these companies will not be tolerated. This forces unwanted pressures on these companies and can change the regional markets.

Deltannia's fleet has been mobilized in response to the mobilization of Rennd's forces, as is policy. As we have an outpost there, we are required to mobilize in the event of any action occurring. This is not meant to be an offensive move, as surely you have said for yourselves as well. We hope this fleet will not need to be used.

Deltannian Foreign Ministry

Deltannian Naval High Council

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FROM: Rennd

TO: @Deltannia

Rennd acknowledges the purpose behind Deltannian naval mobilisation, but we assure you that our forces will be kept out of the island, and only be utilised as a last resort. Even then, if it is necessary, it will be a small military campaign. They will pose no threat to you or your military outpost. Our intention is to encourage the movement of these industries away from the natives, who do not appreciate the pollution and destruction to their culture.

The initial position of Rennd is one of peace. Renndian Catholic Missionaries will encourage the companies to relocate via talks and peaceful meetings. Only, and Only if this fails, Should Rennd even consider utilisation of military force. These forces will be on standby and are unlikely to be used. They will be in position somewhat 50 miles (ca. 80 km) away from the coast, in-between Rennd mainland and Tarragat island, ready to come into action if necessary.

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: @Rennd

Let us hope then that this will be a mission of peace for both of our nations.

Deltannian Foreign Ministry

Deltannian Naval High Council


The DSS Phaereon came within visual range of the Rennd fleet. Now they would see what would happen…

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OOC: @Deltannia – sorry for not replying earlier. Great roleplaying from you though… loving it.http://i5.ifrm.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

IC: “What is that approaching in the distance…”

The admiral looked up and saw a huge naval force approaching Rennd, like a menacing tiger. The navy was large, and equipped. The admiral looked at Lao who was casually reading those magazines that sailors love to scoff at and secretly believe in. Lao noticed the admiral looking down at him.

By now, the fleet stood near the Renndian forces. The Admiral's glance was at once calm and calculating, and believed that this unknown naval force was superior to the small fleet that Rennd had dispatched and could easily destroy our forces.

The admiral finally spoke to Lao.

“Who does that navy belong to?” questioned the admiral. “And what the hell is it doing, near us”

Lao just shrugged, “Dunno” he said plainly, “Could be a threat, but then again it may not be”

Admiral understood at once. The mysterious force stood in front of his ship, and were clearly visible from the deck. The admiral was still confused. He did not want to fire as he did not know who the forces were. Instead, he decided that they will engage in open communication with the fleet, to find out who they were.

Lao, who had been casually reading, was struck with thought and got up.

“There is a chance that they could be the Deltannian naval forces” he said choking with pride

The admiral grew impatient as to who this fleet belonged to. “It could be the Deltannian forces, in which case, their mission is peace.” He knew that if it was these forces, that they wouldn't fire on Rennd, unless provoked. But he didn't know if it was them. He decided to move the Renndian fleet closer to the ships, close enough to engage in open communication.

“Forward”. “Take the fleet toward” He ordered

“We need to engage in open communication” The admiral added

The ships ground forward, closer and closer to the massive unknown navy…

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“Sir, the Renndian fleet is trying to open a communication link, but they are still out of range.”

“Why aren't they bouncing it off a satellite?”

“They may not have the capabilities, sir.”

“Good point, Commander. Try to get a link with them, move in closer. I don't want satellite communication unless necessary, it must have my approval, understand?”

“Yes, Captain, it's done.”

“Good. Keep an eye on them.”


Level 4 Encryption

FROM: DSS Jore and support

TO: DSS Phaereon and support


We've received word of your sighting of the Renndian fleet. Our orders are to rendezvous and support, we will arrive within 36 hours at the earliest, possibly in 48 hours, we still need to arrive with slower support ships. We are sending some sloops ahead, they will arrive within 24 hours. Good luck.


OOC: My priorities go from 10 (lowest) to 1 (highest). Whereas the encryptions are opposite (1 to 10).

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“The Deltannians!”

“Yes, sir, I believe they are protecting their naval outpost.”

The admiral sighed. He did not want a quarrel with the Deltannians. He had hoped that the mission would be easy, but now he had to be cautious of the Deltannians. He looked right to a small destroyer which had 10 missionaries on it. He spoke to the captain.

“Captain Decaius, Come in Decaius,” said the admiral

“Yes sir” replied Captain Decaius.

“Move your destroyer forward”, “Move round the large Deltannian fleet and towards the island”. “I'm pretty sure they won’t mind one ship with just missionaries on it”.

“Yes sir” spoke the captain.

“And one last thing…” added the captain “If they attack you, retaliate otherwise just sail”.

The admiral sighed, by committing his destroyer forward, it left his other ships vulnerable to an attack.

The destroyer was small and fast, like a normal destroyer, only it wasn't as heavily armed. It started to move forward pushing the seas apart, if the Deltannians weren't bothered by this manoeuvre, then they could reach the island by tomorrow.

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Onboard the DSS Phaereon

“Captain, Renndian destroyer moving forward.”

“I see it, Lieutenant. Stay on course. Tactical, I need a report.”

“Standard Renndian destroyer, sir. Slightly smaller than us, standard compositions. Weapons display is on the board, forward and side cannons, plenty of anti-air/anti-personnel, etc.”

“Thank you. Targetting, status?”

“All systems are locked on, on Yellow Alert, Captain.”

“Good. All systems standby. Keep communications open. How long until we pass them?”

“We'll intercept in 52 minutes.”

“How long until the Jore gets to the interception spot?”

“Two hours at fastest.”

“Communications, tell them we need the firepower just in case, and they need to push engines past full. Our support will not be able to take that Renndian fleet if it comes down to it.”

“Right away, sir.”


Onboard the DSS Jore

“Sir, message from the Phaereon. They'll intercept a Renndian destroyer in 44 minutes, and they need back up as soon as possible.”

“Estimated arrival time?”

“1 hour and 37 minutes at current speeds. We're at full.”

“Tell the engine room to give everything. I want it at 110%.”

“… Of course, sir. 110.”

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The captain of the destroyer looked on, The deltanians were going to try something, and intercept the destroyer, despite it being only a ship full of missionaries.


"What on earth are they doing?" said captain decaius


"They are trying to intercept us sir, apparantly..." replied Hiliid


"What ever they are doing, it looks dangerous" said decaius with a concerned look on his face.


The captain decided to keep the weapons locked on just incase the deltanian's had a plan for his ship. He wasn't going to use them, unless he had to. But he couldn't trust the deltanians.


Several moments passed, before the DSS Phareon was visible from the destroyer. The captain knew of a DSS Jore accompanied with several other ships getting closer. The captain saw the DSS phareon clearly from his ship. They were within striking range. Now they would see what would happen.




user posted image


(Renndian Destroyer)

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OOC: To Rennd, my earlier post was entirely an internal communication, not like a news broadcast or anything that which would easily be picked up, lest your nation or an ally had confirmed espianoge elements within the Union's regime. Besides, you think this nation would seriously generally broadcast a planned reconnaisance mission with the intent to gain intimate details about force strength in the area? Trust me bro, there's no CNN here, not that's reporting on my regime's day-to-day operations...


Approaching the island aboard the DC-3, the flight chief gazed down at the sea as it came upon the massing Rennd and Deltannian navies. It appeared that the situation was already taking shape, developing into a potentially ugly scenario. He turned to the lead pilot of the ancient but robust aircraft, ordering him to divert away from the substantial fleet presence of both Rennd and Deltannian forces, to be prepared to engage the onboard fuel reserves, and keep a respectable distance away from the fleet. If hailed by either fleets, he would simply explain that they were a routine commercial MMRTA shipment transporting its legitimate cargo beyond Europa to extra-regional members of the MMRTA agreement, and, being a commercial air cargo service, was not equipped to detect the fleets' presence at any significant distance other than line of sight.

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OOC: This is a fairly heavily encrypted transmission. Since it came out of Tarragat, I won't make it the highest, let's assume they don't necessarily have or want to waste that transmission time and power.


Also, let's try to start the fighting through either an accident and/or a communication problem. That worked well in Ide Jima's Civil War.




Priority I Communication

Level 8 Encyrption


FROM: Tarragat Island Outpost, Byzantine Sea

TO: Deltannian High Naval Command, Deltannia


Admiral Shya,


A complement of Renndian ships, as you no doubt already know, have been spotted by one of the small patrol groups several hours ago. The status report is attached. As you will see, the Renndian fleet outnumbers the current patrol of 1 Heavy Destroyer, 1 Frigate, 2 Sloops, 1 Ketch, 1 Schooner, and multiple supply ships with limited striking capabilities. The largest group of reinforcements, headed by the Heavy Destroyer Jore, will effectively give us the edge should battle occur, along with crucial air support. 2 Schooners will are scheduled to arrive in approximately 20 minutes, with the rest of the fleet half an hour behind.


I am formally requesting a full detachment of ships be sent to support our currently thinned naval operations in the Byzantine Sea. There are no cruiser-class ships or higher currently within the vicinity to aid if something should occur, and very few in the entire Sea as well.


Provisions for land assault are currently underway. As you are well aware, this facility has no standing army, and a limited number of marines. These will be overwhelmed should Renndian forces land. Therefore, I am also requesting Troop Carriers be sent with any amount of troops as available to hold this island.



Rear Admiral San'Mina, Deltannian Operations in the Byzantine Sea/Southeast Europa






"Okay, Lieutenant, open all hailing frequencies, short range, translations on."


"Aye aye, sir. You're on."


"Unidentified Renndian Destroyer, this is the DSS Phaereon. We know your current heading is for Tarragat Island, and we understand your intentions. We formally request that you disengage from your course and come to a full stop in order to continue this discussion or it will be considered an act of aggression against the Deltannian Tarragat Island Outpost and its commands."




*Onboard the DSS Jore*


"Commodore, the forward schooners will be arriving shortly. A message from the Ishalin, sir, they're suffering burnout from the engine strain. Our own engine room reports a 35% probability of burnout and rising every minute."


"How long until we reach the rendevous?"


"45 minutes, sir. We'll be in short range soon."


"Tell all ships I want them 115 percent or better. Tell the Ishalin to back down and continue repairs. Every second counts here."


"But sir, engines won't take it anymore, and other ships are worse off than us, sir. Some of the smaller ships are struggling to keep up with our 110, let alone there equivalent."


"I'm aware of that, Commander. I took position as acting Commodore of this mission. I'll assume the responsibility. YOu have your orders, don't waste time."


"Of course, sir."

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OOC: Lets discuss this in the OOC thread, we will start war soon,




*Renndian Fleet*


The Admiral was getting weary. He had been away from land for some time now, and all he could see was the deltanian forces amassing infront of him. He was worried about the destroyer which had already encountered the DSS phareon and there was reports of an even larger fleet approaching on his left flank.


His own fleet was beginning to be outnumbered, but his own reinforcements were leaving Ukat right this minute...




FROM: Rennd Naval Control Centre (RNCC), Ukat

TO: Admiral Holds


As per requested, we will despatch a reinforcement fleet to support and maintain Renndian stronghold in the Byzantine Sea. The fleet will consist of One further Renndian Destroyer, 2 submarines and 2 frigates. This will place us in a strong position in the centre and protect our flanks, especially our left, from heavy attack from Deltanian Destroyers.


I hope that your mission will be successful




Rear Admiral Jose, Ukat




*Start transmission*


Hello and welcome to RNN news


Rennd at Heightened Readiness


Rennd has reached a DEFCON level of 2, and for the first time in 50 years, Rennd is at a state of Heightened Readiness. Many of the Renndian forces are being deployed, and the country is on yellow alert.


Rennd is acting to defend itself from the amassing Deltanian forces, and wants to make sure that it has the edge over the opposing forces, should a state of war breakout.


Reinforcements leave Ukat


Military reinforcements have left Ukat in an attempt to gain a stronghold in the byzantine sea, for the purpose of encouraging Deltanian forces to back down on its recent manoveur on the missionary destroyer. It will also give Renndian forces a better chance of success if fighting breaks out against Deltanian forces. They will arrive within 24 hours.



user posted image


(Renndian fleet)



That is all for now, we will keep you posted on all of the latest events, This is Greg backfield reporting on Rennd National News (RNN), goodbye.


*end transmission*


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