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Sultan opens Embassy Avenue


Today was the official opening of the new Embassy Avenue in the capital. Sultan Ramnan attended the opening ceremony and expressed his hope that the Avenue may lead to many friendly and fruitful relationships.


The Sultan himself ordered the construction of the Avenue a few months ago. After terminating the isolationist policy, he thought it best to have all the embassies close to each other and the Palace, in order to accomodate good relationships with the other nations of Europa.


The nations of Rennd, Tagmatium, Deltannia and the Bainbridge Islands have already established embassies in the Assurym. In a press conference earlier today Foreign Affairs Minister Shaotzu expressed his hope that more will follow soon.



Assurynian Navy to be expanded


Earlier this week Defence Minister Azur announced that the Assurynian Navy is to be expanded in the coming months. 'The present number of ships simply doesn't suffice anymore in this day and age', according to Azur, 'therefore, some new ships have been commissioned already and more will eventually follow.'


It is rumoured that these investments in the Navy are made possible by a new increase in the Defence budget. Analists believe a full quarter of the total budget is currently allocated towards the Ministry of Defence.


No official numbers exists to confirm this as it is quite rare for the government to announce anything on Defence at all.

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Corruption Scandal?


Minister of Justice Zheng Darcon has announced a full-scale investigation into a possible corruption scandal within the Trade Ministry. Apparently several millions of zyrs invested in commerce over the past few months have dissappeared to unknown bank accounts. It is not clear yet how many officials may be involved, though rumours already persist that the scandal may run all the way up to the Council of Lords.


In addition to the embezzled money, some officials may have accepted bribes from private companies as well, according to an anonymous source within the police. If this proves to be true this will be one of the largest corruption scandals ever in Assurym. Rounding op this corruption will be a major victory for the Sultan, who has been struggling to reduce corruption in the government ever since he was crowned. Hence it seems likely that the culprits will be facing heavy punishments.


Embassy Avenue


This week an embassy from the Rep?blica Federativa Popular de Emakera was founded on the Embassy Avenue. Foreign Affairs Minister Shaotzu proved pleased with the succes in establishing diplomatic relations so far. 'Only good things will come from this, many new possibilities for trade and development are being opened up' according to Shaotzu.



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Assurym to join United Nations?

Possibly the Sultanate of Assurym will be applying for membership in the United Nations. Both the Council of Princes and the Council of Lords are currently debating on the issue, after the Sultan put forth the question yesterday. Rather unexpected, according to Lord Namba the other day: 'Some of us have thought about joining the UN but the issue has never been seriously considered. It will certainly prove to be an interesting debate tomorrow.'


This morning, before the debate, some Lords were already willing to state their opinion on what should happen. Lord Ashek: 'In order for Assurym to fully participate in the international community it is simply necessary that we join the United Nations. Joining will give us more influence and gain us the respect of fellow members.' Lord Kytsarn on the other hand wasn't so positive: 'Joining that wretched organisation will force us to implement all sorts of legislation, many of which we don't need nor want. If the Sultan wants to reduce corruption joining the United Nations is the last thing he should do.'


As previously said, the debate is currently in full swing and we eagerly await the final advice both councils will put forward.


First arrests in corruption case

Earlier today three officials working for the Ministry of Trade have been arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation into corruption. 'These are the first officials arrested for corruption in the Trade ministry, and it is unlikely they will be the last', Justice Minister Darcan said in a press conference. The full extent of the scandal is still not quite clear but police officials have once again confirmed it will be a thorough investigation.

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Lords under arrest

Yesterday afternoon two members of the Council of Lords were placed under arrest on accusation of embezzlement, laundering and blackmail. For now this seems to be the final chapter in a grand scale anti-corruption campaign within the Trade Ministry. 27 officials in total were arrested for various crimes involving commerce. When found guilty they are likely to face long times in jail, plus removal of any and all honorary titles they may posses. Justice Minister Darcon called the investigation a great succes but was unwilling to divulge any further details.


No UN membership

After a long and thorough debate both the Council of Lords and Council of Princes have come to the decision to advise against applying for membership in the United Nations. In the end, the princes unanimously decided against the proposition and of the lords 34 voted for joining and 111 voted against. 5 lords abstained, including those arrested for corruption. With this, the matter seems closed as the Sultan has declared he will follow both Council's advice.

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Council of Lords disbanded

Today at 14.00 PM the Council of Lords was dismissed indefinitely on command of the Council of Princes. Recently there has been much disagreement between the Sultan, the Princes and the Lords and after a new issue concerning control of the military the Princes saw no other option but to disband the Council of Lords altogether. This has sent a wave of chaos troughout the entire government and tensions between the various provinces are once again running high.


Political analysts speak of a unexpected and somewhat overreacting move from the Princes. Even though the Council of Lords didn't have much actual power it fulfilled an important advisory and mediating role between the different provinces and ministries. 'Now that that stabilising factor has disappeared, the only person keeping the legislation in line is the Sultan' according to one analyst.


The Sultan himself has not yet given any official response to this new turn of events inside sources report he is 'not pleased'. Regardless of what some doom-mongers may say, however, it is unlikely the nation is under any real threat of falling apart. Even if the provinces were to renew their fighting, the Sultan has shown to be a capable and efficient ruler in the past and will no doubt keep any disorderly provinces strictly under control.

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Assurym at war

Only hours ago troops from Egaon were attacked when they attempted to cross the Bawal river. Troops under command of Prince Mekharos from Mayras opened fire as soon as the Sultan's men were in sight. This shocking event proves what many already suspected: the four northern states have started a rebellion against the Sultan's rule. This means that for the first time in over 200 years, Assurym is once again at war with itself.


The Sultan has already declared the four northern Princes traitors and ordered full mobilization from the other eleven states. Sources say that the next few days will be critical, as not every Prince may uphold his loyalty to the Sultan. It is no secret that many Princes disliked some of the Sultan's policies and may attempt to use this situation to their own benefit. Should this happen, there is no telling what chaos the country might end up in.

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