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Rock in Rio-Lisboa

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Rock in Rio-Lisboa


The Rock in Rio anthem was heard on the World Stage today


At the start of the evening, everything was in place for the sound and lighting tests of Rock in Rio-Lisboa?s World Stage.


It was just after 9 when another exciting moment took place in the City of Rock. Rock in Rio?s anthem blared from the gigantic speakers at the same time as the lights flared with mighty force on the World Stage.


This was a truly remarkable moment ? the first sound and lighting test shows the hard work that has been going on for almost a year.


With just over 2 days to go, the City of Rock is coming to life. The party is about to begin with five fun-filled days.


As in the previous editions, the organization will donate part of the revenues to several charities.

Rock in Rio-Lisboa is returning for the biggest party of 2006. The Bela Vista Park, in Lisbon, will host the new edition of the world?s biggest music festival that takes place outside Brazil for the second time in its history. On May, 26 and 27, as well as on June, 2, 3 and 4, all roads will lead you to the City of Rock.


As in the previous editions, the organization will donate part of the revenues to several charities.


Some of the most notable names in the Portuguese and International music scene will be present during the five days of the festival attended by more than 500,000 people, as expected, which means about 100,000 people every day in average.


The Bela Vista Park, which has a surface of nearly 200,000 square meters, is one of the best places where the Rock in Rio festival took place. The sloping terrain, with trees all around, is perfect in what concerns the building plans for the City of the Rock.


Besides concerts, the organization of the festival also invites families to spend a nice day here enjoying all the animation events that are prepared for them.


For the 2006 edition, that takes place in Lisbon for the second time, the organization team has some novelties to introduce. There is the ski ramp with artificial snow and a leisure area for the children, just to highlight two of them.


Do not forget to visit the official site of Rock in Rio-Lisboa, which is always updated with all the new things that are coming. And do not forget to participate in the world?s biggest music event, because you will have lots of fun and you will be contributing to build A Better World and helping thousands of children to smile. Here you will know much more about the social project within Rock in Rio-Lisboa.




2 Many DJ's Electronic Tent 03/06


Anastacia World Stage 04/06


Carl Cox Electronic Tent 27/05


Carlos Santana World Stage 02/06


Corinne Bailey Rae World Stage 04/06


D'ZRT World Stage 26/05


Da Weasel World Stage 03/06


Danny Tenaglia Electronic Tent 04/06


David Guetta Electronic Tent 04/06


DJ Kitten Electronic Tent 03/06


DJ Vibe Electronic Tent 04/06


Expensive Soul Hot Stage 26/05


Fingertips Hot Stage 26/05


Fonzie Hot Stage 03/06


Fran?ois K, Joaquin "Joe" Claussell e Danny Krivit Electronic Tent 02/06


GNR World Stage 04/06


Groove Armada Sound System Electronic Tent 26/05


Guns n' Roses World Stage 27/05


Hands On Approach Hot Stage 02/06


HP Tocarufar Project Electronic Tent 26/05


Ivete Sangalo World Stage 26/05


Jamiroquai World Stage 26/05


Jota Quest World Stage 02/06


Marcelo D2 World Stage 04/06


MESA Hot Stage 04/06


Orishas World Stage 03/06


Pitty World Stage 27/05


Red Hot Chili peppers World Stage 03/06


Roger Waters World Stage 02/06


Rui Veloso World Stage 02/06


Sandra de S? Hot Stage 03/06


Shakira World Stage 26/05


Starsailor Hot Stage 02/06


Sting World Stage 04/06


Tara Perdida Hot Stage 03/06


The Darkness World Stage 27/05


The Elected Hot Stage 04/06


The Gathering Hot Stage 04/06


The Room 74 Hot Stage 26/05


T? Ricciardi Electronic Tent 04/06


Wraygunn Hot Stage 27/05


Xutos & Pontap?s World Stage 27/05


Z? Ricardo Hot Stage 02/06




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Rock music

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Stylistic origins: Rock and roll, ultimately blues (mostly jump blues and Chicago blues), country music and R&B

Cultural origins: Late 1940s United States

Typical instruments: Guitar - Bass - Drums-

occasionally Keyboards

Mainstream popularity: Much, constant and worldwide since the 1950s

Derivative forms: Alternative rock - Heavy metal - Punk rock


Art rock - British rock - Christian rock - Desert rock - Detroit rock - Experimental rock - Garage rock - Girl group - Glam rock - Glitter rock - Group Sounds - Hard rock - Heartland rock - Instrumental rock - Jam band - Jangle pop - Krautrock - Post-rock - Power pop - Protopunk - Psychedelia - Pub rock (Aussie) - Pub rock (UK) - Rock en espanol - Soft rock - Southern rock - Surf

Fusion genres

Aboriginal rock - Afro-rock - Anatolian rock - Blues-rock - Boogaloo - Country rock - Cumbia rock - Flamenco-rock - Folk-rock - Indo-rock - Jazz rock - Madchester - Merseybeat - Progressive rock - Punta rock - Raga rock - Ra? rock - Rockabilly - Rockoson - Samba-rock - Tango-rock?ro

Regional scenes

Argentina - Armenia - Australia - Austria - Belarus - Belgium - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Brazil - Cambodia - Canada - Chile - China - Czech Republic - Croatia - Denmark - Dominican Republic - Estonia - Finland - France - Greece - Germany - Hungary - Iceland - India - Indonesia - Ireland - Israel - Italy - Japan - Latvia - Lithuania - Malaysia - Mexico - Nepal - Netherlands - New Zealand - Norway - Peru - Philippines - Portugal - Russia - Serbia and Montenegro - Slovenia - South Africa - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - Tatar - Thailand - Turkey - Ukraine - United Kingdom - United States - Uruguay - Vietnam - Zambia

Other topics

Backbeat - Rock opera - Rock band - Performers - Rock anthem - Hall of Fame - Samples - Social impact

Rock is a form of popular music, usually featuring vocals (often with vocal harmony), electric guitars, a bass guitar, and a strong back beat; other instruments, such as keyboards (organ, piano synthesizers) and horns (saxophone, trumpet, trombone) are common in some styles, however, horns have been omitted from newer subgenres of rock music since the 1990s. The genre of rock is broad, and its boundaries loosely-defined, with distantly related genres such as soul sometimes being included.


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Rock in Rio at Lisbon makes as sense as Woodstock in Ho Chi Minh City tongue.gif

Well, i?d pay a visit at it if i were you, PIRILAO. If you?re into rap, pay a visit to Mr.D2?s concert. And cross your fingers that it won?t be as crowded as the Rio one XD Dad went to the first one, and once i hit the age and get the cash, and get a way to go to Rio, i?ll visit Rock In Rio.

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