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Welcome to the Londim Reporter. Tonights headlines are..


Voting is compulsory


Organ Sellers


Cloning for medical research


But first a recent debate has broken out regarding the national tax rates. Many workers feel that they are spending too much in tax and not seeing enough results on the nations expenditure. Colin Shiomi, an engineer, said "Government spending has gotten way out of control. It needs big cuts in welfare, health, and education. But leave those subsidies to business alone." This seems very controversial as education and health are some of the governments top priorities.

President Aran Suddi issued this statement today,

" The amount of tax is at the right level for steady economic growth. However tax returns will have a new layout where the people can suggest what they think the money should be spent on and will be regarded when future budgets are announced"

Many people felt happy with this statement.


Next cloning for medical research. Today a new piece of legislation went through the Senate allowing humans to be cloned to find cures for diseases. This brings up the question whether cloning will help in curing disease or do clones deserve an independent life just like any other human?

The government issued a statement saying that " cures are needed and the quicker these were found the quicker they can allow other clones to have normal lives. Once cures are found clones afflicted with these diseases will be cured and given support as they enter the real world." What do you think of this? Contact us in the usual ways.


Now do you struggle when it comes to money. Are you in debt? Well why not sell an organ? A new piece of legislation says hospitals will pay organ donors or their families at least 1000 Libertines for an organ. Sarah O'Riddick, a health executive said " Londim faces a organ shortage and many are dying because there are not enough organ donors to help them. We hope this incentive will change that in the near future."


Finally voting is now compulsory. According to government officials "this will provide Londim with a more representative government." But is this an infringement on peoples political freedoms or a step closer to a better nation.


This has been John List with the news. Goodnight




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Welcome to tonights edition of the Londim Reporter. The headlines...


A Big Brother Society?


Harry Potter and Satanism connected?



But first life outside Londim. Today Londims President received news of The Confederacy of The Rebel Wizards leaders madness. Reports tell us that Rebel Wizards leader had gone mad and was ordering a genocide of all his people so he could clone himself. As this news was received President Aran dispatched Londims best psychiatrist, Greg Cate, with the following statement:


" The Government of Londim saw a cry of help from Rebel Wizard and saw the horrors that were to be committed there because of the leaders unstable behaviour. The Government of Londim agreed not to sit idly by as people were being killed. We sent a psychiatrist to Rebel Wizard so we could help the leader regain his senses."


However Greg Cate arrived too late. On arrival he heard that the leader had committed suicide. As soon as he heard this he got straight back on the plane and returned home. He was unavaliable for comment.


Other news today is that POlice Chiefs wanted to create a Big Brother Soiciety with people having compulsory identity cards and be watched constantly 24 hours a day. Civil Rights activists said that this was too much and even called for cameras to be destroyed. The government went down the middle on this one and decidied CCTV cameras were to be placed in large public areas.


Finally the new Harry Potter book was realised today and met with a lot of controversy. Religious activists said the mention of demon summoning in the book was a direct link to Satanism. Literature groups said it was just fantasy and was in no way linked to Satanism. The Government backed up this view saying it was just fantasy and people were allowed to read what they liked.


This has been John List with tonights news. Good Night

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Welcome to the Londim Reporter. Tonights headlines.


Politicians for sale..


The Budget


But first Euthanasia. Today the government was contacted by a Mrs Dorothy Terwilliger. She is terminally ill and wishes to be allowed to die. This sparked a huge amount of controversy. "The lives we lead are given to us by the grace of God, and he decides when they end", commented Bishop Sue-Ann Mombata. The Government issued a statement saying they were going to dismiss the issue as it was "a very emotional subject" that could not be written down in law. For any comments please contact us in the usual way.


Next. Yesterday a bill went through that said private companies are allowed to donate funds to their politicians for campaigns and expenditure on the country. This was met with mixed feelings. " This is like politicians are being bought" , said Paul Jenkins a social worker,"Politicians will only listen to the companies that are paying them when it comes to laws and not the voters."

The government responded saying, " This will not be the case. The voters will be listened to. It is upto companies if they want to sponser us or not.


Finally the budget was announced today with a majority of it being focused on education and health. This was met with compliments for the Government by the majority however General Kington had this to say. " The Government needs to focus on defence and the military in general. We can never be fully prepared for an invasion or War." The Government says " We need to focus on saving lives and educating people not killing them."


That was todays news from Londim. Tjis has been John List. Good Night

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Welcome to the Londim Reporter. Todays top stories..


Monkeys at the dinner table


Londim proposes Act to UN


But first today the Government was made aware of plans for a NeoNazi group to hold a protest in Senate Square. This protest comes as the Government extended an invitation to migrants to settle in Londim. The NeoNazi group are known to be very rascist and violent towards people of ethnic minorities. In the past the Government has tried to disband groups like this due to the bad image they give Londim and its people. When the President heard he released this statement,


"Londim is seen as a liberal country but even we feel this is going to far. All people are equal and we will not allow this protest to go ahead. It is time people left the Dark Ages and embraced the multi cultural soiciety we have. I will personally try to disband this group."


NeoNazi spokesman , Gary Vil, said " What happened o freedom of speech? I thought Londim was a liberal state. I am disappointed and slightly angered by the Presidents statement." News just in: The government has said if this protest does occur it will be broken up immediatly by police forces.


Next. Yesterday the mat industry asked he government if they could cull monkeys and use them as a food source. The monkey population is beginning to increase rapidly and they thought this would be the best way. However the Government said


" The monkey is Londims national animal. If we start killing it for food it is like us killing Londim. This will not happen. Instead if the monkey population does get too big we have plans to send them to wildlife reserves in othernations that would be willing to have them."


For now the national monkeys can feel safe that they will not be harmed for food. They are save in Londims forests.


Finally it has been revealed today that the Government of LOndim have proposed an ac to the UN. It is called the Healthier environment act and on a last check had received 19 approvals. The outlines of the Act are as follows:

Description: This Act is to improve the whole worlds environment and to conserve it for future generations.


DEFINition of healtier: Improved in health or physical condition


Currently many nations are giving out harmful gases into the atmosphere and so harming the natural environment. Businesses seem to put profit instead of the future first.

So we Propose:


1)At least 20% of a nations energy and power supplies are supplied by renewable sources such as wind or tidal.


2)Businesses must use environmetally friendly ways of waste disposal like recycling.


3)Nations must provide recycling bags to all citizens and subjects of a nation so they may contribute to a healthier environment.


4)Environmental Studies become compulsory for all states so as to teach future generations the need for conservation.


The United Nations Environmental Commission (UNEC)will be created to make sure all nations comply with the above regulations.


This is the first proposal Londim has submitted and is hoped to save the planet for future generations.


Well that is all for today. This has been John List with the Londim Reporter. Good night



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Welcome to the Londim Reporter. Tonights top stories..


Meat eating wrong?


Eight year old gamblers


But first early yesterday morning the Londim Government received word that a hurricane had hit Timor Leste Island. Upon hearing this the Londim Government dispatched an Emergency Response Team to give medical and economical help.

We now go to Phil Hite, leader of the Emergency Response Team:


"Hi there. This is Phil Hite reporting from a disaster zone. All around us is a scene of devestation. Buildings have collapsed and fires are raging where fuel pipes have burst. Some flooding has occured. We are working with the local miltary and Aid cntres but this disaster is going to take ages to recover from. We will do all we can to help these poor people."


Thank you Paul.


Next in a surprise move the government announced that children are allowed to gamble in Londims casinos. These children can bet on anything and play any of the games just like an adult gambler. Some people say this will help with the childrens thinking abilities and maths work including the government. However if his is not the case the government say they will scrap this scheme.



This just in. A large uranium deposit has been found underneath the rainforests of South West Londim. We now go live to President Aran who is commenting on this find.


"My fellow Londimiums. Uranium has been found in the south west. This is a great find for us and can streghten our economy. However there will be limits on companies such as Nukes4U who wish to harvest this uranium. A small section of the rainforest will be cleared so uranium can be gathered. The rest of the forest will be protected under Londim law. This we will is the best way. We can strengthen the national econmy while conserving the nations natural beauty. That is all Londimiums.Good Night."


Our President there summing up what will happen with this situation.


Finally in a recent poll conducted by the Londim Reporter we found 67% of Londimiums frowned upon meat eating. Are we entering a new age where people want to save the nations animals instead of consume them? We asked a few people today:


"I think meat eating is alright. Its a natural thing that has happened since the beginning of time."


"The killing of animals is wrong. Who are we to decide to kill animals for food. we need to protect our fellow creatures."


People can do want they want. Thats the good thing about Londim. The freedom of choice."


Just three opinions from the people of Londim. What do you think send us your views to the usual addresse. That is all for tonight. From me John List good night.

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Welcome to the Londim Reporter. Tonights headlines...


Londim hits the global movie stage


Raising the dead?



But tonights top story we go to our special report on Timor Leste, a nation Londim is helping in the aftermath of a devastating hurricane. Reports have come in from the Emergency Response Teams about the scale of the disaster. Unfortunately one of the ERTs got to a remote village to find 20 of the 50 villagers dead. The rescuers were unavaliable to comment the reason given they were traumatised by this find. It was the biggest body find so far of the rescue mission. However the area is begining to be cleared up.


Next one of Londims biggest directors has decided to take one of his new films to the Montreal Foreign Film Festival. The film is entitled 'Bug On The Window' and is about the pressure on the fossil fuel industry from pressure groups who go to drastic measures. The director Tim Gilmore says he hopes it will be a big success and hopefully qualify for a Filmie.


Finally a large scientific firm as found ways to bring extinct creatures back to life. The Government has allowed the firm to bring back the feather bellied monkey, a monkey held so high in regard in ancient times that it became one of the symbols of Londim. The first monkeys will be cared for in a controlled environment but eventually realeased into the forests.


That has been tonights news on the Londim Reporter. I'm John List. Good Night.


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