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The Democratic Republic of Londim

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Hello there. This is the Democratic Republic of Londim introducing itself to the rest of Europa. Londim is a small nation with a population of 5 million and believes in democracy and the well being of the people. We have very good civil rights and political freedoms

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Thank you for your welcome. Now a little more info about the republic and me.


Current President - Aran Suddi (me)

Political Stance- Liberal

Population- 5 million

Senate votes on bills and proposed legislation

Current Events in Londim- Voting has become compulsory

Hospitals now pay organ donors


Other information

Random Nickname by friends is Holymonkey (although I have no idea why)

I am 17 years old. Birthday October 5th

Currently studying- Politics, English Literature, Geography and Business ( I am so dropping business next year)


Well thats about it

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Hello and welcome to Europa. It's nice to see a proper introduction. Politics and geography sounds very interesting, and I'm not quite scared of business myself, but I guess English literature would be a bit over my head. tongue.gif

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