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Legend says that the Glorious Empire of Seemag was founded by the Greek God of wine and festivities, Dyonisus as he exiled from Mount Olympus to engage in an orgy lasting 30 years. Seemag is thus, one of the oldest civilizations on earth. Remaining true to its founder, Seemagians take celebrations seriously; the Empire's motto is "In vino veritas" (Truth in wine).




Seemag is blessed by a mediterranean climate. Its hilly interior and its flat coastlands allow for a diversity of weather and crops, from the chilly mountains to the semi-desrtic south, Seemag has an extremely pleasant weather.




Seemag is one of the oldest nations of Europa. It is a sea-faring nation whose explorers discovered distant lands such as India, Japan, Java, the Coasts of Africa, Brazil, Labrador. It once rulled much of Africa, parts of India, the South Pacific, parts of China and the enormous lands of Brazil. Its rich history is reflected in the various monuments scattered across the land.


Its recent history, however, has seen some turmoil; in 1910 the benevolent Imperial family was ousted and the Emperor forced to abdicate. The revolutionaries attempted to establish a heinous republic but failled as the people revolted and demanded the return of His Gracious Majesty, the Emperor. Among much unrest and an eminent civi war, a young officer from the navy occupied the Imperial capital of Lesvon and established a burtal military dictatorship wiht Fascist tendencies. The regime remained in power until 1974, when the army revolted and returned the Impirial Family from its exile in Brazil. This was called the Carnation Revolution.




Seemag, albeit small and relatively uninfluential, is a highly developped nation. It's main industries are biotechnology, information technology, heavy machinery manufacturing and consumer goods manufacturing. Its fertile lands yield the world's best grapes; Seemagian wine is worth its weight in gold. Seemag is surrounded by seas and oceans where fish and seafood are abundant. Seemagina cuisine is largely fish-based.




Seemag is a bicameral parliamentary democracy. The House of Dukes is the Upper House, and the Chamber of Peers is the Lower House.


The House of Dukes consist of 30 Dukes, representing the 30 Duchies of the Empire. The Dukes gain their right to serve by birth and can remain in office for life up to the age of 95, afterwhich time they must cede their seat to their heir. The Dukes can decide to cede their seat to an elected commoner from their Duchy; this is not a rare occurence, given the highly democratic and virtous nature of Seemag's rulers.


The Chamber of Peers is entirely elected by the people of Seemag. The Chamber consists of 150 Peers elected on a four-year basis. The Peers must not hold any royal titles, if they wish to run for Peerage they must renounce their titles. The Peers elect the government, which sits in the Chamber; the government must retain the confidence of the Chamber to rule. The Chamber is elected according to the premises of proportional representation in multi-member constituencies.


There are five major political parties in Seemag, all represented in the Chamber; there are a myriad of other smaller parties wiht no representation. The rulling party, the LPS (Liberal Party of Seemag) holds an absolute majority in the House. The Official Opposition is held by the right-of-centre CDPS (Christian Democratic Party of Seemag). The Socialists (SPS) hold a important number of seats and have formed government before. The right-wing Popular Party of Seemag (PPS) has also been in power through coalitions with the CDPS. The Communist-Left Block coalition (CLB) remains a powerful party, especially in the working-class neighbourhoods surrounding the city, and the rural interior. It has never been in power.




The imperial capital at Lesvon is a monumental city. Its 4 million inhabitants work in every sector of the economy. The city is linked to other urban centres by an extenssive network of motorways and high-speed rail. Lesvon is known for its extremely pleasant weather, its friendly inhabitants, its quaint cobbled streets, its patios and plazas, its imperial squares and bulevards.

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