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The Most Beautiful Flag of the World

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Bigger Flag Human being in the Jamor with more than 18,000 women the

national stadium of PORTUGAL was today stage of the initiative "the most beautiful

flag of the World", that it joined in sward of the Jamor the 18,788

women, a number who will consist in the book of records of the

Guiness, in the chapter to "the biggest flag human being".

The initiative, promoted for the Portuguese Federacy of Futebol (FPF),

Bank Espirito Santo and SIC, counted on the support of the Portuguese

Institute of Youth, organism that brought to the Jamor 280 autocarros

of all the points of the country. The preparativeses for the "more

beautiful flag of the World", an initiative of support to the national

selec??o with sight to World-wide the 2006 of soccer, had started

early in the Jamor, with the Portuguese women to answer to the

challenge and to occupy group of bencheses of the Stadium. At the

moments that they had preceded the formation of the flag marked

presence the musical group The Gift, led for S?nia Tavares, that

to sing the national hymn in the company of the Team - in its

brief ticket for the stadium - and of Luis Philip Scolari.

To the beginning of the afternoon and after the departure of the

selec??o, started the preparation of the entrance in the relvado one

of the "volunteers", in a task that if drew out for almost all the

afternoon, in order "to color" in security relvado with the flag the

human being. After Portuguese and escuteiras gymnasts, equipped the

severity - in yellow, blue white and - to be the first ones to enter

and to help to form a sphere to armilar simplified and the symbol of

the "quinas", had followed some hours of wait until the o end item

(the green and red). The animation, intercalated with the incentives

of "speaker" of service and the actua??o of the singers Warlike

K?tia, Mafalda Arnauth and Sara Tavares, kept the group of

"concentrated" women in the task and shortly afterwards of the 18:00

the biggest flag was formed human being.

An initiative homologated for the proper Guiness, that in the Jamor

had the responsible Rob Molloy, recognizing the participation of more

than 18,000 women, surpassing in very the previous record of the

"bigger flag human being", carried through in February of this year in

the Esc?cia. Molloy explained that the number today established in

the Jamor was auditado by an independent company and that it surpasses

the 13,254 people (men and women) that they had helped to form the

escocesa flag, the 05 of February of this year, for occasion of a game

of the Goblet of the Six Nations in r?guebi.

"It goes to be difficult to beat", said responsible of the Guiness,

pointing out the enthusiasm that the 18,000 women had more than shown

today in the Jamor. The many hours of wait had been rewarded and in

the end the 18,788 women had sung, folloied for the still present

public in the Stadium, the national hymn, under the incentive and

voice of the Dulce singer Bridges. In accordance with the organization

and for security reasons the relvado one of the Stadium only allowed

to join about 18.000 women and therefore the ones had been still some

that had only been able to attend the event, not arriving to enter in

the relvado one, even so in the Jamor have been about 28.500 people.

In "field" the points of the country had been women of almost all, the

level of the continent, with Lisbon and Vale of the Tejo to be the

most represented (25 percent), followed of the region center (22

percent) and of the Minho (17 percent). Porto and Alentejo, with 11

percent each, had also become to represent, well with Tr?s-os-Montes

(eight percent) and Algarve (six percent).

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