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Eurovision Song Contest 2006

What do think about Lordi winning?  

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  1. 1. What do think about Lordi winning?

    • Great!!!
    • Poor!!!
    • I don't care.

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Finnish monster-rockers win European Song Contest


To make one thing clear from the top: As a Hard-Rock- and Metal-Freak, I just love this result!

At last, real hand-made music scored a big victory over never-changing always-sounding-the-same pop-stuff. Hard Rockers who didn't care about dancing, hopping and smiling like stoned freaks won this contest! Just great!


I read, that the finnish people are celebrating - for them it's the greatest national victory since Mika H?kkinen's victories in the Formula One. It was Finland's first victory in the ESC!


Did you see it? What do you think?

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I had another user in Canada tell me about this the other day and linked me to Lordi's webpage. While I must say I was a bit intrigued and also a bit laughing-my-ass-off, I was impressed that they were entering such a contest filled with crappy pop bands.


I woulda voted for them if I could have. Good dice.

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I didn't get that far. After one hour I got so depressed, I switched to BBC2 and watched 'ride with the devil' to get even more depressed.


I missed out on Lordi, which was a shame, but anything to avoid having to watch the UK entry... dry.gif

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Well, of course I voted for them as well, but Germany has to pass on the 12 points...just too many patriotic turks here, so everytime we give 12 points to Turkey. But 10 points for Lordi was a very good result...


Of course it's all politics - Russia is more or less everytime in the top five because of the many russians in ex-soviet nations...


But this time the good music won... 2-thumbup.gif

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I think the Fins sent a bunch of utterly idiotic freaks there to ridicule the festival and they probably hoped to be disqualified for many years, because of their outrageous choice.


Ironically, now they have to organize it, IIRC.


I only saw a couple of the vote-reading-thingy-people, because it was fun to predict which country would give most points to which. It's rather easy if you know topography.


BTW, the dutch vote-reading was hilarious, I'm proud to say and I want to kick everybody who voted in the stomach for sponsoring this horrible event. tv_horror.gif


That said: I can't wait till next year pinkelephant23.gif

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