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420_Celebrants docks in Europa

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Hey there, high here, ho there.


I'm 420_Celebrants, your new Ambassador from Canada. Decided to start a thread here as I'm pretty sure I'll be posting in places other than the Consulate.


Just a short overview of me, I've been playing the game for about a year straight now and had about a years run before my computer crashed a couple years ago. I've been the Minister of Regional Affairs for Canada for the past two terms and a bit.


I am a pot smoker (d'uh), blunt, sarcastic and highly opinionated. I am also highly flirtatious without meaning to be ... but only with females, so don't you worry guys.


Feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

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Ha! Ye've done well young Padawan ... no blow ups. The Force is strong within you see I can.


I've been Admin-ing in Canada for about six months now ... it's fun times. I'm finally really starting to get the hang of things and I no longer worry so much about totally disabling the board. I've ... uh ... done it before on another board years ago somehow though, so the fear is always with me.


Canada is doing quite well actually ... getting a bunch of stuff done that we should have got done months ago.


And a question for you, I noticed that we haven't had any updates in Canada recently, so how are things in Europa?


And thank you for the warm welcomes BTW.

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Well, we're a bit iffy on the Ambassador front. I'm handling about four of the things, and I've not done an update since last week, as I've been busy.


I think your ambassador was Scipii, but he left under a bit of a cloud. Or it could be Vanarambaion, and he's not logged in for a while, for some reason.


I keep attempting to recruit diplomats, but no one really listens...


Sorry for giving you my whinge.


I think I was the last to give you an update?

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April 21st, posted by Italgria.


*shrugs* If needed, I can post updates for Europa in Canada if you can't find anyone else. I'll move a puppet in if you need actual member status for Ambassadorial duties. Or whatever works really. LOL

*Smacks head against desk*




Sorry about that. Once I make this week's update, I'll send it your way.

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BlackJackEmperorHello, don't get caught smoking pot in my nation. The penalty for possesion of contraband materials\items is very harsh wink.gif


Heh ... I originally read that to say that your penalty for possession is very hash. It makes much more sense when you read it correctly. Of course, this leaves me two options ... never visiting your nation (a shame, as I love to travel) or using my every day MacGuyver skills to hide the possession of materials when visiting your nation.



Tagmatium Rules *Smacks head against desk*


Sorry about that. Once I make this week's update, I'll send it your way.


Not a problem man ... not a problem at all. We all understand sh-t happens. It's all good.



PirilaoYou write Portuguese?


Only when Canada6 is nice enough to translate it for me. I speak Idiot and Engrish more than I do English. And yes ... I like my AV too ... our Minister of Justice, Parrrrtay, found it for me and I don't think I'll ever have a need to change it.

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Londim, that is easily one of the best sig lines I have ever seen. I just might ask to "borrow" that to attach to my own in Canada. And thanks ... if I pass through, a nice sweet smell of burning green stuff will surround your humble abode.



Orioni, Bainbridge Islands - thank you for the lovely welcomes. I'm quite liking the friendliness of this region.

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