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Greetings from Mesmeri

Guest Mesmer

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Guest Mesmer

Hello there,


* seems to be an OOC place here mhmm.gif


Ok, I can go and introduce myself. Well, nothing really important. Like many of players here, I'm new to NationStates, I was glad to receive invitation from your region. I'm leading The Jingoistic States of Mesmeri.


For now, I am amazed by the variety of things to do, of ways to get fun here. So much to do, maps, politics, international relationship, flags to redo. I'm trying to manage the Country in a "surrealistic" way, but I guess it'll be a tough job. sweatdrop.gif


About me ... nothing special, 23, student in sciences in Paris (by the way, I'm French, and I'm struggling with political and formal vocabulary in English laugh.gif). I love music and theatre.


I play another parodic political game, whose adress is http://www.kraland.org. It's only French-speaking and the atmospere is quite different from here. Just go and have a look.


I hope I'll be able to have fun with all of you. Greetings to all.


PS : Please excuse my poor level in English. unsure.gif

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Salutations! Veuillez excuser mon fran?ais mauvais. Je devrais parler meilleur fran?ais parce que je suis Canadien. Mais votre anglais est tout ? fait bon. Bienvenue, nous sommes heureux vous etes ici.


We are glad to see you here... feel free to get your feet wet in the role-play section. Ask us any questions you like. Those of us whose names are in blue are members of the government and are all willing to answer any questions, big or small.... Have fun.

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WOOOT! A french person!


Hey, why are there so little French people on English international forums?


Welcome and bienvenue ? la region d'Europa. (The Belgians can probably make up something more impressive, if they show up... My French-speaking capacities go no further, I'm afraid)

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