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I am a ruler of Sir i Vrhnje nation but everyone can call me SiV.

I just arived to this region and so far i like what i see.


Anyway i play alot of online games acept NS and was wondering if there is a topic on them on the forum or can i start one and where could i start it.

Under online games i mean games you dont need CD-s or any special program acept for Internet Explorer to play them and are multiplayer games.


So sorry for bad english i think Europa is a pleasent place to be in.


Thank you.


BTW. I am a Croat and a student so if i dont answer you in a while i probably have exams.


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Welcome; sorry I haven't replied until now. Glad to see you here... feel free to get your feet wet in the role-play section. Ask us any questions you like. Those of us whose names are in blue are members of the government and are all willing to answer any questions, big or small.... As you seem to have discovered already, you can post about online games over there in the General Room...Have fun.

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After shaking everyones hand and kising everyones baby.


Thank you for a very nice welcome.

I hope you can understand my english.

I also speak croatian, german and can understand slovenian.

Sorry Pirilao no Portugues.



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