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My state is under attack!

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C? estou, like the pizza delivery man who deliver a pizza with no cover to your homes, bringing bad news from my homeland.


Even wondered how do crooks rejoice? Wonder no more if you happen to live in the state of Sao Paulo, most populous in Brazil, and the powerhouse of its economy. It all began on the mother?s day weekend. Since here in Brazil, the banana eats the monkey, prisioners get sort of a vacation from prison to visit the b*tches known as their mothers. The bad deal is that crime, down here, is controlled from within the jails. And for some reason, they?ve been ordered to mess up our lovely gem of a "Locomotive". There?s a price in all kinds of policeman?s heads-- from the Pol?cia Militar, our military police, from the Pol?cia Civil, the civilian investigators. Civilian deaths are also welcome. So no need to say that they?re setting buses on fire, exploding bombs around major commerce areas, killing shop owners, drive-bying all places of interest, and not letting one sleep, thanks to the lovely music that comes from their Kalashnikov assault rifles, bombs, and wounded cops swearing. I?ve never heard gunfire sounds from around here in the city since i moved here, when i was 1. Now, guns rattle everyday, everynight, house-made bombs exploding, and buses burning. How?s that? I need shoulders to rant to. My family is almost locked inside, there?s no school for me and my brother, and mom?s getting back home awfully earlier-- but there are no buses anymore. And the bad part is that our State Governor, known for being a sensible man, Geraldo Alckmin, have left his position, due to the upcoming presidentional elections, and left the vice-governor-- who looks vaguely like Thundercats? Mun Ha-- in charge. And he openly said that he doesn?t wants help from the government and the army. I?m f*cked up. Wish me luck and nice nights of sleep-- waking up because of shots is not cool, specially when they come from awfully near.

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I want to send a great one Hug of solidarity ant that quickly , everything is calmer.

The people is calm but the resignation has limits .

( Vai com calma irm?o , tem cuidado )



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Oh man... blink.gif


I hope that you and all you care about come through this unharmed! And let's hope that this vice-governor realizes that things have gotten out of hand and calls for the Army to restore peace and order!


The very best of luck to you!!

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I've read about this in the newspaper. It's insane the police is getting targeted. First numbers I saw was around 25 policemen killed and two "supposed gang members" shot. Though I tought it was over by now, it seems it hasn't.


Altough I think the police in Brazil is a bit an army on itself, I think, not like those in Europe.

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Thanks everyone. And Haken, those were probably the numbers on Sao Paulo city only. The whole state is on a rampage. Some say that the PCC-- First Command of the Capital, the crime group behind this, is ordering their members to stop, and it doesn?t seems to work. And yes, the cops down here are army-like sometimes, but only in organization... they still bother themselves by using 6 shooters and shotguns, against a almost paramilitary crime group.

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