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The Theocracy of Chairon

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Chairon, pronounced KYE-ron, is a small, mountainous country ruled by a theocracy. The head of state is technically our god, Ban, who resides in the great palace in the capital city of Morec. In effect, the ruler is the Araban, or Prophet of Ban, who is somewhat like the Pope. Ban usually speaks only through the Araban.


Here are some basic facts about Chairon.




Capital: Morec

Other major cities: Destin, Archo and Parrian

Current Araban: Paul XIV (74yo, 31st year in office)

Currency: Chaironian dollar

National animal: Paramecium


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Welcome. Glad to see you here... feel free to get your feet wet in the role-play section. Ask us any questions you like. Those of us whose names are in blue are members of the government and are all willing to answer any questions, big or small.... Have fun.

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