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I have created a new topic so that everyone on the forum, can post a little about themselves.


Ill start with myself:


Name: Sunny

From: London, UK

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Likes: Cricket, Football, Yoga, Boxing - anything healthy..., Helping others, this forum.... biggrin.gif

Dislikes: "Hardnuts" - people who think their all it, school, the word "homework" or "coursework", teachers. smile.gif


If u want you can use these categories, or just write it out... your choice peeps!



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Your thread sucks ass.

Go get a life, man.












user posted image









God i love doing this XD

Great idea for a thread. Since i?m out of ideas right now, i?ll just fill these fields you wrote... by now :3


Name: Fernando

From: Trememb?, SP - Brazil

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Likes: Friends, lazing around, history, writing, surfing the web, psychotic games, music in general (From classical to gangsta rap), politics, gaming (got a ps2, my trusty PC, and a GBA), eating ?till i have no room anymore, my dog, cats, foreign culture, and a nice argument sometimes.

Dislikes: Waking up early, studying, making faux-pases, falling in pratical jokes (which my brother and father do all the time), bad drivers, people that try to prove themselves manly by doing bull around, people without ingenuity (probably because, down here, we?re taught to try and find a way to everything since young kids), narrow-minded people.


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Nice thread.


Name: Andrew Ramsey tongue.gif most people just call me Rams, Ramzo or Ramsey.

From: Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Likes: Cadets, Military stuff, political stuff, reading, watching "telly"(Ultimate Force is amazing), playing games, going out with mates and doing what we do, thrill seeking, music, new activites and football (soccer, for the americans out there).

Dislikes: Pricks, nonses, tit heads, arseholes, Sunderalnd AFC, curtin teachers, english courswork, whinges, and some bloke who I punched a few times today because he was taking the mick out of me.

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cool.gif w00t.


Name: Will (Just Will, not William, Bill or any other takes on the name)

From: Illinois, United States of America

Gender: Male

Age: 19


Likes: Music, gaming, books, swimming, writing, designing things and generally being creative, and soda. Also, I enjoy being outside, but the weather is usually too cold or too hot, and when the weather is nice, the critters (poisonous snakes and the like) make going outside hazardous. South Dakota, primarily the Badlands and the Black Hills are my favorite outdoor areas.. And of course, NationStates and this forum. biggrin.gif


Dislikes: Jerks, people who think creativity is a sign of weakness, being cold, pointless tasks and people who lack common sense. My inability to be able to draw well.



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A basic rundown...


Name: Rob

Where?: West Sussex, UK

Gender: Male (As the name would suggest...)

Age: 17

Likes: Music, Karate, TV, Loitering etc...

Dislikes:Pricks, nonses, tit heads, arseholes (To Quote Adaptus), Over Political Correctness, Animal Rights Extremists, Chavs and AS Level German.

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Name: Adam

Where: Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Gender: Last time i checked, Male

Age: 18

Likes: Military history, WW2 Aircraft, Politics, Political history, Physics and Astronomy, Classical Music, Reading, Swimming, German Language, Fencing and Archery

Dislikes: Football, Extreme Left uni people, any sort of extreme political group, i.e PETA, people who criticise state and federal govts but don't vote, dole bludgers and anyone that just doesn't pull their weight but thinks that people owe them something.

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Name: Justin

Location: Kent (near Seattle), Washington, US

Gender: Male

Age: 16


Likes: American Football, weight lifting, running, exercise, video games, Star Wars,

United States Marine Corps (want 2 join), politics, history, military, reading, intellectual people like you guys, British people (i dont know much about their culture, but i wish i could talk like them)


Dislikes: Stoners, extreme liberals, anti-americans who are american, anti-americans, my eye vision, Westboro Baptist Church (and i have a good reason too, for those who dont know what they are about), ignorant people, people at my school who think they are hella hard gangsters who can take on anybody and are just plain obnoxious

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Name: Ben

Where?: Bristol, England, UK

Gender: Male

Age: 18


Likes: Music (especially punk, usually genre ain't a problem), history stuff, especially Byzantine, reading, my leather jacket, hanging out with mates, the fact I'm 18 and can now go to pubs legally, politics, Socialism, watching the idiot box (although it is a waste of time...), this forum, making things, UrbEx, nicking odd things when drunk and many things I've forgotten at this point.


Dislikes: People who just do things to make money, people who get into fights on Saturday nights, the ignorant, people who rinse the Wellfare State, people who don't vote but put forward stupid excuses, the BNP, people who offer advice on how to dress out of their car windows and many other things. And buses.

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Name: koku.gif

From: ..from...

Gender: armycoolm1helmet0030.gif

Age: whistling.gif


coffee.gifLikes: Movies, Reading, TV, Jokes, Games, Music, Beach, Yummy food, Legs, etc.

crap.gifDislikes: Dirt, Lie, Bad smells, Women drivers, Smoke, thunderstorm (disconnected), Gossiping, Violence, etc.

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Name: Roger

From: Brownstown, Michigan, United States (It is south of Detroit and right on Lake Erie)

Age: 19


Likes: There are a lot of things I like. I enjoy going out to eat or to the movies with my girlfriend or we just laze about a lot. I also like RPing online (as you might have guessed) and playing video games. I prefer RPGs or strategy games over other genres. I also like to listen to music; my favorite bands are Nightwish and Kamelot and Bjork gets a mention too. I'll listen to any music genre except rap and country. Lastly I like to read and see musicals. Favorites are George R.R. Martins A Song of Ice and Fire series and the musical Wicked.


Dislikes: Those pesky Republicans, ignorance, loud people, KFC customers, stuck up people, rush-hour traffic, "gangstas", rap, country, the Bible Belt, your average Neopets user, and poor writing.

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I never had respect for Bjork in the first place wink.gif


Name: Sean

From: Sussex Mid, UK

Age: 17

Gender: Male


Likes: NS, CN, the Internets, the Moon (but not as much as a spoon), cycling, 'current affairs', skiing, and loitering.


Dislikes: Intolerant people, water shortages and Kelvin (I kid, I kid)


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Name: Giannis Gkioulekas (yes, sounds Greek to you because it really is tongue.gif )

From: Thessaloniki, Greece (currently living in Athens).

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Likes: Whatever I spend time on.


Dislikes: Questions like "likes" and "dislikes".


Indeed, I never liked these questions, for the simple reason that I'm bored to answer them.


You can always find some bits about me in my NSwiki User page, here:


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Name: Aran

Age: 17

From: Gravesend, Kent, England

Gender: Male


Likes: Music, going to the cinema, playing football with friends at the park, computer games, clubbing, the beach, sleeping


Dislikes: Rap music, rainy days, long essays.





Why do I feel like I'm applying for a job.......

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