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Revival of Space Program

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Long ago, Deltannia launched its first man into space. The original space programs were lost, however, crushed by political powers and lack of funding. Today, Deltannia is looking to revive its program of space exploration.


System Technologies, along with other Deltannia-based companies, has been slowly working toward building components for space flight. As head of the project, they are looking for foreign scientists to help speed up the process, so that the first flight can be achieved earlier than estimated by doing it alone.


Taking the original one-use rockets, as well as the proto-multi-use rockets/orbiters that never achieved space flight, SysTech is working on an efficent multi-use fully operational spacecraft. So far, it's range is expected to go beyond Earth orbit, with a hopeful upper limit of the moon. Computer systems are supplied by DataFactCorp.


Problems arose with hull and engine assemblies. The engines designs were completed, and built, but unknown errors are calculate to result in explosion. All hull materials were determined insufficent by the Project Safety Commission. Also, fuel matrices were determined insufficent to both break the atmosphere and Earth orbit, and with no space station for refueling, the range of the craft is expected to be hindered if this does not change.


SysTech requests all nations with current space programs to aid in the revival of a Deltannia's dreams in space...

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About three years ago the Emperor and his War Council thought it best to put an end to the production and stockpilling of nuclear weapons and ICBM's in order to allocate fundings to other matters. Our weapons remain in their place still today ready to fire at a moments notice. Not to worry, we will not fire at all unless somebody fires first.


But anyways, Damak Var has excellent ICBM's, that go way out into space before hitting targets. Thanks to our very prestigious Ballistic Missile Developement team of our Nuclear Corps. They are quite knowledgeable of aeronautics, physics, and rocket science. Due to the cease of developement for nuclear weapons and ICMB's they are without a job. Their talents could be very useful in aiding you. We shall have them recalled and sent to your nation to assist in the developement of the space program there. I'm sure they will do so with great enthusiasm since the pay will be much higher to what they are getting now.



-Chief Administrator of Foreign Affairs

The Emperor's Executive Council

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SysTech wishes to inquire what specifically you would like us to share with your nation. Certain systems are surely implemented by Damak Var, but our scientists could help with any area you wish, or just general improvements as well.

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