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Push for alliance

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OOC: Deltannia long ago was emerged with many alliances, but after its return from total isolation, rejected the idea of tying itself down militarily to any nation. Economically as well, but to a lesser extent. This is a movement to push Deltannia toward one of the alliances (or possibly individual alliances).


Mr. Long stepped up to the wave of people in front of him. The podium was raised on a platform, he couldn't estimate how many thousands were in front of him. He waved, and the crowd roared.


"This is the day that marks the beginning of a new era in Deltannia!"


The focus of his platform was a simple one: If Deltannia remained outside the alliance systems and remained isolated much as it had for centuries, then it would lie in decay against the rising powers in the world.


".... have we stood in fear's grasp! A fear of war not ours, a fear of ways differing from ours. Our economy is stagnate, free trade drives Europa to new heights as we fall to the depths below...."


The rise of enthusiasm only made him more confident. Isolationism had always been assumed in Deltannian politics, but it was a hurtful foreign policy that had always failed in the past.


".... for centuries! And now I stand here before you and plea with you for change. I plea for a change to make Deltannia better, stronger, and greater in this new era!...."


The alliance structure was a stable one, as he had written once in a political theory essay. Contrary to belief, he showed that the net gains from any alliance clearly overcasted the "losses", the cost of aid, military power, loss of life in the event of war, etc. Centrist views had taken hold of Deltannian politics for centuries. Lack of religion, lack of allies, lack of anything and everything. But now he tapped into the silent masses, and seemed to have their full support.


".... If I am elected to the Senate, I will ensure Deltannia's union with one of the four unions of nations in this world for a stronger, more secure Deltannia! Never again will we be in the shadow of fear!"


And the crowd roared....

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*Deltannian News Network...*


"The polls are wild today as the election of several new Senators takes place today. So far, emerging with a stunning amount is candidate Arturo Long, who has amazingly withstood endorsement from any known political party or current ideology. His plan for a Global Deltannia seems to have hit it big as the numbers keep coming in....."




The last of the votes were tallied. Senator Long watched from his home and laughed. Now he was in control of the future.

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: All nations


Deltannia is holding a summit and requests meeting with heads of states to discuss Deltannia's entrance into one of the alliances, or to discuss individual treaties between nations.


Deltannian Senate



*Deltannia First Party Headquarters*


"Come yourself! We're not going to get anywhere by yelling."


"Screw you! In fact, screw 'Senator' Long! Liberal maniac! I'm going to-"


"That's enough! Now.... we all now know about the communique sent to Europan nations for an alliance. What do we do to prevent this from happening...."



*Delta, City Park*


"... ha ha, of course. No doubt those Deltannian First people are in a frenzy at this announcement."


"Yeah, they make me laugh...."


"Better than those crazy radicals. Centrism has been the way before, and it will be the way still."


"Of course!"


"Here here!"


Down the street, several organizers gathered. More and more people were coming, and out of the subway came a horde of members. One had a bright red "Anarchy Forever!" shirt on, others wore anti-government slogans. The shout of "Damn that man!" was heard by bystanders walking past, and several familes moved away from the scene. They were setting up signs left and right, and when the first one went up, the people read: "LIBERTY FOR THE PEOPLE, DEATH TO LONG!"

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From:Ide Jima




We would like to request that we be represented at this summit. As a leading member of the Alliance and a traditional friend of Deltannia, we believe that our presence at this summit would work in the favour of both of our nations. If you agree, then we can make the neccessary arrangements for a member of our central government to attend this summit,


The Ide Jiman Presidential Office

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To: Deltannia

From: Rekamgil


Dear Colleagues,


We wish to attend this summit. We will represent the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and this government believes that your joining our Commonwealth will be a great benefit to both your nation and all the CIS member nations. We are currently restructuring the governance structure of our alliance to make it more open and democratic (allowing member nations a greater say). The CIS is a growing alliance and is committed to humanitarianism and regional cooperation. This means that we will sometimes become involved in international conflicts for the protection of innocent civilians. As you will recall, the CIS sent aid and relief teams to Deltannia in the last weeks of the civil war; we were honoured to have been able to contribute to the assuaging of suffering in Deltannia and were very impressed by your government's willingness to accept CIS aid. As mentioned, we are currently restructuring our governance structure and we expect to make some amendments to our Founding Charter in order to further democratize the alliance. Deltannia would definitely have a say in such restructuring if she were to join in the near future.


We very much look forward to the summit and thank your government for its gracious invitation.


Rekamgil Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Ide Jima


Honored friends,


Deltannia accepts your representation of the Alliance, as well as your esteemed presence at the upcoming summit.


Deltannian Senate




FROM: Deltannia

TO: Rekamgil


Deltannia accepts Rekamgil's most qualified respresentation of the Commonwealth of Independent States at the upcoming summit.


Deltannian Senate




Police cruisers moved in on the marching protesters. A majority of them were chanting "Death to Long" now, moving slowly through the streets of Delta, but not slowly enough through the park, they were moving toward Government Hill, a few of them with weapons.


An officer with a loud speaker shouted into the crowd: "Drop your weapons now!"


One of the protestors, holding a sign with "Libertarianism for all!" told the officer to drop dead, to put it nicely. A canister of tear gas exploded, and the march turned into a riot.....




"Senator, there's been rioting by City Park. Apparently, you're not well liked."


"Well, change is change. And I've been planning for big change in Deltannia for a long time."


"Yes, but you represent the-"


"I represent Deltannia! Look at these communiques! If we allied with either of these alliances, Deltannia would be secure forever! Look at Ide Jima, surely they have aided us enough in the past. Are we to sit idly by with simple"mutual understanding" or should we act now? No, this is the course of the new Deltannia. Those primitives can riot all they want..."

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To: Deltannia



Friend , We will have all the pleasure in to be allowed at this summit.

We will represent the LT (The League of the Treaty) , and we believes in this

The 9 Points Chapter

Conduct of behaviour


This chapter is free for all nations to sign and new members will be always looked for. It is created to protect the sovereignity of all nations, big and small, from both extern and intern threats, both human-made or nature related. The governments that sign this will not be obliged, rather motivated to put the good of Europa in front of their own. A signing member is one who sees true power in goodwill, instead of arms.


I. All members shall help and protect the rights of young nations and members and will not intervene in their intern government.


II. Nations, new above all, shall be motivated to sign the chapter.


III. If a nation governments, despite these efforts, collapses, dies, signing members shall intervene if a power wishes to annex the nation.


IV. To help his goal, a strong task force shall be created, who shall be put in action against disasters, human and nature related. This force will be led by a commander of a member nation and (s)he will be replaced after one month by another nationality.


V. Based on economic power and population, each member shall put a financial contribution forward. These resources will be used to help poor members and nations in trouble, member or not.


VI. A customs union between the members shall be formed.


VII. A member shall not work against the interests of an other member.


IIX. A member shall treat friend and foe humane, not use chemical, biological weaponry and not war actively on civilians.


IX. War will be the final solution, never the right one.




We hope all together deserve to be a success.




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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Pirilao


Deltannia accepts your presence at the summit, representing The League of the Treaty, and thanks you for the background knowledge.


Deltannian Senate




FROM: Deltannia

TO: All nations


Deltannia is now hosting its Foreign Alignment Summit in Delta. All accomadations have been prepared at the luxurious States Hotel. The Summit will take place in the Grand Chamber of the Deltannian Council, to fit all guests, and will be hosted by the Senate.




Rioters were running left and right now, most trying to avoid the tear gas being poured into the crowd. One of the men decided to grab a large club-like object and began to beat upon one of the police officers. In the background, more protesters were arriving, one carrying a flag with "Liberty Forever!" scrawled on it. More of them began to pick up heavy sticks when gunshots rang out....

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The Ide Jiman Presidential Plane, a modified Antonov AN-124 had made the lengthy flight north to Deltannia. After a stopover in Vanarambaion, the plane touched down on the runway at Delta.


From the window, the President swore he could see smoke rising from the city. If the riots were that bad, his 90 strong stormtrooper squad would certainly have their work cut out. The President and the two cabinet ministers accompanying him - Aichi Jiangwei (war minister) and Selane Yun-Shi (Industry minister) descended to the vehicle deck on the aircraft, and the presidential entourage drove over to the main terminal building. The president and his company headed straight for the hotel...

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At the States Hotel, the Ide Jiman delegation was met by three of the Senators, along with a security force the size of a small army.


"Welcome to Deltannia, our friends from Ide Jima! I am Senator Long, as you may or may not know. I am sorry for this harsh reception, but there have been some trouble recently, nothing to worry about. Let us show you the way...."




"Hey, everyone, the Ide Jiman party is at the States!"


"Are you sure?"


"Where'd you get this information?"


"Speak man!"


"Calm down! One of our boys over there phoned it in, the whole lot of 'em was in there with fancy cars, and a lot of cops."


Someone in the corner of the crowded room shouted, "March!" which was folloed by a tremendous roar. They picked up what they had, and went back on the protest....

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As the Pirilao envoy departed from the jet, they were greeted by a whole entourage of officials. In the center stood several councilmen and three SEnators. The middle ofne stepped forward.


"Greetings and welcome to Deltannia! Right this way, we have special escorts waiting to take you to the States Hotel. I am Senator Long, as you may or may not know, and on behalf of all of Deltannia, we thank you for coming."




The protest was moving directly toward the States Hotel, cutting off several major roads. Police were attempting to get into the area, but had to move on foot, through the crowds of the central city. News had reached the mass that officials from Pirilao were coming in along the Central Artery to get to Government Hill, and they decided to adjust their course slightly to perhaps overtake that highway as well. All the while, they were chanting "Liberty Forever!"

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From the window, the President could see a large rabble approaching the hotel. 25 of the stormtrooper agents had accompanied him, the others remained with the jet. The commander of the Ide Jiman security contingent approached the Deltannian representative.


"Are you sure this is safe?... if the president is in danger we would have to protect him and his companions by any means possible." He pulled back part of his jacket to reveal a machine pistol slung under his arm.


The President himself now approached the group "When do the talks get underway? Security back at the plane said the saw the jet from PIRILAO arriving, I believe we are waiting only on our Rekamgillian friends."


Another glance from the window revealed that the rioters were now much closer than he had expected...

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OOC: Pirilao, the protesters are against your coming there.


"We are in the middle of contacting Rekamgil and are awaiting their reponse on joining us in the Summit. It would be ashame if the CIS were not properly represented among the various alliances. But nothing to fear, we have plenty of security, and more than enough to stop these troublemakers. The youth with all of their wild ideas, having no concern for how the nation is run...."




The protesters succeeded in stopping the traffic on the Central Artery, and were now trying to make their way directly toward Government Hill. Two police choppers were seen in the distance, and multiple squads of officers moved in with tear gas to arrest and disband the mob. The chanting continued, but was muffled by screams....

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OOC."I know, but as we did not make badly to nobody we decide not to bind

to the fact ."




Declaration for the press:

With the had respect for your nation that always we consider friend.

We want to leave here well clearly, that we came in peace and we did

not come to offend nobody, we are a people pacify.

Please only we want to participate in the summit , but if this will not be possible, will leave your country in peace, without rancour,malevolence,animosity and we go for house.

We thank your attention.



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"It is obvious that Rekamgil has forfeited its spot at this summit and consequently its representation of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Now, Deltannia has carried out a policy of isolationism for decades. Representing the new Deltannia, I would like to push our nation into the world, a freer world. Let us see what your nations and alliances have to offer us, and what we can offer you."




Police forces moved in and cleared the Central Artery, hopefully getting traffic moving again. Protestors were scattering left and right off the service ramps, some even jumping off the elevated highway in a panicked frenzy. More and more cops were moving in to the scene, arresting and gassing more groups of people....


On the other side of town, at Deltannia University, the students began to see the images of the chaos on their televisions. One of them stood up in the main cafeteria while a broadcast was on and shouted, "We have to do something! Down with the government!" followed by mixed cheers and boos. The majority of them stood up, gathered, and walked out, hoping to make a change in the world like their predecessors did....

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As the meeting started, the students, by any means necessary, began to rush through the campus. Local police, already prepared for anything, stepped up to meet the frenzy. Even with tear gas and clubs, the students began to pour out, waving fists left and right.....





*Deltannian News Network*


Breaking News:


On the Scene:

Students began protesting at Deltannia University, and it's chaos right now. Police are having trouble containing the mass as they break out of the West Gate. Two fires can be seen from here, and let me tell you, it's not looking fun. They're moving, and ARGH~~~


Sorry for that folks, we've seem to have lost the connection...

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The Rekamgillian delagate ran into the conference coordinator's office...


"I heard they orfeited us!" pant pant pant


"That's right, no one heard from you."


"Right, right... please convey our apologies... ask them humbly if we might be allowed to enter into the conference again... we were delayed!"

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Talking to the Rekamgillian delegates entering:


"As we are just starting this summit, we will allow Rekamgil to represent the CIS to the best of its ability given its entrance. We will not hold it against you, but please set up quietly, we are beginning...." He rolled his eyes and went on. "So, please present your cases. Who is first?"

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"We are so very sorry and we apologize to both our hosts and our fellow Jiman and Pirilaon delegates." The Secretary of State wiped away the sweat from his brow. "You see, we did not wish to be late, but our convoy driver took a wrong turn and we ended up in a crowd of protesters, some of whom smashed the driver window of our lead vehicle." The secretary took a sip of water from the ornate water glass provided for him by the conference organizers. "My aid jumped out of car, against my advice, and tried to explain our situation, why we are here, and what we have to offer the Deltannian government and its people." He looked around, slightly calmed now, "there were some in the crowd that called for blood, but several of the protesters expressed that they remembered how our aid teams came here to help Deltannians in the past. Their intervention seems to have calmed the most angry protesters and we were allowed to continue. I do regret that it made us late in arriving here, but the incident did open my eyes to something wonderful: the youth of Deltannia seem to care for Rekamgil and us, its envoys. They seem to recall that we are not here to embroil Deltannia in war; and certainly we are not."


The Secretary straightened his back and seemed to gain six inches in height, such was the impressiveness with which he now composed himself.


"Honoured colleagues of Deltannia I thank you for your allowing us to visit and present our case for your joining the CIS. Honoured colleagues from Ide Jima and Pirilao, we respect your nations and your alliances and what I have to say here is less in anger and animosity towards your alliance, and more in the spirit of offering an alternative to the age-old and somewhat dangerous alliance system so far existing in the region." He turned now to fully face the Deltannian members.


"Sirs, by joining the CIS we can offer you this: knowledge that you will be working for the good of all Europa and for the good of humanity and for decency and happiness. We in the CIS are committed to peaceful international relations and to humanitarianism. We are not bound by the old alliance systems. We do not have any "age-old" enemies. By joining us, you will not be automatically inheriting any enemies, instead you will be inheriting an honoured mantle of peace and goodwill. Please be aware that we are not just some peace-nik group however. If human rights abuses are taking place, or if nations have been illegally attacked, the CIS charter allows for us to make armed intervention. We are not a toothless organization and our previous efforts (in Deltannia, in Suverina, in Rhomanoi) should all prove that."


"We have just recently voted to restructure the CIS governance model. Now, there is no governing council... no one member nation that is superior to another. The CIS is completely democratic and all nations enjoy equal status. Deltannia will be our newest member, but would join with the same rights and voting privileges as all other member nations. "


As you might recall, our aplication for entry to this summit suggested the following:


The CIS is a growing alliance and is committed to humanitarianism and regional cooperation. This means that we will sometimes become involved in international conflicts for the protection of innocent civilians. As you will recall, the CIS sent aid and relief teams to Deltannia in the last weeks of the civil war; we were honoured to have been able to contribute to the assuaging of suffering in Deltannia and were very impressed by your government's willingness to accept CIS aid.


"If you want to reenter the alliance system, please consider doing so in a virtually non-aligned alliance, one that does not intend to make an enemy out of any one nation or group of nations. Our member states have worked profitably with members of both the Alliance and the League of the Treaty. Rekamgil is still carrying out a peacekeeping operation jointly with Akiiryu in Suverina, and we have recently concluded a Friendship Treaty with our neighbour the Koku Kingdom. We also work seamlessly with non-aligned nations, having nearly now completed a Friendship Treaty with Tamurin."


"All CIS nations have expressed excitement about the possibility of working with Deltannia in the future and we hope you will seriously consider our offer."


"One final point, we could not help but notice (as I mentioned earlier) the sense of unrest currently holding sway on Deltannia's streets. From what I can gather, these young people do not want your nation to join a belligerent alliance system. The CIS offers a system that young and socially conscious people can accept, a system that promotes peace, friendship and humanitarianism; but one that is willing to fight and if necessary die for such principles."


"Thank you very much"


The Secretary surveyed the room slowly and took his seat.


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OOC: Sure, Ide Jima, no problem. There's no time on this. Also, Rekamgil, don't worry too much about it, it didn't hurt you at all.


"Honored Rekamgillian delegates, we are sorry for your troubles in these chaotic times with the Deltannian people, you will surely be reimbursed for your damages received, along with a gift of apology.

"Thank you, Secretary, for your presentation of the Commonwealth of Independent States. We have cerrently much to consider by agreeing to join, and there is still time. Surely we will consider it."




Several fires were now seen in different spots of Delta, and all city departments were attemtping to curb the rioters and restore orer, especially with foreign delegates in town.


Security outside Govenment Hill was tightened, all the forces there were awaiting the arrival of any protestors. With so many people there, however, the rest of the city was thin. Soon they would have to be diverted, thus lowering any chance of stopping a mob from crashing through...

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OOC: So I was thinking about it, and then I started thinking about how I kind of liked my isolationist position, but then I thought about it, and came to a conclusion. Let's assume that everone has talked here, I know it's a busy time, and I actually want to get through with this.....




Senator Long in the center of the other Senators:


"To all esteemed and honored guests, Deltannia has made it's decision.


Time and again, Deltannia has been put through struggle, as any other nation of this glorious region has, yet time and again one nation has stood up for us always, and long has we not embraced them with open arms.


To Rekamgil and the Commonwealth of Independent States, we thank you for you hard efforts, and your noble cause in this world. We hope to be politcally friendly toward one another, there are no hard feelings from us to you, and we hope the inverse is the same. Perhaps we can strengthen our economic ties, for Deltannia would agree with that.


To Pirilao and the League of the Treaty, in the past, you have also helped Deltannia, and we hope that our choice will not cause a change in that. Again, our economy yearns to expand beyond what it is now, and we hope that you will be open to our markets, and the same for yours.


To the Alliance, we desire at the moment a treaty with only one of your members, but perhaps in time this can expand so that Deltannia can become a member as well. Our nation is not ready to throw itself into such a huge geopolitical regional machine after years of isolationism, but the future is bright.


Dearest friends of Ide Jima. Long has our history intertwined. When Deltannia called for help, you have stood besides us in the righteous course. When Ide Jima called for help, long have we stood besides you. And long have our nations gone with no formal recognition of this friendship because of Deltannia's history. No more, friends, no more.


We hereby request that the Holy Federal Republic of Ide Jima join with together with the Glorious Dominion of Deltannia in a complete and wholesome treaty. May we look into the future together, ever brighter and stronger!"




*Deltannian News Network*


The Senate and Council both agreed today that our glorious nations should join together with the Holy Federal Republic of Ide Jima. People from around the nation celebrated at the end of Deltannia's many years of isolationism.


In other news, rioters across the city of Delta intensified their movements today, moving right up to Government Hill...

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