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Were my flag should be it says newbie! Help me!

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The InvisionFree forum software uses user ranks. Your rank is based on the amount of posts you make, and each rank has a title to accompany it. It's up to the admins do decide rank titles and amount of posts needed to hit a certain rank, but the general rule is: More posts -> More green blocks -> Higher user rank. So if you want to get rid of the newbie status, do some constructive posting.


Your flag is showing just fine though...

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..that says newbie how do I change this?

That?s just your member title. You get another rank each time you reach a certain post count. For example, when you have 10 posts, your member title will change to ?member?, when you have 30 posts, it will change to ?advanced member?,? and so on.


If you don?t like your title, there is a way to change it:

Just click on "My Controls". Then, on the menu on your left side, click "Edit Profile Info". That's where you can change your "Custom Member Title". There's only 1 restriction: you have to have a minimum post count of 5.




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