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Vickers Civil System?, Adaptus

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Welcome, welcome to Vickers Civile Systems, the sister company of Vickers Weapon Systems. Here we specialise in the development, sales, and distrobution of Civil equiptment rangeing from aircraft to police equiptment, to cars. Here is the place for the average citizen of Europa.


So Lets get down to business.


Civil Service Protection.


F-Force Next Gen Fire-Fighting Suit


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Next generation fire protection. Used by Adapton Fire Fighters. These can protect the wearer up to temperatures of 1000 degreese. It also gives extream manouverablity, so the wearer can preform his tasks uninterupted. It also incorporates padding on the ankles, knees, elbows, and thighs, for maximun protection. It also featrues fire protection glives, waterproof, and with maximun grip, the the user can grip a fire hose without the worries of it slipping from his hands. It also features a snug fit oxygen canister to the rear of the suit, which is interchagnable with all gas tank avalible.


Price: 1200 Euros Per unit


Police Tactical Equiptment System


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The ultimate in Police protection. Based on the protection system the IWS uses, it is highly effective. Lightweight, manouverable, strong, and comftobale make it an exelent protection system. It uses the same Balistic Shock Padding as the IWS, which gives armed responce teams a good advantage in protection against fire armes. The armour is capable of stopping a 7.62 round, at a distance of 400 meters.


Price: 2500 Per Unit


Civil Air


Airliner A380


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The Larges in passenger transport planes. Features an onboared casiono, bar/resturante, and dance club. The best in luxuary transport. can hold up to 550 passengers, as well as the onboared plesures. An exeletn addition to airlines.


Price: 23 Million Euros per unit

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