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Worst Case Scenario

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That?s it, kids. What would make the $h1te hit the fan in europa, and how would it be? I?ll explain my idea better:


What would be the Worst Case Scenario in this region, IC-wise? What would make Europa erupt in a fierce war, with nukes flying, people praying for god to take their lives, and all kind of cinematic suffering? Who would be involved in it, and why? Is this idea good enough for a (hopefully) non-canon roleplay (not real IC-wise, only in a "what if" way)?


Please, give your opinions. I?ve been thinking about this for a while, and i want to know what do you think of this, if you are willing to take part on this (if it happens :3), and if it?d work.

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I am quite a new nation, although during the past couple of days i have learnt about europa alot. I would argue that there are 3 main alliances in the europa at the moment. If a tension was to spark between one of the countries in one alliance against another country of an opposing alliance or one that hates the other, then i suppose you could get the other members of the alliance involved until whole alliances wage war against each other. What i would say about the countries not in an alliance is that they do not have to take an active part in the war. They can just be observers etc. like in world war 2 for example even though it was a world war, not every single country in the world took part. I would keep the fighting to a maximum of 12 countries involved in the military action otherwise i would believe the storyline would become to cluttered.


Your idea is good in practise, but difficult to implement

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A purposely spread bio-engineered disease ? (probably) untraceable, definitely deadly, and (in theory), one group will accuse the other of starting a pandemic, start a war, ect? and every dies, probably slowly and painfully.

That would be my worst case. I?m sure it could work, but it would be a definite end.


For more fun, nab a copy of Richard Prestons? ?Demon in the Freezer? (smallpox) or ?The Hot Zone? (Ebola). They are good non-fiction reviews of these diseases, and have some crazy stories. Examples:


The US has had two Ebola outbreaks that were barely contained, but could have led to the death of millions if it hadn?t been for some blind luck (they caught the escaped diseased monkey just outside of a major city in Virginia).


The USSR had developed a bioweapon that was a harmless flu strain surrounding a hemorragic virus (one that make you bleed out of every orifice ? like Ebola). The idea was, if a war with the US took place, then release the bug, people would go around for a few days with a ?flu? until they cured it (i.e. go to the doctor), then the real disease attacked them, killing them in days. These were hardened diseases (bombarded with radiation) to ensure they could last. Currently, the Russians have ?lost over 100 liters of this stuff."




Book Article from "Demon in the Freezer"

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That Tinian thing could have done. The new map has bought members of the two main rival groups a bit too close for comfort. In the north, Adaptus and Tagmatium are on the doorstep of Akiiryu and Vanarambaion, and in the south I'm very close to Haken and Pirilao.


A war between the alliances is a possibility right now, with no clear ending to the Tinian crisis, and Tamurinian elections (effectively imo) deciding whether a fourth group will emerge.


Sooner or later, something between the LT and the Alliance will probably lead to international war.

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A direct attack of the Free City would work the Miirosi into a bloodlusty desire for total revenge. Other than that it would have to be an attack on allies, but as of right now I am not part of any major established alliance.

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Worst case scenario?


Tagmatium getting nuked.


It was one post away from getting nuked last year during a crisis.


Back then we also had the alliances, but with different names. The alliance I was in (EPA) didn't want Vanarambaion (in the opposing alliance, the CPA) to have a colony in the north. One thing led to another, the EPA blockaded the colony, one of my ships shot a hospital ship and a Vanarambaion sub surfaced with some nukes on board.


I still wish that I'd called his bluff...


Other than that, enemy landings on Tagmatium.

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Huge diplomatic incidents between more armed nations. For an example, think of the Jean-Charles de Menezes case (Brazilian citizen killed by british policemen). What if it happened between more armed nations, that held a grudge with each other? Guerra, of course. And that would get worser if these nations were part of an alliance. And poof, we have a huge war.

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Wait wait... our alliance isn't big enough yet!! wink.gif


Just kidding. I'm having a good old time just fluttering around, writing charters, trying to recruit people to the region, trying to recrut nations to the CIS, trying to get the Senate by-election off the ground, sticking my nose in on some fairly innocuous RPs, etc. Not sure I have the time for a major RP right now. Besides, what would a major war RP be withour Akiiryu... who is on hiatus for a week or so still?


Worst Case scenario? An unwarranted attack on my nation either nuclear, biological, or even conventional. My people would be angered in extremis since we have always tried to be friendly and help those in need... anyone with the audacity to throw that in our faces might face the wrath of the not-so-mighty Rekamgilliam Armed Forces! We'd probably take sides in a larger "worst case - all cards on the table" war also.

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For IJ as a nation, the worst thing would probably be a land invasion by the LT. PIRILAO is to the east, Haken to the southwest and possibly Damak Var to the south.


Nothing we couldn't handle mind wink.gif

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@Rek: The CIS may still be re-organizing, but I'd come to your aid. I'm really really far away, but I'd get there eventually with my ground forces. Bringing my navy would be out of the question almost, and my airforce...well, you'll just have to wait and see about that. wink.gif


As for a worst case scenario in Vocenae and Europa as a whole...


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