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Cellulosae steps onto the regional arena

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Greetings fellow Europeans!


Through this post I, the current elected spokesperson of Cellulosae, would like to introduce our newly founded nation to the region.


Looking forward to a good time



/ Edward af M?rkla, spokesperson



>>I'm a 26-yr old wage-slave currently residing in Malmoe in southern Sweden. Played NS a while back, but thought I'd give it a shot once again. This looks like a good region as any to start smile.gif /Robert

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Welcome welcome welcome!


You will feel right at home here. We're a great bunch.


I believe Suverina is from Sweden also, and there are many other Scandinavians as well.


Again, welcome!

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Welcome; sorry I haven't replied until now. Glad to see you here... feel free to get your feet wet in the role-play section. Ask us any questions you like. Those of us whose names are in blue are members of the government and are all willing to answer any questions, big or small.... Have fun.

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