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Kala Aha 'ilono (the Money Reporter)

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The Kala Aha'ilono is the Kingdom of Bainbridge Islands first and leading economic news site. In our first edition, we will present an overview of some of the largest economic engines in the kingdom, starting with GP!


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General Products


Founded: 1981

Location: Aiea, Bainbridge Islands

Owner: Michael Kalakini

Industry: Multination Corporation


(Kingdom of Bainbridge Islands Stock Exchange)


From jet engines to TV broadcasting, from plastics to power plants, General Products (GP) is plugged in to most businesses that have shaped the modern world. The company produces -- take a deep breath -- aircraft engines, locomotives and other transportation equipment, kitchen and laundry appliances, lighting, electric distribution and control equipment, generators and turbines, nuclear reactors, medical imaging equipment, and plastics.

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Founded: 1996

Location: Aira, KBI

Owner: Tapa Owenings

Industry: Biotechnology



Biogen is the biggest of the biotech multinationals, and it's determined to get even bigger. The company uses cellular biology and medicinal chemistry to target cancer, nephrology, inflammatory disorders, and metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases. Anti-anemia drugs Epogen and Aranesp account for about half of its sales. Enbrel, another leading drug, treats rheumatoid arthritis and is one of the best-selling drugs in this multi-billion-dollar market. In 2006 Amgen acquired Abgenix, a firm that manufactures human therapeutic antibodies, for about $2.2 Tiki.


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Founded: 1955

Location: Pearl Harbor

Industry: Armaments



Impact Guns is the largest weapons producted in the Kingdom, specializing in firearms, defensive equipment, and recently branched out into miliary weapons systems, including light and medium tanks and APC. They are agressively expanding into the field, at the expense of more established manufactures, prompting accusations of corporate espionage.


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KBI Special Forces using a experimental Gauss 3.8mm Dragonslayer



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Royal Army displaying the new Scarab APC, from Impact Guns



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General Products releases new product schedule for 2nd & 3rd quarters of 2006.


A GP representative has allowed us an exclusive "sneak preview" of upcoming products that will be place on the market in the latter half of this year...


Kala Survival Watch (TL8/Modern +1)

The size and shape of a large watch, this item incorporates a dedicated wrist computer with a 100 meg database of survival info, a chronomoter, a radiation counter, a magnetic compass, a homing beacon, and an intertial compass. It is voice activated and displays info on a tiny, high rez screen. Cost, T$300.


Bug Smasher (TL8/Modern +1)

A pink noise generator, which effectively prevents audio surveillance devices (programmable bugs, recorders, ect...) includign the parabolic microphone in the newscam from picking up anything but static within three yards of the device. It costs T$2000, and weighs two pounds.


Improved Newscam (TL8/Modern +1)

This is a rifle sized and shaped camera used by many news teams (or surveillance crews). It has a digital camera/recorder, laser range finder, a televiewer lens, and a parabolic microphone. It also includes a disk reader, so it can read and display its own pictures, allow simple on the spot editing. It can also transmit a feed signal to broadcast live to a TV station. It weighs seven pounds and costs T$2500. It looks so much like a rifle, that it is dangerous to use around hair-trigger counter-sinper teams; cameramen are advised to wear armor.

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Impact Guns releases new product schedule for the 3rd quarter of 2006.


Pearl Harbor - At a press conference ahead of the 5th annual BI arms expo, IG has provided a preview of some of their upcomming products.


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Lolape Tangeler Gun (TL8/Modern +1)

A tangler is a short, stubby weapon that resembles a 20th century riot gun or flare pistol. They use a compressed-gas propellant to fire egg-shaped capsules that release a nubmer of strong, sticky strands which wrap around and completely immobilize a target.

The major advantage of tangers is their ability to enwrap and bring down opponents in even the heaviest armor. The victim can then be dispatched in many ways. One method is to use a high powered drill, a gunshot, or bore him/her to death with a joke (a marine drill sergeant?s favorite).


Anti-Theft System (TL8/Modern +1)

A basic anti-theft system can be installed in any weapon; any attempt to fire the weapon without unlocking it first will disable the firing circuit. Cost: T$250.


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HUD (Heads Up Display) (TL8/Modern +1)

A HUD is mounted in a helmet or with a pair of specialized goggles. It displays visual information (i.e. environmental readings, crosshairs, a computer screen) by projecting it directly onto the wearer?s visor. Any piece of electronic equipment (sensors, control panels) which uses a visual display screen may be connected to a HUD by a short cable or communicator link.

Once connected, sensor or instrument readouts are then projected directly onto the user?s goggles or faceplate.

A HUD costs T$ 500, and batteries usually last up to a year.


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BIOGEN releases new productes for the third quarter of 2006.


Aiea- A representative from BIOGEN has released data on some of their newest product line:


Emergency Support Unit (TL8/Modern +1)

The ESU is a semi-portable life-support system. If an injured patient is hooked up to it, the ESU maintains the patient's biological functions even if his organs are not functioning.

The ESU can performe less critical tasks, like blood transfusions (assuming the blood is available), and some basic administration of medical drugs. It costs T$30,000, and weighs about 125 pounds.


Drug Patch (TL7/Modern)

Any drug deliverable by injection or pill is also available in a drug patch. It resembles an adhesive plastic-strip bandage, with a peel-off cover. The bandage contains a solution of a particular drug. When the patch is applied to bare skin, and pressure is exerted on it, a dose of the drug will soak through the skin and into the patient.

A drug patch can be used in combat - simply unpeel the patch's protective cover and stick it on the target. It costs about T$10 per dose application, and the weight is negliable.

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Miss Hana'a enjoying a refreshing Orange Poi Juice


?Poi Juice? refreshes the mainland, and its investors

Poi Juice, inc., is a fruit favored drink made from genetically modified poi, infusing artificial favors into a favorite local beverage. By manipulating the genetic structure of the Taro plant, the traditional purple color of poi can be changed to almost any color, and just about any flavor. Locals have been rushing to purchase six packs of the new poi, which keeps its sweet flavor longer than regular poi drinks. ?I just can?t seem to get enough of Poi Juice?, comments Judi Hana?a, a local visiting Waikiki beach. ?It is delicious and tasty ? and all my friends drink it! Also, my boyfriend makes a mean Waimea Poi Cocktail ? it?s hapa-haole, but delicious!?

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However, tourists tend be less favorable about Poi Juice. ?It?s horrible! I can?t understand how anyone can stomach this stuff?, commented an unnamed tourist trio of young ladies from Miiros. ?They love it here, but try as I might, I can?t choke it down!?

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General Products stock, the licensee for Poi Juice, has risen 12% this quarter, solely based on the sales of Poi Juice, thrilling the shareholders of the company.


OOC: the website for Poi is here:

Poi website

Locals love this stuff, but I though it was, well, horrible and bland.

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