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Best Toothpaste Awards!

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This is just for fun, its a bit silly, but what the hey!


Right.... Welcome to the "Best toothpaste Awards!".... I want you guys to nominate your favourite toothpastes. Here are the nominees: - rate them out of 10 and say why they are good


Heres the format for nominating:




Toothpaste A: 8/10

Toothpaste B: 5/10

Toothpaste C: 7/10

Toothpaste D: 4/10


Favourite toothpaste: Toothpaste A

Reason: It cleans my teeth the best!


Here are the options you should rate:







If you know any more, you can vote for them too. At the end of this week, the best toothpaste will be declared!!



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I will go first, in the toothpaste voting!


Macleans 7/10


Aquafresh 9/10


Colgate 6/10


Sensodyne 8/10


Favourite toothpaste: Aquafresh


Reason: Triple action to fight bacteria and protect gums, also nice smelling

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