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Rennd stats - first time ever - wat do u think

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OOC: Here are the statistics for my nation using nseconomy third geek - from this i will prepare my own stats - I would like you guys tell me wat to change please etc. I wish to become a good rper. Go easy guys, my nation is still small, and i am still new!


Domestic Statistics


Government Category: Psychotic Dictatorship

Government Priority: Religion & Spirituality, Defence

Economic Rating: Basket Case

Civil Rights Rating: Rare

Political Freedoms: Outlawed

Income Tax Rate: 86%

Major Industry: Furniture Restoration

National Animal: tiger

National Currency: commi-coin

Total Population: 16,000,000


Government Budget Details


Money allocated Percentage of total money

Administration: $863,212,851.20 40%

Social Welfare: $129,481,927.68 6%

Healthcare: $107,901,606.40 5%

Education: $129,481,927.68 6%

Religion & Spirituality: $280,544,176.64 13%

Defence: $237,383,534.08 11%

Law & Order: $172,642,570.24 8%

Commerce: $43,160,642.56 2%

Public Transport: $0.00 0%

The Environment: $151,062,248.96 7%

Social Equality: $64,740,963.84 3%


Rennd Economic Statistics

Exchange Rate: 82.7027 commi-coins = $1

Gross Domestic Product: $2,700,188,081.50

GDP Per Capita: $168.76

Unemployment Rate: 14.82%

Consumption: $488,432,000.00

Government Budget: $2,697,540,160.00

Government Expenditures: $2,158,032,128.00

Goverment Waste: $539,508,032.00

Exports: $425,418,353.50

Imports: $371,694,400.00

Trade Surplus: $53,723,953.50


From this i will generate my individual stats. e.g. for defence i might decide that 5% of my population is in the defence. 2% actually fight and 3% do other jobs etc. I will get down to this asap

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EDIT: Thanks mate. Ive taken your solution idea. Thank you very much...


EDIT: I have chosen 3% rather than 2% as my base number, simply because my country's 2nd highest priority is military defence, but thank you


As well as this, i have formulated my own stats for military and other general stats. Heres the new stats thanks to your suggestion


Total population: 16 000 000




Total people employed in military: 480 000

Infantry: 120 000

Airplanes: 3

Tanks: 5

Medics: 52800

Engineers: 33600

Paratroopers: 134

Bombs: 1

WMD: none

H bombs: none

Submarines: 0



Aircraft Carriers:0



Of course these stats are just for now, they will build up over time as soon as my total population increases because they are percentage based. Once i get to 150 million, i will get WMD and hydrogen bombs etc but not now


Other stats


Life expectancy:


Males: 67.24 years

Females: 70.12 years


Literacy rate: 72%

Religion: Christianity 97%, Hinduism 2% Others 1%

GDP per capita: $168.76

Average earnings: None, Communist country

Doctors per population: 1 in 76,000

Average tempreture: January: 11c July: 28c


As well as this, I plan to create the rules of the country. I will base my roleplaying on this backdrop of statistics

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Hi. Interesting stats. If you looks carefully at the links in our infobox, you will see a link to "National Statistics". NSTracker doesn't provide the regional side of the stats, but focusses on nations. Also, you can add a tracker to your nation, so you can generate nice little graphs. 2-thumbup.gif


Here is the exact link, should you be unable to find it in the infobox.




Have fun!

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OK, i think i will create a newsthread. I will include rules of country and also the country's current state once i get them finalized.


Just want to ask you guys a question. I would like you to tell me about how to start off the roleplaying story. What should i include to make my first roleplay a good one. I have already read the beginners section about godmodding etc, and i promise i will not do this, but i would like to know the best ways of starting my country's story


Thank you guys,




You guys are exellent, especially Ide jima with the lightning fast responses

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