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The Arrival Of Rennd

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On behalf of Rennd, I extend my hand of Friendship. We are a new country and by playing i am hoping to learn more about this game


About Me: I am from britain, london to be precise, 15 yrs old, and love sports like footy, cricket etc.


My aim for this country was to create a chaotic country, just as a laugh. I was also aiming to make a perculiar cross between communism and dictatorship and see what happened. Throw in a splash of religion and a crazed leader, and you have one heck of a country


I hope to take part in role playing and getting a little area on the map once i become more experienced. I will start my first plot soon...

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Welcome; sorry I haven't replied until now. Glad to see you here... feel free to get your feet wet in the role-play section. Ask us any questions you like. Those of us whose names are in blue are members of the government and are all willing to answer any questions, big or small.... Have fun. I've noticed in other welcome threads you've been singing our praises here in Europa. I'm very glad you like it here and hope you'll stick around and will get involved in some RPs soon!

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