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NS Governement Change

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Let me ask the experts,


I am a psychotic dictatorship (boggle how that happened...)


NS says that as you pass legislation on issues, you can change your classification.


I have been passing issues, and yet I don't see any re-classification (like less-psychotic smile.gif )

Has anyone started off as something and then become something else, or am I stuck as what I started out to be?


Personally I would like to go from psychotic to a kinder-gentler dictatorship to a republic eventually.


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So it does change...


I guess either I have not waited long enough or I have not passed enough issues that would change my status.


Well, I guess I should not let a new thread I started go to waste so here is another question.


When you changed from Dem. Soc. to other systems, were you a UN member or not?


and... think joining the UN is a good idea?


Currently, Nan Gorgwaith is not affiliated with any group outside of Europa (or even inside Europa)

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