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The Free Land of Salvinoria is a small, seafearing and tribal nation with King Kras as a self-appointed representative that has widest control over our lands. We use modern technology along with barter economic system. Our people prefer to use face-to-face solution rather then formalised law enforcement system. 3/4 of our lands are not controled by Kras' Army. Tribalism, magic and primitive religion remain strong position in this parts of world. We see Mother Earth with highest regard!


We welcome civilized nations of Europa region! We hope that most of you didn't traded health of your land for worthless gold.

Let Mother Earth bless your lands with fertility and wisdom!

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If anyone is interested in some details you can check out my factbook. It's here:


Previously I was a bit to formal wink.gif

I live in Poland and I just LOVE nature. I'm a spiritual-seeker type. On "political scene" I'm involved in the Anarchist Federation. Mostly because it enriches my life with many new experiences so I hope that nobody cares.

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Good morning to you!


It's interesting to see such a nation, especially one that you've obviously put quite a lot of time into making the back-ground and all for.


We've got a quick-reference government-profile thread which you may be interested in. Just follow the link below:



There's also a cultural information thread, which is definately worth taking a look at. Again, follow link:



There are other threads on this sort of thing, but I've a tendency to get a bit side-tracked.


Any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

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You write Portuguese?

Sorry to disapoint you but I don't write nor do I speak Portuguese. Besides my native (Polish) and international (English) I don't know other languages. Damn, I just can't get this German thing (still on "College")... dry.gif

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Hey, Salv, I guessing you're experienced in the world of NationStates?

Yup. My previous nation (Arakaria) was the leader of Mutual Aid Pact (MAP - we had tens of members) and had way over 500 million of citizens. I like RP thing but I don't have time to read LONG stories and my English is insufficient for good RPs... thumbsdown.gif

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Seems alright to me

Yeah, but reading and writing takes a lot of energy. To be honest: I'm lazy tongue.gif

I've an idea for a quite interesting (I think) scenario but I wait till my nation reach 20 milion people (you know, I wanna be on the map) - damn! I've sufficient posts, though. Sometimes being talkative is beneficial smile.gif


Hey - anyone here have religious nations that want to convert tribals?

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^haha, you're learning German too? It's a nightmare, I can agree with you there tongue.gif

Aber die Deutsche Sprache is jedoch ganz einfach? Es gleikt auf Niederl?ndisch un ja auch ein bissen auf Anglais.


Wilgekommen, Salvinoria

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