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Zacarias Moussaoui gets life in prison

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Zacarias Moussaoui gets life in prison. Is the sentence fair ?


Al-Qaeda plotter Zacarias Moussaoui has been ordered to spend his life in jail without the possibility of parole for his role in the 11 September attacks. In his final statement, Moussaoui declared 'God curse America, God save Osama Bin Laden. You'll never get him.' Moussaoui, 37, will serve his sentence in solitary confinement in a maximum security jail in Colorado. Moussaoui's mother has said she wants him to be able to serve his sentence in France. The French citizen of Moroccan descent is the only man to be prosecuted over 9/11. Although he was in jail at the time of the attacks, prosecutors said he told lies to allow the plot to continue.

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Personally I'd rather he was executed on live TV, seeing as that's all Al-Quaeda do to those who they kidnap in Iraq.

I agree with Aki. It would just make him another martyr, although perhaps the word "martyr isn't really the correct word in this context, as to me it implies someone who died up holding the values of their faith, rather than committing mass murder for mis-guided aims.


Executing someone live on television would also show that the terrorists have succeeded in their aims, as part of our nations' progress in the last two hundred years would have died with them. It was also be sickeningly voyeuristic.


I've not been following the trial, nor do I know much of the evidence against him. If it is true (I'm not indulging in any conspiracy theories here), then he does deserve life imprisonment, without any chances of meeting his "martyrdom". he could, by all means, dangle himself in his prison cell, but that's hardly the death he imagined for himself.

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Call me ignorant for saying this, but if someone participates in mass murder, they should be executed. The false belief held by the small minority who interpret islam incorrectly is neither here nor there.


By executing one terrorist, would there be a noticeable rise in violence against coalition forces in Iraq? No, violence is occuring as it is, and it won't stop any time soon.


Would we be stooping as low as the terrorists did? No, they paraded the dead bodies of US servicemen around the streets during the iraq war. It doesn't get lower than that. Rather than this showing the terrorists that they have won, this would be a neccessary act in showing them that they havn't, and that the west is not something that they can walk over.


What I've said here is probably very opinionated, but I just feel angry at the terrorists for what they have done. sad.gif

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The US has shown terrorists it can't be walked over already. While I agree that imprisoning Z. would not stop violence, killing him would only make him a martyr, that is what he wants (at least, given that he is probably mentally ill, what his deranged mind thinks he wants) and what A-Q wants (propaganda heaven). Moreover, although I am opposed to executions, I am even more opposed to executing a guy with a mental illness.

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I find that life in prison is the best way to deal with him. He recently tried to appeal his original plea of guilty, saying he did not get a fair trial. It was denied. A non-citizen, involved in committing crimes and he demands things and tries to beat the legal system? He has some nerve.


I am glad he did not get the death sentence, he would be used as propaganda (martyr).

Hopefully they will keep him in seclusion because some types of people do not live long in prison around others (I can see a "patriotic" prisoner doing something stupid...)


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I completely agree with Aki.


Executing him would only serve the propaganda of Al-Quaeda. The US justice did well in this case. It showed that even the top enemies of the state gets a fair trial and that they're not automatically sentenced to death.


I guess that this sentence has caused some questioning in the ranks of the fundamentalists who were expecting a death sentence. Maybe it shows them that not everything they've been told about the "great enemy" is true...

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I have been wondering about.

The Zacarias Moussaoui to win, because executing one terrorist make him a martyr.

Life imprisionment, will be our costs, with our money (because to keep

an imprisoned person the remaining portion of the life costs money).

As such we lose. angry.gif

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But that would only give him the status of a "martyr", which sort of leads us back to square one.


I also agree with Nan, as it's conceivable a fellow-inmate, or inmates, would take it into their hands to avenge the WTC, and murder him. So may be best to give him a lot more protection from other prisoners, or keep him seperate.


Concerning P's point, I don't really mind, as he's in the USA, so it's not my money that pays for him.

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I don't trust his testimony, he gave his testimony while he had an electric belt strapped to him in the courtroom! how that is legal in America i do not know, but just cause he said it doesn't mean much because most people confess to these sorts of things under "stress". Plus, adding to the public fact that he had an electronic belt, I can't trust that outcome, he shouldn't be killed until we know the whole truth

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