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Behind the scenes in the BI

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Part I

May 7 - 0245

On a warm, humid night at the Iolani Palace, an eerie silence hung over the war room.


?Advisor, you realize that we cannot turn back on what has been set in motion. The old, corrupt regime needed to be replaced, and with outside assistance, we can reshape the Islands into the glorious people?s republic it deserves to be!?, said Rashii Corpanus, as he stared at his drink, twirling the straw.


Aka Kilikopela spun around, grabbing the arms of the chair the foreign advisor was sitting in, ?I know, but killing the entire royal family? That?s murder!?


?Like you have a choice now? If you don?t eliminate them, they will always be a threat to you, especially the oldest, prince Peleke.?


?I know that bigoted mahu is a threat, but as long as only the men are killed I should be safe, no??


?NO! You must kill them all! If you don?t they will come back for you!?, shouted Rashii, as he slammed his drink on the table. ?You forget, there is precedent for women on the throne. They ALL must die, women and children.?


?I hate to do it, but it is for the greater good.?, Aka mumbled. ?What about Prince Lalole??


?By the time he gets back from his rustbucket, he can be arrested on trumped up charges, taken back out to sea, where I?m sure he?ll have an ?accident? ? problem solved!?


?My god, you really have a black rock for a heart!?, said Kilikopela, staring at Rashii in amazement, as he smiled.


?Let?s get to business ? after the king ?suffers? another attack, you can declare Martial Law, and with the support of the Royal Guards, who are in my pocket, and the protestors, who are also in my pocket, we?ll finish what we?ve started?, smirked Rashii, standing up to straighten out his suit. ?You?ll see.?


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Part II


May 07 - 2345


Midwatch, HMS Kanehoe

?Sir, incoming transmission.?, announced the radioman to the Officer of the Deck. ?It?s in a strange, outdated code ? its ours, but I?m not familiar with it.?

?Let me see?, said the OOD. ?I?m not familiar with it either ? go wake the Captain.?


CO Stateroom

A seamen 2nd class knocks on the Captain?s door, hesitantly. ?Sir, sorry to wake you, but the OOD has secure transmission he needs you to see.?

?Tell the OOD I?ll be up in a few minutes ? let me get some clothes on?, said Captain Hamana, sitting up from his small bunk. After the seaman leaves, he rubs his eyes, and mumbles to himself, ?Its always something. I certainly hope it?s good news ? after all how can thing be worse??


Control Room, HMS Kanehoe

?Captain in Control!?, announces the Chief of the Watch, as the Captain walks into control.

?OOD, what?s the status??

?Sir, we?ve received a coded message, and I recognize the pattern, but we don?t have a code book for something this old.?

?Let me see the message?, said the Captain, still trying to adjust to the low light conditions in control.

Using the OOD red penlight, Captain Hamana scans the message and smiles. ?You need to do more puzzles, young man. We have this code, but you have to transpose the first letter of each odd word, and then omit each tenth letter.?

?How the hell did you come up with that?? asked the OOD, Lieutenant Lapali.

?Let?s go to the Radio Room. JOOD, you have the Deck and the Conn!? said Hamana, as he exited control.


In the Radio Room, he told the prince, ?Because I know who sent it?, said the captain. ?My old roommate from the Academy, Kilo, or you might know him as Parliamentarian Malalo. We used to made up codes to send messages at night to avoid extra military instruction, using random keys for the messages. Petty Officer Palela, think you can decode it from what I told you??

?Yes, sir?

About ten minutes later, PO Palela handed the translated code to the Captain, as he stood dumbstruck concerning the message, eyes wide as saucers.

The captain read it, and told the prince ?There?s been a coup. Your father is dead and the Royal Advisor has ?assumed control?. The entire royal family has been summoned, except for you. Strange.?

?How can I get back? We?re still trying to repair the main shaft seal, and the tugs are at least a half-day away! I?ll never make it back in time!? stated the prince.

?Yes, we?re broken down, and the tugs are too slow, let me think, let me think?.?, said the captain.

After a pregnant pause that seemed to last hours, the captain said, ?I have an idea.?

"Radioman of the watch, get me the HMSS Pupukea."


?What? A sub? Everyone knows the islands decommissioned our submarine fleet years ago!? the prince said, with a puzzled look on his face.


?And that is the official line. Unofficially, the ?recovery vessels? are actually experimental model of submarines that use a modified fuel-cell system to provide propulsion, instead of the old diesel boats. With the new propulsion systems, they are completely silent, and undetectable. The idea is to become a silent ?slow approach? ? come up to a shore target, deliver a cargo, then leave.?


?Even so, how would get to the palace? The place must be over run with his minions. And what do you mean by "cargo?"


?I?ll see if my friends are available for a little action?, smiled the CO, staring at his academy ring. ?I used to serve with a LT Kapala, who?s out with the 22nd Special Marine Assault Group. I?m sure he?s itching for some action ? life onboard a sub is really boring. Trust me ? we?ll get you home.?


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Part III


HMSS Pipipi, off the coast of Honolulu

Lieutenant Lalepi enters the operations room ?

?Hey, close the door, we?re rigged for red!? said an unidentified voice from the center of the room.

?Sorry, sorry?, said the LT sheepishly, as he quickly shut the door, noisily jiggling the latch.

?Thanks for the telephone call to the city, shipmate?, said the voice again, sarcastically.


A different voice, older, whispered to him, ?He means that by making a transient, just about any noise that can be heard through the hull, you potentially giving away our position. The briefing is just about to begin, so just keep quiet, and pay attention. Your life, and more importantly, your comrades? lives may depend on you knowing what to do.?



?Alright, attention in operations. I?m Lieutenant Panela, and the operation I?ll be briefing is an assault on the Iolani palace. Situation is as follows: The Royal Advisor has taken control of the palace, and the Royal Guard had decided to support him. The Royal Army is in lockdown, as are any ships in Pearl that aren?t already out to sea.?


?I?ve made contact, with outside Army units, and they have agreed to provide whatever support they can, in order to assist us in retaking the palace. I anticipate that we can have about two airborne companies of helo support, and at least some ground units can engage and pin-down the Royal Guard units on station.?


The LT continued, ?We will begin a short range approach onboard, and at 2130, will depart from the boat, and both Alpha and Bravo units will approach the beach by sea-sled, arriving by 2200. We anticipate landing due west of the palace, and expect to be able to enter the ground via the service entry. There will be three targets that will be neutralized, and that is where the prince will come into play.?


By this time, Lapeli?s vision had adjusted to the low-level light, and was able to make out at least partial outlines of individuals. He looked down on the map of his childhood home, recognizing the places he played as a child ? never thinking he?d assault the palace. Whenever he played ?war? with his brother, they were always defending from invaders. Now he was an invader.


?Sir, are you paying attention??, asked the Marine LT.

?Uh, sorry, I was analyzing the map?, he answered, averting the scowl Panela shot him. ?Could you go over it again??

?Let?s review the high points ? We enter through the service entrance, as the prince?s access codes should still work. Standard security procedures would automatically changes the codes, but,?, the lieutenant paused, ?royalty has a default emergency code. Once he enters it, it will activate the central security system, alerting them that a royal is in trouble. We anticipate that we will have about seven minutes to eliminate as many of the Royal Guard as possible.?


He continued with the brief, ?Once in, Bravo team, led by myself, with the prince, will locate and neutralize the ?advisor?, who we expect to be in the Hibiscus room. Team Alpha?s mission will be to disable the power generators located on the southern face of the palace. After they accomplish this, they will proceed to the communications room, and secure it until relieved. If Alpha is in danger of losing the room, they will destroy it.?


?This is an all or nothing mission. If we fail, this traitor will consolidate his control of the Kingdom, and all of our friends and families will suffer for our inability to complete our mission. Lt Lapeli, you will stay close to use, you will not engage in combat unless necessary, and will provide layout intelligence, as necessary. Once the target is secured, and security is positively restored, we will stand down when relieved by Army units with the proper countersign?, Panela finished.


?If there are no questions, then proceed to the arms station for small and combat arms issue, and pick up your assault gear, and meet at the hatch.?, said the captain of the Pipipi. ?The fate of our nation and our way of life depends on your success. Godspeed and good luck.?


The prince filed out towards the small arms locker. While lining up for issue, the Lapeli started to wring his hands unconsciously. ?Hey, sir, don?t worry, we do stuff like this all the time!?, said the sergeant, as he checked his ammo clips. Lapeli cocked an eye his way ? and sergeant Nola corrected himself, ?OK, not exactly like this, but it?ll be OK. Remember, stay close, and ?Hang Loose, bradda?



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Part IV


The assault sleds quietly approached the beach, stopping in shallow enough water to allow the teams to slide off their mounts, and reach the beach.

Using cochlear commsets, the OIC (Officer in Charge ? LT Panela) called for a countoff. This required all personnel to sound off ? using the sub-vocal microphones they adhered to their throats during equipment load out on the boat.


?Alpha Unit ? sound off ? Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha3, Alpha 4?.?, rang in Lapeli? earset.

?Uh sir, you?re Alpha 5?, nudged the Sergeant beside Lapeli.

?Alpha 5!?, answered Lepeli, belatedly, as he surveyed Iolani palace.


?Alpha team, go to the western edge of the palace, use the com-code ?4543? to gain access to the generators. You have five minutes.?, said Panela. The sergeant in charge of Alpha nodded his understanding, and his men began to submerge, to approach the western jutte of the palace.


?Bravo team, follow me.?

Bravo team emerged from the water, was able to cross the beach, and reach the vegetation and trees just over the rocks. Lapeli began to crawl towards the side house entrance, when someone grabbed him by his pants belt.


?Where are you going??, whispered Nola, harshly.

?That?s the entrance to the palace, the side door?, answered Lepeli.

?One more foot farther, and you?d never make it?, smiled the sergeant, as he pointed out the carefully set trap, a log fall, that would have cut the prince in half. ?I think I should lead the way, OK??

?Uh, sure? go ahead.?

?No, go to the side, bradda. Follow me?, said Nola, crawling outwards, towards the base of the tree, and then heading to the underbrush near the side door.

?Everyone ? power outage in about five seconds?4, 3, 2, 1 ? NOW!?


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Part V


At that moment, the entire Iolani palace plunged into darkness, sirens sounded, and spotlights began blinking to life.

Bravo team made a quick dash on the walkway while trying to keep covered.

?Prince?, said the LT. ?Enter the code?, as he used his combat knife to pry open the keycode cover.

?OK, it should be ?4553??. He lit the pad with his combat light, entered the code, but nothing happened. He reentered the code again, and again, nothing happened.

Nola said, ?Hey, LT, did the power spike short through the battery, and then to the processor??

?No, that?s not how electronics work, sergeant. Prince, you have one more chance to get it right. If you don?t, we?re in a world of hurt.?

?Hold on, let me think ? entry reset code, reset code ? OF course!? Lepeli entered ?0000?, and the lock clicked open, he smiled.

?What are you smiling about??, grouched the LT. ?This was supposed to be the easy part! Get moving!?


The six man team crossed the side entrance, through the kitchen, into the royal dining room, taking a classic ?invader? assault pattern: bravo 1 (Nola) was responsible for initial assault, and carried the automatic shotgun, bravo 2 (Pana) covered targets to the right, bravo 3 (Smith) covered targets to the left, bravo four and five (the LT and Lapeli) were responsible for right and left attitude targets (either high targets if they were the ground floor, or lower targets if they were on an upper floor), and bravo 6 (Kim) covered the tail, probably the hardest position, as he spend a lot of time looking over his shoulder, or running backwards.


The next fifteen minutes were a virtual bloodbath in the palace, as Bravo team cut through the vaunted ?Royal Guard?, and their associated lackeys like butter through a knife. Bravo team suffered one casualty, Pana, who was stabbed under the rib cage, killing him immediately. Nola whirled around, and crushed the assailant?s throat with the butt of the combat shotgun. As the man fell, he discharged two rounds into the guard?s skull, vaporizing his head.

Panela grabbed his shoulder ?What the hell was that for? He was dead before he hit the ground?!?

Nola answered, ?Just making sure?.


As they reached hall around the Hibiscus room, Nola tossed a fragment sticky (grenade), hitting one of the two guards in the head. The guard tried to pull off the grenade, only to realize with two (of the five) seconds left of life, his hand was also stuck to the grenade. The explosion decimated the hand carved mahogany doors to the Hibiscus room. He glanced at the prince, and said ?I should been in da majors, eh??

They entered the room, and sitting in his father?s chair was the traitor, in a daze.


Part VI

Bravo team entered the room, dispatching each of the guards with quick shots to the foreheads. The (RA) tried to open up a drawer in mahogany desk, but Nola kicked it shut, crushing the fingers on his right hand. The (RA) fell to the ground crying, holding his bloody hand. He tried to crawl away, but Nola and Panela held up (RA), as Smith and Kim covered the door.


?Why??, asked Lapeli. ?Why did you do this??

?Because royalty is a disease that is rotten to the core!?, screamed the RA, with congealed blood and soot masking his face. ?Because your corrupt regime need to be replace with the voice of the people, not some pampered thieves mooching off the hard work of the citizenry!?

?And this is how you repay the loyalty to our family, by plunging our people into chaos??, countered the prince, shaking the man. ?Did you really think this was the way to change??

?You don?t understand! I?m the only one who can lead us to our destiny!?, screamed the royal advisor. ?I?m the only cure for this nation, do you understand, only me.?, as crimson spittle hit Lapeli in the face.

?Sir??, interrupted Kim.

?Not now, Kim?, said the LT.

?Sir, yes now.?


?It?s Alpha team, for the prince.?, said Kim.

?What is it??

?Alpha team found the royal family?, Kim responded, covering his ear to reduce external noise.

?Are they alright??, Lapeli asked, guardedly.

?No, they?re dead. All of them. One shot to the temple each.?


A dark shade grew over the prince?s face. He spun around, and using a Loa move, grabbed the (RA) and tossed him to the ground, landing the (RA) on his belly. The prince reached over the prone man, grabbed his left forearm and twisted it over, snapping the arm over his shoulder, causing him to scream in pain. As the man proceeded to groan, the prince put his knee on the RA?s back, grabbed his scalp, and growled, ?Why did you kill them? Why did you kill them all??

?All of you were threats. You are all threats to the people. You all had to be e?eliminated.?

The prince put the RA?s head in a cradle hold, and gave a sharp twist, snapping his neck.

It was silent in the room as the prince stood up. He took a deep breath, grabbed the body by the hair, and walked towards the Hibiscus? balcony. Panela started to stand in his way, but Lapeli moved him aside. ?I have one more thing to do.?


He opened the doors, and threw the lifeless body over the balcony, watching it crash on the parade grounds below. The fighting began to stop, as all eyes turned to the man on the balcony, and the sprawled body on the ground.


Lapeli turned around, and slumped in the chair behind the desk in the hibiscus room. ?Now what??, he muttered.

?Your highness, you have to fulfill your duties as head of state. I know that you weren?t trained for this, but it is your future now ? and ours.?, LT Panela said, solemnly.

?I?m not sure I can do it.?

?You don?t really have a choice.?, responded Panela.

?Better you than me, bradda,? chimed in Nola. ?Tell you what, you be a prince, and I?ll retire, fish at my house in Lahaina, go surfing, and maybe I send you card, eh??

Lapela smiled, realizing that the task as head of state is difficult, but he?d have to perform it for his people. ?Maybe I?ll join you on the waves?, he remarked.

?Yeah?, said Nola, his eye lighting up, ?there?s always room for one more! You come down, and we?ll have a barbeque on the beach! It?ll be a great party!?

LT Panela rolled his eyes.



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