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@Akiiryu, You should really tone down that arrogance, even if you think you're the ruler of the world you aren't. There are more people than me that have found you arrogance very annoying. I don't know if other people have ignored it because of your status. But I won't ignore it, I will ignore YOU if you don't tone it down. - The PM you send me and your post in this thread was completely OK though.


Now, I'll explain in a nice, correct manner. With no arrogance.


user posted image


I think that you can't guard the borders to the north aswell. Atleast not with heavy AA and other heavy weaponary. Well, Gabrova hasn't been in the combatzone and isn't a large city either so should be lightly defended. If you can come witn some nice, good and polite arguments I'll change it. - It's easy as that.


Although you should remember, that moves you aren't prepared for makes the whole thing a bit more exiting. I have no large-scale planes about the whole situation.







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Goodness, everyone hates the ref eh?


1st, no personal attacks please. They only make you look bad, not me. They can also get you in trouble with the administration. I am not threatening you here, just stating the way things are. You're welcome to ignore me if you wish. I am sure, however, other mods would have said the same thing. I also sure that if you continue to ignore the rules other players will become less and less willing to rp with you.


2nd OOC conversations/knowledge don't equate with IC conversations/knowledge. In otherwords you can still have you're surprise attack and all but you need to clear it with the player you are attacking. A good rper won't let his/her ooc knowledge influence her/his IC reactions.


3rd You can't, as the rules clearly, state rp combat here without the other players agreement OOC.


4th AA defenses generally cover cities from all approaches because planes often attack from multiple angles. Radars generally also go 360. Also please remember that the PK are dealing with the DFF who surround the cities on three sides.


5th Lightly defended or no you're still gunna get shot at.



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@ Suv: Akiiryu is only doing his job. He is a moderator. And you MUST have known that writing such a post would invite a response and would end in an argument.


why is the following quote arrogant?

S. You need to get Rek's okay before you post IC. I have also pointed out realism problems with your current post. I'll also point out at this time your current moves would probably bring you into conflict with TWO Alliances...think about that for a moment.


Many of the comments in your post are quite biting and not necessary. Suggesting that he "thinks he rules the world" when he does not, is not fair. I personally try not to take things personally when corrected in the forum, and lashing out at the moderator who has suggested you re-think one of your posts is, in my opinion, questionable.


Further, I'd suggest that everyone who thinks Akiiryu has been arrogant actually say so here. That way we can clear the air and get moving forward. I know he doesn't enjoy questioning people's RP reality and likes being accused of wrongdoing even less, so those who find him arrogant (and Suverina suggests there are more than just him) should step forward...


EDIT: I shall remove this if it will cause people to bicker. Which it probably will. It would be nice to agree not to fight, and not to level accusations at one another.

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Rekamgil, If you read my post I said that that statement you quoted was completely ok.



I had to tell that in a bad manner as it has to stop. He is a moderator and is doing his job. Although there are certain ways to tell things. I know 3 people that have found some of his statement very arrogant. 1, me. 2, US(not here any more). 3, Italgria. (Don't know if Ravenhelm also thought like that.....)


If he doesn't say them in an arrogant manner, it's very harsh and could be alot more polite. I'm not trying to gather any gangs here as I know not many would rally for my cause. But I do not want to see these kind of statements from you Akiiryu. If you can promise to keep in mind to be a bit nicer and wrap things up we can settle it. - just keep it down and I'll settle.


Why I don't want it to be kept into pm's? Well, it's not only my problem. I really don't think that you(akiiryu) want to get active members leaving off because of you. Let's come to an agreement and settle it?


It's something that easily can be solved.




Back to RP:


According to AA. Suverina didn't have any military installations in the area. Have you brought in heavy stationary AA equipment, Rek. and Ak.??

I can change it so that more fighting occured.


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US was a troublemaker and called me arrogant because I told him to stop making racist comments. He left because he disagreed with forum rules.


I am surprised you've waited until nwo to make such comments when I opened a discussion some weeks ago on this in the general board.

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I didn't think it was necissary then. Okey, I had some argues with US aswell. He's a tricky person. :s


Now finally made me boil over.


Could you please discuss what I suggested or have you already decided that your opinion is the "right one", I'm not once again saying that you think you're the ruler of the world. It just seems like that when you won't bring up the things I said. smile.gif

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@Akiiryu, I said you were doing your job as a moderator. if you haven't noticed it I'm arguing your way of doing it. smile.gif

As is your right. However, its not your right to attack me. Nor is it your right to ignore forum rp rules and then critcise those who pull you up on it. I must admit I am surprised, a debate was opened up on this sometime ago and my actions got complete support. I also surprised by the fact you acknowledge that most people support me but you're gunna have a go at me anyway.



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So I can't attack you because you have some support?


Do you understand how stupid that sounds? 90% of the people like me, but 10% doesn't, ah screw them... blink.gif


Your completely avoiding the topic, why?


I will take this question again:


have you already decided that your opinion is the "right one"?

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@Tag: I am not flaming any one and I am completely cool.


@S. That is not what I said and I say again, please stop the personal attacks. My point was, the vast majority of people don't seem to think there is a problem and despite acknowledging that you have still decided to attack me repeatedly (and quite rudely). My Mod post are blunt both because as a mod I am trying to be to the point, and because I have very little time. I am sorry if this offends you or makes you think I'm arrogant (it is not my intention to, nor am I - ask Rek). Indeed I want to stress NOTHING I EVER SAY IS NASTY OR A PERSONAL ATTACK ON THE PLAYER I AM QUESTIONING. All I do is ask players to respect reality and the rules.


Finally the sad thing is S., I am not the first Mod here to be labelled arrogant or personally attacked for enforcing the rules/reality. May be all of us need to think about that.

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I haven't continued the personal attacks. I'm asking you a question, apparently you can't answer it.


This has nothing to do with:

the vast majority of people don't seem to think there is a problem
There are still some people that think this is a problem, but don't they count aswell? I though that you should respect everyone. Not just the majority.


Why can't you try to work out a solution with me?

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I haven't continued the personal attacks. I'm asking you a question, apparently you can't answer it.


This has nothing to do with:

the vast majority of people don't seem to think there is a problem
There are still some people that think this is a problem, but don't they count aswell? I though that you should respect everyone. Not just the majority.


Why can't you try to work out a solution with me?

Actually, you've just dropped another backhanded insult there, but no matter.


S. Yes, you do matter, but here is the thing, the vast majority of players play by the rules and when you break the rules you hurt them. I have to make a call at sometimes and when I do so it is for the good of the majority. I realise this may annoy you and I am sorry about that, but that's just the way it is. I might also add, I was never saying it was about the quote you pulled...my point was, as I have repeatedly said, your criticisms and attacks came as a surprise given when I ask this question 2 weeks ago all I got was support (and you, I believe stayed quiet).


I am still waiting to hear what you sloution would be.

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OK, we clearly lost the level of facts and are now on the personal level, Suverina attacking, Akiiryu defending.


This leads nowhere.


Perhaps both of you could explain, what this is all about and the rest of us (especially the mods, which btw I am also one of) can decide what to do...

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I have NEVER questioned your right to do your job. ONCE AGAIN it's HOW you do it. The probably easiest solution is that you change your way of telling things like that.


What you said:

MOD COMMENT: Locked. S. You need to get agreement from other players before launching attacks. Furthermore, given the large numbers of PK troops in the region (not to mention Ide and the DFF) and the fact they are on high alert after your hostile moves during the election any crossing of the DMZ would have been detected. Moreover, both Rek and Aki have stated they would deal with any "invasion" of S. forces with force. In other words your choppers would have been warned and then shot down. Yes. Shot down. If you're going to launch a full scale attack you will come into in conflict with two alliances (including one of which you are a member) - this isn't really realistic. I will unlock this when we have had an ooc discussion.


How you could have said it:


S. Have you thought over this thing completely? It's usually good if you discuss attacks with the other player first. Wouldn't your troops get noticed while attacking?? Both. Rek and me have stated our forces would deal with any "invasion" of S. forces with force. I want to discuss the whole thing with you in the OOC thread. Let's see if we can work this out. smile.gif

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@Tam. While I can't and won't speak for S. I am not defending, nor am I getting personal. I have insulted no one (nor will I ever), rather I explained my position, as S. has requested. However, you're right, this is going nowhere.


@S. Frankly, and please don't get me wrong here, I don't see how this is offensive. Blunt maybe, offensive no. I stated the problems (rule breach and lack of realism) and explained why it was a problem based on the earlier role play.


Oh, and I never said you were questioning my "right" to do my job. What I said was I was surprised that you didn't voice your concerns 2 weeks ago.

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Right, I see the situation like this:


Suverina, you are sort of bringing down a very large conflict onto your head, attempting to fight not only Akiiryu, which has some very powerful friends, as well as members of your own alliance, which is kind of shooting yourself in the IC foot, as it would leave you very isolated. I respect that you want to have a nice little war RP, but this would be ended very quickly by three of the most powerful (militarily) nations in Europa. Always a bad move, eh? tongue.gif


There have been a couple of other things which have happened which have stuck in some people's throats, mainly the lack of resistance to attacks by your military. In most cases, it happened too long ago for any amendments to happen now, but the taking prisoner of Rekamgilian forces can only happen with his permission. Plus, it is also a very silly move on your nation's part, as all hell would very quickly break loose.


I must also ask you to treat Moderators with respect, as they are here to enforce the rules. You may disagree with the decisions they make, but you will have to accept them. They have been given their positions as they are respected by the community on these boards and do know what they are talking about.


I also suspect that this attacking/defending/whatever statements really will end up just an operation in splitting hairs. What Akiiryu said in his statement he may consider not offensive whilst you do will only result in a nice cyclical argument which doesn't benefit anyone.


PS. I?m also going to move this jolly thread to the OOC section.

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Tag, your bringing up thing in the wrong thread, this thread is about Aki's way of making his job, not my war.


I would also find it REALLY unrealistic if nations attacked me if I were attacking a "nation" within my own nation that even isn't recognized by anyone!

Well, well. Let's keep that in the "right" theard in the future. Shall we?


I must also ask you to treat Moderators with respect,


I think that everyone is equal no matter title or rang. When I feel that people respect me I'll respect them. Mutual repsect some people might call it..

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Goddamnit. I'm increasingly exasperated by this whole thing. sad.gif


I've not been following either topic religiously, so I'm really acting by what I've seen here or abouts.


I sort of agree with you on the respect thing. Or at least I would were I not in a position of power here tongue.gif


What I'm getting at is that the RP Mods are basically the referees in a football match. Once people start treating them badly, things do tend to fall apart. You may think the discission a referee takes in a match is the wrong one when he takes it against your team, but you must accept it, whether you consider it right or wrong.


Admittedly, the situation, in RP terms at least, does tend to blur when the Mod is RPing with you.


EDIT: Uhhh... do you want me to move my other comments into the actual OOC thread?

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