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A new country joins this large continent.

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I am not richer than most romanian, here the computers are geting cheaper and almost everyone can afford one, i belive that in the near future the PC will end up as common as the tv. A litlle problem could be the internet but here in the capital it's spreading like mushrooms after rain. 2-thumbup.gif

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Clicking on issues is basically it, NationStates wise.


I suspect you've noticed the whole Role-Play section, as well as other parts of this board.


In the roleplay section, most people roleplay as their nation, or armed forces or a citizen from their nation, and use the statistics generated by their nation to come up with the statistics or characteristics of their role-play nation.


The roleplay keeps me interested in NationStates, as does the community here.


We also have relations with other regions, but this is not a role-play thing.


The Government, General and other sections aren't part of the role-play of the region.

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