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One Of These Days, I should Introduce Myself

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Hello, there!


Despite joining this board in Dec. 2004, and joining NS long before that, I don't believe I've introduced myself yet! So, what took me so long? Well, uh, would you believe my country has just recently lifted its isolationist policy? Eh? What kind of isolated country is a member of the UN? Hey, my country is a federation of 9 states. We have 8 official languages, 4 national birds, and recognize 3 genders. We'd be lucky to get some sort of consistant solidarity in our policies.


Better late than never, right? So, I look forward to getting to know other nations and forming lasting alliances.

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Thank you for your welcomes.


Despite my join date, I've only lurked here a few times, so I might as well be considered a newbie. I hope to start some sort of RP topics soon. I'll probably do a news topic on Petarus first until I get the feel for interacting with other countries.


I hope I don't go to war... I have no military!

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I'm afraid i don't. But I've got some other items. smile.gif


Check it out!



If you also want to i can offer you som REALLY cheap assualtrifles. smile.gif Although that depends on what quality you're out for.


Edit: I see that you have no defencebudget, but we can always trade for something else than money. Don't worry.

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If you want quality, you'd do no better than to check out Tagmatine Imperial Armouries. A wide range of small arms is available, from the more conventional weapons to Tagmatium's uniquely calibred assault rifles. We also sell grenade launchers and flame-throwers, as well as several submachine guns and pistols.

Please post in this thread if you wish to purchase anything.

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Miiros didn't have any military, he didn't have it for long though. tongue.gif


Petarus, if you need tp purchase something military give me a call. I like you so you might get some discount. tongue.gif

I was talking about US... sorry Miiros, I don't think you're a nutjob wink.gif


IJ Air Systems


The best place to go for aircraft in Europa!

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Damn you Ide!!!!!!!!!! He's my costumer!!!!! angry.gifangry.gifangry.gif


*Starts beating angrily on the computer and surounding furnitures*




Edit for Petarus: Ide Jima might have some nice airplanes but you shouldn't buy from his nation. It's a bad and evil nation, you don't want to finance that. yes.gif

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... Must... get... customers... ninja.gif




I would just like to take the opportunity to point out that Suverina has opted to back Haken Rider - a nation that props up oppressive regimes to meet its own ends.

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Yeah, my defense budget is lacking. Well, my education, law & order, and environment rocks. You want teachers?


And no, I don't understand Portugese, sorry. I'm not even European!


EDIT: Oops, didn't know there were two pages... haha!


Um.. 'll, uh, be doing a bit of shopping..., For the best deals, of course.

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