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Elections in Tamurin

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


Today the official election campaigns began throughout the country. The President and the Parliament will be re-elected on June 1st, 2006 (OOC: real date, so it's in one month).


The candidates for the presidency are:


- Hermann Leonhardt

51 years old, member of the progressive party. He is an "Orientalist", meaning that his political agenda is the oriental coastal region. He prefers ties to the regional nations and wishes to establish a political union of the eastern coast. In terms of internal politics he stands between liberals and conservatives. His agenda is a "conservatism with heart".


- Josef Zwick

47 years old, member of the liberal party. He is a "Continentalist", meaning that he prefers Tamurin to establish ties with the continental nations. Europa, a region of free trade and no political unions or barriers is his vision. Internal, he is a full-hearted liberal, trusting in the mechanisms of free market.


- J?rgen Axmann

55 years old, member of the social-democrats. He is neither Orientalist nor Continentalist and would like to be Tamurin the "gateway" for the continent to reach the Orient and vice-versa. Internal, he is a left-leaning liberal, trusting in the free market, but trying to secure it with social policies and extensive welfare programs.




The parliament candidates:


- The Traditional party ("old conservatives")

Right-wing party, democrats, free market, "party of the rich"

- The Progressive party ("new conservatives")

Right-Center-party, democrats, free market, "party of the middle people"

- The Liberals

Center party, democrats, extreme free market, "party of the economy"

- The social-democrats

Center-Left-party, democrats, reduced free market, "party of the small people"

- The socialists

Left party, democrats and soviet democrats, no free market, self-proclaimed worker's party

- The Union of the North

Far right-wing, anti-democrats, free market, old imperialists and fascists

- The Greens

Center, democrats, ecologial free market, "nature party"



The current polls are:


Leonhardt: 22 %

Zwick: 34 %

Axmann: 42 %


Traditional: 11 %

Progressive: 17 %

Liberal: 20 %

Social-democrats: 16 %

Socialists: 8 %

Union of the North: 11 %

Green: 7 %

Others: 10 %



We will keep you informed and publish the weekly polls.

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


Candidates present their visions for Tamurin's foreign policy


Today the candidates for presidency presented their visions and programs for Tamurin's foreign policy in the future.


Hermann Leonhardt explained his "Orient first" policy.

"The oriental coastal nations are natural friends and partners in terms of trade and military defense. It is us who control the eastern seas and cooperation is necessary in today's global economy. Also, military aid can end the rising piracy in the south and ensure peace for our nations. Any aggressor whoever he/she might be wouldn't dare attacking a united orient."


J?rgen Axmann laid out his vision of the "neutral gateway".

"We can't say that the eastern nations are better or worse than the continental nations. We need to invite all of them to Tamurin. Pre-war Tamurin had a history of armed neutrality and was a trusted and accepted neutral place to settle disputes and to trade. This should be once more the case.

To get there, Tamurin will, under my leadership, try to establish a european free trade union."


Josef Zwick, the continentalist, surprised with very direct measures.

"Tamurin is a continental nation, if you agree or not. So, our best policy is the one that nature dictates us - a non-aggression pact with the Alliance and steps toward a associated status within the Alliance. Tamurin under Josef Zwick will walk this path - embracing the Alliance, the strongest Alliance this region has ever seen. The Alliance will ensure peace and security."


How the polls will react to this we will see next weekend. So far, none of the european nations have reacted to these statements.

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Our nation would like to salute Tamurin for this extra step toward democracy and sovereignity in Europa, and we would also like to show our support for Leonhardt?s ideas. We, as an eastern nation, would be glad to live in unity and friendship with Tamurin.




OOC: Nice idea, Deltannia. Emakera is a left-wing nation who is finally embracing capitalism fully. We are supporting Leonhardt because we?re an oriental nation as well, and we need as most support and friends as possible.

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(OOC: Thanks for the reactions! Maybe this could become an interesting "election-campaign"-roleplay!)


---- Voice of the Republic ----


Emakera supports Leonhardt's vision of "Orient First" - Axmann favored by Suverina - Zwick without foreign support


First statements from our neighbours in Europa are out, and they're read with huge interest.


Emakera supports Leonhardt's vision of the "Orient First"-politics. Being an oriental nation itself, Emakera would like to see a President Leonhardt establishing an oriental union of nations. Leonhardt's speaker said, that this was proof that this kind of foreign policy would bear fruits.


J?rgen Axmann announced today: "The great nation of Suverina showed today, that a neutral "gateway" Tamurin would be appreciated by our neighbours in our great region. We are following the right path!"


Josef Zwick on the other hand didn't defend himself, he counter-attacked: "Only those who have sharp and pointy arguments and visions create such reactions. The heavier the wind blows in my face, the more power my vision has. Only the ones not doing anything have no critics.

Suverina clearly is no future partner for us and Axmann's statements are only a sign of despair...that he relies on the word of Suverina to win is just sad!"


Polls are in movement, that is clear. The candidates' parties have also gained and lost many possible votes over that. We will inform you with the next poll on the weekend.

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Statement to the people of Tamurin by the Suverinian primeminister:


"Tamurin is a great nation and we respect it. We would hate a such nice and competent people go down the "wrong" path. Tamurin under the lead of Axmann would be a great friend of Suverina. We know that with Axmann Tamurin would become even greater than it is. We would also like to make special arguments against Zwick. He seems to be a stupid imperialist that would bring great suffer to the people of Tamurin. "

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Tamurin


Deltannia applauds Tamurin's democratic ideals and processes. Deltannia believes that Mr. Axmann's approach to foreign and domestic policy is the best for Europa and Tamurin respectively. Deltannia hopes that the parliament with uphold a primarily centrist standpoint, possibly leaning slightly right or left, to maintain stability within your nation.


Deltannian Council

Deltannian Senate




OOC: Deltannia is a centrist nation, sometimes centrist-left, rarely centrist-right in its vieews, if that influences anything. Good to know some background, so that it all fits it. Compromise!

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Tagmatica Guardian

Tagmatium?s Premier Newspaper

Elections in Tamurin


A lot of interest has turned to the elections in the southern nation of Tamurin. This is the second presidential election in the United Republic since the death of Hartman. President Hartman was one of the most respected statesmen in Europan history, leading his nation to victory against the Imperialists in the Second Tamurin Civil War, as well as sending Tamurin forces to support the loyalist forces in Tagmatium in the Civil War, a move which undoubtedly gave the loyalists victory against the Conservative League of Tagmatium.


The three main presidential candidates in the Tamurin election are Hermann Leonhardt, who wishes to establish more cooperation between the eastern Europan nations, in a policy which is called ?Orientalist?. The second candidate Josef Zwick is more of a ?Continentalist?, and wants more free trade and open borders. The final presidential candidate is J?rgen Axmann is a social democrat, and wants Tamurin to become the ?gateway to the Orient?.


From the latest polls, Axmann is in the lead with 42%, whilst Zwick is closely behind with 34%. Leonhardt lags at the back of the pack with just 22%.


Axmann is the candidate most favoured by public opinion in the Greater Holy Empire, where a more left-wing candidate is bound to find support amongst the general population. His policies would also see the United Republic play a similar role to the one it has played in Europa for the past hundred years or so, since the defeat of the last Tamurin Emperor, Jacob Menelassar III, in the First Tamurin Civil War almost 100 years ago. This would suit the Greater Holy Empire and allow it to pursue the same relations with Tamurin.


The least liked candidate is Zwick. He proposes a much closer relationship with the Alliance, indeed, he wishes to become a member of that organisation. Whilst the Greater Holy Empire knows that any nation is free to choose its allies, such a move would indeed sadden the people of Tagmatium. The Alliance contains the four nations which Tagmatium has the worst relations with, including Ide Jima which was once one of the Imperial Government?s closest allies. Tamurin has been closely associated with these nations since the days of the now defunct Central Peninsular Alliance, but it is also a nation that is regarded by most Tagmatines as the saviour of Tagmatium in its hour of need. A move towards the mostly-hostile Alliance would drive a wedge between the two nations and undoubtedly sour relations.


Out of the Parliamentary parties, the one that is most favoured is the Social-Democratic party, as it can be seen to have policies that closely mirror that of Tagmatium. It does, however, lag behind in the polls, well behind the Liberal Party?s 20%. The Social Democrats hold 16% of the vote.


The far-right Union of the North holds 11% of the vote, something which has spread concern through those monitoring the situation in Tamurin. A victory for the Union of the North would undo all of the work performed by the late President Hartman.

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OOC: Is that how it reads, does it?


Damn, it's not supposed to be. That post needs editting, then. I'll have to do it later...


EDIT: No, it isn't state-owned, but I'm feeling too lazy to re-write that post. Could be a government-produced article that was slipped in, or something...

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


Presidential candidate J?rgen Axmann with widespread support throughout Europa


J?rgen Axmann, social-democrat and presidential candidate, can back his campaign with widespread support of european nations. Governments and peoples of Tagmatium and Deltannia are favoring him as new presidential candidate, as he could preserve Tamurin's role of a neutral gateway to Europa, but also open the country for relations with nations that didn't have close contact with Tamurin yet.


Axmann: "As a president, I could lead Tamurin into the position of regional moderator. Nations could come to us and solve their problems, because they could rely on us being a neutral and fair partner for both sides."


Axmann's campaign is going well, while progressive candidate Hermann Leonhardt seems to lose votes. Josef Zwick's campaign has changed and is trying to polarize between Josef Zwick as "defender of national interests" and J?rgen Axmann as "tool of foreign nations". Leonhardt's moderate position between that makes him weak for such an election battle and his "orientalist" foreign policy loses support among the population.


Josef Zwick: "This clearly shows, that Axmann is a tool of the foreign nations which try to use us to solve their problems. We would import foreign problems into our country. Instead of this we should make Tamurin safer - joining the Alliance is the only way!"

He also added: "To push me close to the Union is an insult! Tagmatium should watch what its press releases! Just because a member of the Alliance was former enemy of the current regime of Tagmatium doesn't make me an Imperialist!"



In the parliament election some movement has occured this week.

The Union of the North and the Traditionalists have surprised everyone by making a formal pact - if they have a majority they'll try to form the new government. This could mean, that the Traditionalists change their opinion the presidential election and support Zwick instead of Leonhardt.


This move pushed the progressive party, which opposed an alliance with the Union very strongly, towards the "center block" of greens and social-democrats. But since the progressive Leonhardt is an oponent of the social-democrat Axmann, it's doubted very much that the progressive party could join the "center block". Together, the three parties could gain as much as 40 % of the votes according to latest polls.


Still alone are the Liberals with their candidate Josef Zwick. Some liberals have said, that Zwick's nationalistic campaign differs from their political point of view. This has put the liberals into the awkward position, that their candidate is favored by the far-right Union and Traditionalists, while the right-wing Leonhardt finds his support in the political center.

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Official Statement from the Executor of the Free City of Miiros


The Free City is pleased to see that our dear neighbor and hopefully friend is upholding a wonderful system of democracy. We are very excited about a Mr. Hermann Leonhardt's candidacy and platform and the Free City would like Tamurin to know that through his vision, the sunrise nations will flourish together as allies and wonderful friends. The Orient is not just a region, but a community of nations and we should all work together to be good neighbors and friends.


Although our hopes for a Leonhardt-Tamurin are high, Miiros is very concerned with the candidacy of Mr. Josef Zwick, who seemingly desires to place a void between Miirosi and Tamurinian. Instead of bringing about peace and cooperation in the east, he would plant the seeds of distrust and anxiety.


Mr. J?rgen Axmann's views are rather strange to Miiros, however, we feel as though Tamurin would still be in better hands as opposed to Mr. Zwick.


No matter the result, Miiros will gladly praise the democracy of Tamurin, our neighbor.


Executor Andrea deVries

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The Imperial government wishes to extend its formal endorsement of the Presidential candidate J?rgen Axmann in the upcoming election, and the endorsement of the Social Democrats and Liberals as the parties for election to Parliament. We beleive that a Centre-Left coalition will be most conducive (SP?) to the future of the region, and Tamurin as a whole.


Prime Minister Ralli wishes the very best of luck to all candidates in the upcoming elections, in the spirit of democracy that permeates across our region and strengthens us all.

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(OOC: I haven't forgotten about this, I was just really-really sick...)


----Voice of the Republic----


New polls: Decisive changes!


Presidential elections:

Leonhardt: 17 % (-5 %)

Zwick: 40 % (+6 %)

Axmann: 41 % (-1 %)


Parliament elections:

Traditional: 17 % (+6)

Progressive: 15 % (-2)

Liberal: 23 % (+3)

Social-democrats: 16 % (--)

Socialists: 5 % (-3)

Union of the North: 16 % (+5)

Green: 4 % (-3)

Others: 4 % (-6)



Despite all foreign support, J?rgen Axmann lost one percent in comparison to last week's poll. "Orientalist" Leonhardt lost so much that it seems like he has no chance of winning the election at all. All-out winner of the week is "Continentalist" Josef Zwick, who is just one percent behind Axmann.


"This clearly shows that the real Tamurinians still know what's best for their country", Zwick said after the numbers were released. "I will continue on my course and we will win this!"


Leonhardt hasn't lost his spirit: "This is a set-back, but if you change a few numbers, then everything is still possible." To the latest support from Miiros: "I appreciate that my ideas are well received by our neighbors. This gives me hope!"


Axmann was a little disappointed: "I had hoped that the foreign support, especially the newest from Rhomanoi, would persuade more of the voters. Apparently, it will take some more effort."



In the parliament elections, a sensation is about to happen: Nearly all moderate parties lost in the lastest poll. Again, Josef Zwick's campaign-strategy of polarization has paid off - and if these numbers were the result, he would have a total supportive parliament. On sunday afternoon, Zwick's liberals officially formed an election alliance with the Traditionalists and the extremist Union of the North. Together, these three parties have (according to the latest poll) 56 % of the votes.


"The 'Zwick-Alliance' as it is called in public is bound by the principles of free market, security and nationhood." Zwick said. "We will do what is necessary to put this country back on the road to success and security."


If this tendency is stable, Josef Zwick could be one of the rare presidents that have a supportive parliament behind him and that means that he could govern without caring about the opposition.

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Prince and Baronic Council Invite Presidential Candidate Zwick to Akiiryu


In what seems to be a move to show their support for Josef Zwick's candidacy for President of Tamurin, the Prince and Baronic Council of the Sublime Principate invited Zwick to Nimraci to discuss his the prospects for increased trade and cooperation his Continentalist policies offer for Tamurin and Akiiryu. Noting that Zwick's policy of "Continentalism" would further develop the close ties that have exist between Akiiryu and Tamurin 1st Minister, the Baron T'Nith, stated that the Prince and the Baronic Council were "looking forward to discussing Mr. Zwick's vision with him in greater depth."

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Tagmatica Guardian

Tagmatium?s Premier Newspaper

New Round of Polls in Tamurin


A new round of polls in Tamurin has substantially changed the race for the Presidency of the United Republic.


The biggest winner in the polls is the right-wing Continentalist, Josef Zwick, who now just 1% behind the current leader in the polls, J?rgen Axmann, who has 41% of the vote. The third runner, Orientalist Hermann Leohardt, who is now so far behind in the polls that there is almost no chance of him winning it, which comes as a disappointment to many centrist and moderate nations in Europa, as well as those voters across Tamurin.


The recent polls show an interesting shift to the right in Tamurinian politics, one which will no doubt please the members of the Alliance far more than either of the two more ?left-wing? pacts, the Commonwealth of Independent States and the League of the Treaty. Zwick has already been invited to visit the Sublime Principate of Akiiryu, showing the support the Continentalist has amongst the Alliance nations.


In the Parliamentary polls, the more hard-line right-wing parties have been shown to be the gainers in the last round of elections. The two parties, the Union of the North and the Traditionalist Conservatives, are now the two biggest parties, the former getting 16% of the vote, and the latter 17%. These have also joined forces with Zwick?s Liberals (23% of the vote), making a coalition group with an almost unassailable 56%. This gives Zwick huge support throughout the United Republic, and gives any left-wing Tamurin another nail in its coffin.


A win for Zwick would see an end to Tamurin?s century-old policy of ?armed neutrality?, as it is dragged kicking and screaming into the murky world of factionalised politics in Europa, as the close bond between Tamurinians and Tagmatines are shattered by the jackboots of the Alliance.


It has been rumoured that the Imperial Government, desperate to see the Orientalist candidate, Axmann, win and is considering aping the SPA?s move and invite him to a state visit of Tagmatium, although most are unsure as to what this may hope to achieve.


OOC: Urgh, a bit of a confused post.

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Ide Jiman President Announces Support for Josef Zwick


Today the Ide Jiman presidential office released a statement giving the support of the Ide Jiman people to mr. Zwick. The statement praised the policies held by Zwick, referring to them as 'A step in the right direction' - it was later revealed that no pun was intended.


The statement offered financial support to Mr. Zwick's campagning, and encouraged the presidential candidate, saying that 'A Tamurin under Zwick could lead only to a safer world for us all'.

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Rhomanoi's paper of record


Realignment in Tamurin election causes concern in Konstantinopoli


The latest poll reports in Tamurin have placed the favoured candidate of the government, Mr Axmann, with just a one-point lead over his Continentalist main rival, Mr Josef Zwick, in the election. Further to this, a series of parties have formed a coalition for the Parliamentary elections based around what one government source called a 'pro-Zwick bloc'.


The news is seen as being positive by the opposition Conservative Nationals, as it indicates a high chance a further shift to the right in Europan politics, but the Liberal-Green government is much more cautious. In her weekly press conference, Prime Minister Ralli expressed some discomfort about this move, especially in regards to her planned 'Oriental Alliance'.


This discomfort is seen as being contrary to the opinions of the Emperor, who is beleived to personally favour Mr Zwick for the Presidency. The conflict of opinions between Prime Minister and Emperor will be the first real test of the new constitution, and a real test of Parliaments' resolve on foreign policy issues.


Where this issue will lead Rhomanoi politics remains to be seen, but it is the opinion of this editor that the result of the election, if it goes against the Prime Minister, may cause a policy rethink within government, and lead to a strengthening of ties with other nations, especially Tagmatium.


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---- Voice of the Republic ----


Josef Zwick invited to Akiiryu - support from Ide Jima as well


Presidential candidate Josef Zwick is invited for a state visit in Akiiryu this week (OOC: I assume?). The Sublime Principate announced that it would be quite content with a President Zwick.


Also, the nation of Ide Jima demonstrated its support for Josef Zwick, noting that he could create a more secure Europa.


"This clearly shows who our real friends are!" Zwick said in a speech today. "Only the nations with a true and strong heart know what value security and strength have. Now we know two more of them." He added: "Akiiryu was always a strong and powerful nation, helping us in our most crucial moments. Now we will honour this help by joining the Alliance."


Polls indicate, that Zwick's tendency upwards is still going. Axmann and Leonhardt are now behind him and their parties as well.


The campaign strategists of both candidates are right now working on new strategies. It seems that they've underestimated the fact that most Tamurinians nowadays don't know where they country stands and who its allies are.


"Don't give up on us, we're still here fighting!" said a politician from the progressive party who didn't want to be named.


"It's not like we're alone." a politician from the social-democrats mentioned. "Axmann has large support all over Europa and the latest newspaper reports from Tagmatium and Rhomanoi show that again. Just because Zwick has now found two, I repeat: two nations to support him, doesn't mean that all is lost."


"We still have our trump cards." a member of the socialists said. "Don't count us out too early."

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Imperial Press Statement


The Imperial Government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium is pleased to announce that it extends its hand of welcome to the Tamurinian Presidential candidate, J?rgen Axmann.


He is invited to Tagmatium in order to meet with the Imperial Government to discuss any trade or economic agreements that may come about between the two nations if Axmann wins the presidency, as well as an improved relationship between Tagmatium and Tamurin and all of the benefits that may come from this.


The Imperial Government fully endorses the ?Gateway? policy of Presidential Candidate Axmann, and hopes that this will lead to a stronger Tamurin, a stronger Orient and a stronger Europa. The internal policies of Axmann will also lead to a much better way of life for the average Tamurinian, something that cannot be considered a ?bad thing? by any nation in Europa. The Greater Holy Empire would be honoured to do business with a United Republic led by such a man.


A continuation of the neutrality traditionally held by Tamurin would also be an advantage, keeping the United Republic up above the level of the pact-nations. An extension in the pact system in Europa would only lead to a further destabilisation of the region, and send Europa once again heading down the steps to war. A non-aligned Tamurin would also reap the benefits of being able to trade with every nation in these pacts.


Tagmatium also extends the invitation to delegations from the Social Democrat Parliamentary Party and the Green Parliamentary Party, although if they wish to attend at different times this will be acceptable. The Greater Holy Empire wishes to see how it would be able to cooperate with these parties if they get into power, and how common ground in trade, economics and the environment can be found.

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TV (OOC: comparable to CNN, but than based in Haken Rider)



Tonight in Poll we talk about the upcoming elections in Tamurin.


Goodleaf, you've been one of the best HR diplomat in the previous century and are the present ambassador to Koku, how come the Tamurin elections are such a big issue troughout Europa?

Goodleaf: Well, first of all, you should know that there are in fact little truly democratic nations in the region. Most of them are ruled by a benevolant dictator. Now Tamurin is something special. It's not only a very big player, it's also an extremely democratic one, which, and here it comes, is completely in the hands of a large mass of flip-floppers, who can choose between strong candidates with even strong contradicting views. This will make it very hard for Tamurin to make any continuity within it's foreign policy over time.

Yes, the foreign aspect, let's talk about that one. This has the potential to rock the present relationships of Tamurin. Many nations are lobbying for their favored candidate. It seems that with this Zwick character, the liberal candidate, there are going to be the most changes.

Goodleaf: True. Let's be blunt about this. If he gets elected, this can hurt the reputation of Tamurin.


Well, you could see that he is frowned upon by most Europan nations. In fact, I think it will isolate the nation. Even by his so adored Alliance nations.

That seems to be a rather biased statement, anything that can support such a claim?

Goodleaf: You need to know about the structure of the Alliance. It's a blood pact, a band of brothers... and they don't trust outsiders. Noticed how long we needed to wait to hear a reaction fromout the Alliance-side? They are militairized nations, butting in everywhere, good, bad, as long it fits their needs. While Tamurin is a political nation, completely the opposite of the opressive regimes Zwick admires. His idea of free market are totally outdated and can do the economy great harm. Frankly I don't think the Tamurins know what they are getting themselves in too and when they do, it will probably be too late.

You expect a victory for Zwick?

Goodleaf: That's what I assume. And when that happens, I can only take comfort in the fact that I can see of my theory works out. You know, I believe the Tamurin population should enjoy their last time of democratic expression.

Are you saying that there will be no more elections after this? That Zwick will turn the nation into a dicatatorship?

Goodleaf: It would be a bit extreme, but consider this: when he affiniates with the Alliance, he must take in consideration the democratic needs of his voters. The Alliance however, is not democratic and they never will cave in to those values. As soon Zwick realises this, he stands without a foreign policy. The only way to keep his power, is to postpone elections as long as possible.

If that's true, than why is he becoming so popular?

Goodleaf: Tamurins are tired of others telling them how to vote. He made a smart move with those emotions. It made him look like an underdoug.

That positionhas been taken over by Leonhardt, who is the ultimate compromise between the two extremes. You still see a chance in him winning the elections after all?

Goodleaf: Certainly, you can never tell with a Tamurin. At the moment there are so many things happening, that they can get tired and just vote for the in-between option.

Our recent poll stated that most Riderians support Axmann, the leading candidate. With this, our citizens follow the opinion of most in the region.

Goodleaf: He follows the believes of neutral isolation of the old government, which appears to be still popular. I support the idea of a free trade union. Our nation is in one, like many won't know, together with the other League of the Treaty-nations and it has benficed our economy very well. We are one of the most powerful economies in Europa and this is greatly due this free trade zone. Also the welfare program, I don't see how an average man can vote against that.

It will cost much, for one. A nation can't afford to have a large standing army and an expensive welfare program at the same time. And during this uncertain times, the first one isn't a unnecessairy luxury.

Goodleaf: I'm a diplomat, not a general nor an econmist. But I can tell you this: there are many means to win a war, none is by fighting. You've seen the news? About the Tinian casualties in the bombing? It weren't our soldiers that put those bandages around their arms, that stopped their bleeding and that sew them back together. It were our doctors. Our welfare.

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People's Federation Statement


The Prime Minister, Julia Coleman, has announced she is pledgine support for Tamurin's presidential candidate J?rgen Axmann. After Polls throughout Adaptus, it is seen that J?rgen Axmann is favored amoung the Adapton People, another reason to why Julia is placeing her support in this way.


Axmann shears the same views as our current government, and as so the people of Adaptus. he is a people's person, and thats how we like it in Adaptus. Mrs Coleman has announced she would like to give her best wishes to Axmann, and other candidates for the up and comeing election. She has also stated, she would like to think about the opening of trade between the two nations, with Axmann, and hopefuly open a gate which has never been opend before.

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In a press statement today, Chairman of the Executive Council of Ravenhelm, Mr. M. Zanthe, expressed his support for Tamurin's J?rgen Axmann. "Tamurin is a nation known for its credibility, dependability, and overall neutrality. Mr. Axmann is the ideal candidate for the position, and his leadership over Tamurin would serve only to strengthen his nation's fine reputation," said the CEC. He would give no further comments.


It was made known that the CEC himself shipped a dozen bottles of Ravenhelm's finest wine, Lacryma Bianco, to Axmann. Chairman Zanthe has recently been rumored to have an alleged personal friendship with Axmann, but when questioned, he said nothing.

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T'Rothric looked over the reports on his table regarding how other nations were reacting to Akiiryu's invitation to Candidate Zwick and laughed. He found the obviously staged piece of propaganda from Haken Rider especially funny, at least the Tagamatines tried to make their "editorials" objective. He took a sip of wine and turned to the Baron T'Ka who was staring out a window.


"Well, we've certianly stirred things up haven't we?"


T'Ka snorted


"By the Stag! If I have to hear one more Riderian yelp about democracy, I'll go and sort them out on Tinian myself!"


T'Rothric laughed again.


"Yes, those Riderians do have a rather, well, selective memory."


"Selective, selective! By the Beast's frozen maw! Two of their damned closest allies are far from democratic! Why by all in Hella don't they go and lecture those governments for a while? Stupid childskins!"


T'Ka shook his head and continued, "So what are we going to do?"


T'Rothric smiled.






'Well, the Baronic Council will meet with Zwick and discuss his policies and explore trade possibilities if he were elected. While his election would be advantageous for us, we're not about to pin all our hopes on him. When you allow the common people to select their leaders they often chose rashy. Zwick would be the logical choice for a strong and wealthy Tamurin, but I doubt many of the Tamurinians will realise this simple fact. As the Baronic Council would like to have a decent working relationship with whatever government that gets elected we'll send representatives to meet with the other candidates as well. Nothing underhand, we'll inform Zwick, and I am sure he will see the intelligence of the move. This way the Principate will look far more impartial than many of his opponents supporters. We'll leave making political enemies of potential presidents of Tamurin to other states. Indeed, The Riderians and the Tagmatines seem to be most proficient at that kind of thing."


T'Ka snorted.


T'Rothric smiled and continued, "Burn no bridges my friend, burn no bridges."


"Unless, of course, a Riderian's crossing it at the time."


"Yes, well, I shall have to debate that point of philosphy with you at another time."


OOC: Sorry, not the best I've written, but I'm just trying to show that Akiiryan politics are not as 'club' like as many might think. I have also edited this to make it flow better.

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