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Nuclear power plant destroyed

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OOC: This entire thing was deleted. Tried to remake, but the original was good....


"Hey, check this out."


"What is it?"


"The comm array's down."


"What? It was just fixed. Maintenance is not going to be happy."


"Not at all. Get Management, they'll want to know..."


"Alright, I'll get them, but next time you're going."




"Hmmmm, what's with the screen?"


"Not sure, what is that?


"Doesn't look to good."


"Let me check something. Look there, at that. It's..... oh... my..."




"Great day for boating, isn't it dear?"


"Better than yesterday, still have my jacket soaked. Clear skies, a nice sea wind., out here with the kids. Nothing like it."


"Maybe we'll make it back north tonight?"




"Look there, dear. What's that?"


"Well, it looks like..."




*Deltannian News Network*


"We interrupt this program to bring you beaking news. The power plant on the island of Tralumena seems to have been destroyed. All contact was broken off several minutes ago. Located several miles off of Ankah, officials are looking into what caused this massive destruction..."




*Ankahn Market Center*


The financialists were watching the tickers and screens all day, like normal. The market center was smaller than the Deltan Stock Exchange, but was still big enough; Ankah had been around a long time. They were watching the prices rise and fall, the economy already in a state of instability still after the Civil War.


All of a sudden, the EU input from the Tralumena power plant began to drop steadily, then exponentially down to zero. That plant pushed a lot of power into Ankah's economy, as well as Delta on the whole. Since the power plants were already on overtime, trying to keep the EUs value inflated to help prop up the Dalium coin value, everything was already touchy. They all watched as the Dalium's value began to plummet, and the numbers across the board started to fluctuate...




"Red alert! Red alert! This is Admiral Tale, all ships mobilize. Repeat, all ships get on the move, now! Launch!"


"Admiral, what's going on?"


"Sir, my commanders have reported something big out on Tralumena. We've lost cotnact with a ship out there, and ships in the area reported a huge explosion on the island."




"Yes, sir. All ships are activating now."


"Very good, Admiral. Lieutenant!"


"Yes, sir."


"Get me a link with Admiral Grey, he will want to hear this....."






"Admiral Newcastle, what can I do for you?"


"There have been some disturbing reports about the island of Tralumena...."

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Official Inspector Alamein was on one of the several vessels forming a ring around the island of Tralumena. They were at the safest distance possible, considering the radiation from the area. Using the most advanced scanners and optical enhancers, he tried to get a sense of what happened.


"Complete damage everywhere, " he said to himself, taking notes. "Area buildings leveled, deforestation, no apparent survivors. Primary structure ruined, meltdown is apparent..."




*Deltannian News Network*


"Admiral Newcastle, what do you know about the incident so far?"


"We have naval and civilian inspectors at sea and in the air trying to discern this information. The radiation is still high, we are trying to fit a small team with high level radiation suits to land on the island, whether by watercraft or by airdrop, but drop is much harder. Until then, our best possible estimate was a core meltdown."


"Why was there no warning of this?"


"At the time, there was a communications failure with the mainland. No doubt they were trying to establish contact with us prior to the event. A low-level radio message was intercepted by a patrol ship in the area, and transmitted back. However, loss of information has occurred, and the patrol ship was deep within the radiate zone. No hope of survivors..."

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Inspector Alamein and several of his fellow comrades were finally dropped onto the island in heavy-radiation suits. They had a limited amount of time to conduct their studies before the ship would return, it had been allowed less time in the radiation than the inspectors.


"Nothing alive, as expected," he said into the voice recorder. "The primary center shows an unexpected reaction. The said explosion would have caused the building to collapse in a certain manner, Inspector Franton seems to agree with me that it is highly irregular. Will submit mission report soon."





Official Navy Inspector Alamein


.... explosion damaged the central structure in an unnatural manner .... suggested some form of attack ..... as support, the discovery of exploded missile fragments was undeniable ..... propose that Tralumena island was attacked by an unknown aggressor....




"We've got a link to the official report. They seem to suspect an attack."


"Idiot! I told you that we should have used a different method. What have they found?"


"Only a few fragments from the missile. Nothing big."


"Nothing big? Those few missile fragments will be our undoing! How long until we're prepared to leave?"


"We've got to pull everyone out. At least a week."


"Damn it! Well, lie low, then, well wait this out, and get out of here."

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