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Concert Season


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In Vocenae, summer is often known as the 'concert season', when hundreds of bands all across the nation break out of the cold winter hibernation period and bring music to the ears of the Vocian people. In the past this has been a Vocian only tradition, but this year many sponsors and even the government itself is encouraging foreign bands to come and enjoy the music and participate in many of the large multi-band concerts that take place throughout the country.


Since the winters are usually very fierce, late spring and early summer are really the only time young and old Vocians alike can get out and enjoy themselves without being miserably cold, and many are very eager to have fun before the winter comes again. The people are very receptive of anything that let's them get out of their homes and enjoy the warmer weather, so all foreign bands that wish to tour Vocenae will be welcomed with open arms.


Of course, all foreign bands will have to go trough custom to make sure they do not pose a threat to national security.


But feel free to list any bands from your respective countries that wish to take part in this season of dueling guitars and music loving crowds!

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Most of the concerts take place in the southern port cities of Celeste, Neeta, Poseidon, the central city of Indrini and the northern city of Elysia. The concerts usually run regularly from Late April to late August. Just be sure to bring your mosh pit gear!


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The Rekamgil Philharmonic Orchestra is willing to play a state concert in your capital. We realize that this is not really a "Mosh-Pit" drawing band, but the RPO is the pride of classical music lovers everywhere in Rekamgil. They will play the Vocenae festival free of charge of course.


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RPO French Horn Players in Action


Such a concert should please both music afficienados as well as many Vocenies who are not necessarily too keen on Rock music!


But of course, the government of Rekamgil has launched an advertising campaign to attract Rekamgil's young, up-and-coming rock bands, and we will send our three best bands interesting in attending.


user posted image

One of Rekamgil's Favourite Rock Bands Performs

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