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Troubles in Tiny Tinian

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The Port City of Hakbar
Haken Rider

Two black vehicles speeded to the docks. The escorting motorized police forced the usual traffic to move aside, something that's not an easy task during rush hour. The last of the two cars carried Sir Azer Polo, mayor of Hakbar. With him is his trusty advisor Edna Trut.

Mayor Polo: At night?

Advisor Trut: Yes, he arrived on an old fishing ship. He has a cold, but seems to be in good health all by all.

Mayor Polo: So tell me again why he is so important that I should miss my daily hairdresser appointment?

Advisor Trut: It's Pol Kettle, sir.

Mayor Polo: That's what you said on the phone. I'm supposed to know that guy?

Advisor Trut: He is the leader of Tinian.

Mayor Polo: Tinian? That godforsaken island before our coast? It has a leader?

Advisor Trut: They had one... that is, we don't know anything about the current situation. Kettle barely survived the coup.

Mayor Polo: Why exactly should I care what happens in a piece of land, that dares to call itself "nation" and has more sheep than inhabitants?

The door opened, a man in a black suit and matching sunglasses (although it is clouded and raining) showed his head. "We're here, sir."

When Sir Polo took his vest and briefcase, Trut quickly whispered "It's the Iranium, sir" in his ear and handed him a couple of papers. She proceeded by making some phone calls.

Soldiers were present everywhere, more busy than was usual for the Naval Force. The mayor followed some suits, while examining the papers. One gave some background one Tinian. He noticed it referred to Ide Jiman roots. Half of the page talked about the uranium deposits. Skipping to the next page, he learned more about uranium. Only around 0.72% of all natural uranium in Europa is uranium-235 and Tinian hold a large quantity of it, next to large deposits of the more common uranium. U-235 is used to generate a rapidly expanding fission chain reaction. The more technical information that followed was kind of lost on the man, but the last document made it clear: A governmental seal, "high priority" in big, red letters and the hand-written warning that the situation should remain stable and pro-Haken Rider, by all means. Signed: The HR Atomic Agency, Weapons Department.

The rain washed the ink for a large part away.

The group stopped in a hangar. A man approached the mayor: "Tinian is broadcasting its statement."


"Radio, sir" the man replied, on which a communication officer turned the volume up from a radio. The transmission was really bad, but the voice sounded self-assured. "I don't understand a word they're saying!".

"That's because it's in some Ide Jiman babble." A man in a military uniform and heavily decorated appeared, coughing his lungs out.

Someone pointed out to the mayor that it was Pol Kettle.

"Ah, then you can explain to me what they're saying."

"Afraid not, their native tongue is so rare, that spending my valuable time learning it, would be... antisocial." He grinned.

(OOC: Tinian= plot 0.25, just next to my nation.)

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The Sun was shining in Khamseen, and the midday sun combined turned the city into a furnace. There had been talk for some time now of happenings on the island of Tinian to the south.

In the air-conditioned admiralty building, naval officials were discussing the latest development on Tinian, reports of a coup...

Admiral Yi: As those of you who have read our background file on the island of Tinian will know, the island is known to be rich in radioactive material - likely to be U-235 looking at the patterns of other deposits and geological reports. We've had our eye on this island for some time, however, we're pretty sure that the Riderians have too. We are receiving reports of a coup, something which gives both our nations an excuse to invade. But this could go up the creek, it really could. The man who is 'technically' leader is named Pol Kettle, and he's in with the Riderians. The stormtroopers were going to do a hit on him a while back, but we got photos of him in contact with Haken Rider.

Admiral Park: Hold on... hold on... what are you suggesting we do? Invade? What claim do we have?

Admiral Yi: A brief history lesson. Around the year 1200 Ide Jima descended into civil war, between two royal houses. Jimantai won, and Tutong lost. The survivors fled to that island... they're technically Ide Jiman. We have a good claim on that land, and we stand for massive gain, the nuclear weapons office has been looking for U-235 for 'testing' and this could be our lucky day, go in - support the rebels, and be the good guys, putting an end to kettle's reign. Our only problem is the Riderians, they too have a legitimate claim - it lies in their territorial waters.

Admiral Park: Very well, I'll get on to the war office, get them to mobilise a fleet or two...

Admiral Yi: Do that, are there any broadcasting networks on the island?

Admiral Park: Yes, but they speak an odd dialect. I watched a TV broadcast earlier, and couldn't make it out. It sounds like Ide Jiman, but most of the words are completely different.

Admiral Yi: Very well, contact Serekan, get naval and army support here as soon as possible. Do we have any ships in the area already?

Admiral Park: A single corvette. It was scouting the islands for possible smuggling ports.

Admiral Yi: Put it on alert, block any civil shipping that tries to pass to the north of the island, especially if it's LT... it could get in the way of things, and get something in there to back it up! A single Corvette can't block a 70-mile wide waterway for long!

Within minutes Serekan had authorised the occupation of the island in favor of thpro-democraticic rebels. In Khamseen fast action units were beginning to spring into life, whilst the massive Khamseen army front began to stir, as though coming out of a deep sleep. In the air, a couple of Recon fighter regiments began to mobilise to go and take a closer look at the island, whilst at sea, a fleet at Seikan began to mobilise, and a marine assault squadron picked it's way along the coast. For the most part, the mobilisations were kept quiet, but they would still be obvious to anyone watching. The MoD pess office remained silent...

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The next day, one of the Ide Jiman navy's ageing Kuznetsov class carriers had sailed from Khamseen and was in the combat zone, with two modern frigates and four more corvettes for back up. 800 marines from Khamseen were ready to begin moving from the ships to the island. In the air, 200 paratroopers were already en-route. The small initial wave had no idea of Riderian intentions, for now, they were simply going to back the small rebel movement on the island, and win some valuable Uranium for the government.

The four MC-130J aircraft flew towards the island, of which little could be seen. The sandy terrain of the island's beaches gave it a strange yellow glow. There were no towns on the north side, something which would not serve the Ide Jiman military well.

The Commander was on the first of the aircraft...

"Green light! Go!"

The paratroopers jumped off the planes, and descended slowly towards the island, not knowing what to expect on the ground...

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In the meantime...

In one of the many bunkers.

Hold it, hold it, steady. No sudden moves. Strike when the moment is right,...

"Sir, sir!"

A weird swing made the ball move one meter and role back two, again in the bunker.

"Damn it, Edna, you're ru?ning my golfing lesson." Mayor Polo turned to his golfing instructor and said: "to take five".

Edna Trut handed the phone over she had carried to Polo. He held it to his ear and immediately heard a yelling voice.

"Why is it, that a couple of hundreds of peasants can cut off a superpower millions of times his size from 3000 potential nukes?"

The mayor barely recognized the ruff sound of that being from Grand Admiral Java Cocky, Minister of Naval Activity. The supreme chief of everything that floats and carries a HR flag.

"I can assure I'm doing everything in my power,... yes, working round the clock,..."

Trut was making weird faces and gestures.

"I can see", the voice, surprisingly clear, said. When Sir Azer Polo turned around he saw a rather small man with a big beard, smoking a pipe. He wore a simple, brown uniform and was just putting his mobile phone back into his pocket. With him a group of armed soldiers and three officers.

"I'm taking over, Polo, Tinian lies in territorial waters, such making it a job for my Homefleet, where I have direct power of(1). In exactly 24 hours we'll have the island surrounded and blocked."

But the mayor wasn't giving up: "I can assure that we can work this out diplomatically. We can still trade with them, perhaps even against a better price..."

"Too late, I have a permit from the government, signed by Chef Willy himself, to take the island over. I have freed Kettle from his hotel room, where you locked him, and sent him back to Tinian. Of course, and what he doesn't know, we'll find a new leader, "provincial governor", for the island. The situation has proved that we can not let such delicate issues in the hands of some savages."

He tapped out the remaining ashes in his pipe and coldly concluded: "In 24 hours Tinian shall be isolated, in another 3 hours it is ours."

The man walked away, faithfully followed by his uniforms.

"And the Ide Jimans?", Polo threw in the back of the admiral, who turned around, frowning. "Ide Jimans?"

The battleship "Raider", supported by three other corvettes returned back to Haken Rider, after a bi-monthly unsuccessful hunt against pirates in the Northern Meteorolas. They heard through the radio that the Homefleet was being gathered and prepared to sail out within hours. The admiral of the Raider had nothing to do with this and just wanted to keep to his orders and return to Hakbar, to rejoin the LT Task Force Navy(2). The fact that the beeping dots on the radar could not be identified, worried him a bit. Not too much though, since he expected it to be just some Homefleet ships that didn't bother to send their positions trough. After all, they were close to territorial waters. He walked outside, wind blowing the smell of home already in his face. With a bit of a romantic feeling in his stomach, he peeped through his telescope and noted: "since when has the home fleet a f*cking carrier?"

  1. Although in theory, the Minister of Naval Activity is the leader of the navy, only under the Chef. In practice, he only will command the Homefleet (has no troop transport ship and no carriers, because planes can operate from the mainland).
  2. HR Navy consists out of the Homefleet, for protection, and an LT Task Force compartment, for offensive missions, preferably but not necessarily under an LT flag. The last one can get orders from the mayor of where it's anchored.
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To: Haken Rider

From: Suverina

Our.. erh.. "news people" in your nation has reported that you are about to have some kind of crisis about a small island called 'Tinian'. Our sources also tell about something with Ide Jima, we hope that they aren't involved as we can't stand those bastards! If they are involved you can count on our help, we know it wouldn't be much, but ANYTHING that can hurt the Ide Jimans even if it's slightly is good for us.

We're not necessarily talking about military support, but we can tell you that we are on your side as we see your nation as very dear friends.

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To: Suverina

From: Haken Rider

There have been talks here of Ide Jiman interference, but at the moment we're just examining all the options. Ide Jima has a history of compensating their uncultured manners with military power. If they should take advantage of the situation on the island, this could trigger a worst case scenario. There's no telling how far they will go, however they probably will flee at the mere sight of a single Riderian ship, as we have the right on our side.

Within 48 hours the island will again be under the Tinian government control and Ide Jiman influence will be pushed back. Both our nations can profit from this if we play our cards right. The alliance system throughout Europa is sensitive. If you could lobby for our cause with the CIS, then the Alliance can be isolated, now and in the future.

Either way, not a single shot may be fired, because this could lead to escalation, which can and will only lead to complete and utter devastation.

"Aim the cannons, prepare to blow them to hell!" Shouted the admiral of the HRS Raider through the microphone. He figured the Ide Jimans were planning to ambush the Homefleet, which could only mean the intention of a complete war against Haken Rider. With his handkerchief, made out of Ide Jiman silk, he wiped his sweaty forehead. Sweat was the smell of success, his father used to say. Than again, his father worked himself to death and left only debts.

The admiral was notorious for his clean and shaven-policy on the ship.

The four ships were sailing at high speed to the opposing naval forces. Outnumbered, outgunned and probably out-radared too, there was little chance of victory. The admiral couldn't hope for the element of surprise, nor reinforcements, nor immediate air support. Both the Homefleet and the homeland received urgent warnings.

Suddenly the cannons turned back to standard positions, speed was lowered drastically. Beeping sounds where ordering the men on the ships to take their positions. The decks on all Riderian ships colored black. "Aaaaaand...", The admiral in person yelled: "Salute!" Thousands of men, in tight formation, smacked their fist on their chest in the classic Riderian honourable salute, followed by raising their hats. Slowly the small fleet tried to pass the Ide Jimans.


user posted image

At this instance, the admiral got confused about the transport planes he saw near the island.

Simultaneously two formations of Ide Jiman "Shipwreckers" took off, but it wasn't from an Ide Jiman base...

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To:  The Nations of Europa

From: SPA

It has come to the Baronic Council's attention that the nation of Haken Rider has supported a coup on the isle Tinian and installed a pro-riderian puppet government in the place of the legally recognised government of Tinian.  This is merely a preluded, we fear, to annexation.  The Prince, Baronic Council and people of Akiiryu condemn this act of imperialistic aggression and we call on other nations to do the same.   We especially hope that CIS nations - realising that Akiiryu is not drive by partisan motives in issuing this declaration, but rather both by a real concern for the people of Tinian and in abject disgust of Haken Rider's imperailistic acts which deny the the people of Tinian their freedom - join us in condemning the illegal and dishonourable acts of Haken Rider.  The acts of Haken Rider are surely against the values enshrined in the CIS charter.

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To: All CIS nations and other nations in Europa

From: Suverina


Due to our good relations with Haken Rider we have some information about the issue, and Haken Rider has not couped the island and installed a puppet government. According to our sources they do not know what has happened in the island. We have heavy suspicion the the Ide Jimans is up with something. Although we are not sure, our sources are not 100% reliable. We must await how the event will continue before we start condemning anyone.

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OOC: Yeah, we are up to something http://i6.ifrm.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif


“They're going in there big time, this can only mean an annexation” Yi spoke to the army chiefs who were now in contact with him via TV. “We need full army support, everything you can get over here!”

“And that you shall have” The image of Jiangwei replied, it was beginning to flicker, and 'pft' it was gone.

“That's all we need to know” Yi turned to an officer.

“We've got Riderian Shipwreckers approaching fast!” A voice yelled from the far side of the massive bank of equipment that divided the room.

“Scramble fighter squadrons on the Carrier! Now!”

On the two frigates, SAC AA19 'Krait' missile tubes sprang into life, but it may be too late. The Riderians weren't stupid, they were going for the carrier. 12 of the missiles streaked up into the sky, locking onto the radio signals of the Shipwrecker aircraft.

Unfortunately, the Ide Jimans had to let the Riderian home fleet past. Two frigates, four corvettes and an obsolete carrier would be no match for the fleet, so the boats withdrew to the north, still firing at the aircraft.

The Radomir was an ageing Kuznetsov class carrier — a relic of Communist Ide Jima, and it was of little use other than for carrying IJ-45 fighters. The shipwreckers drew close, as the IJ-45 crews struggles to scramble the fighters.


Back in Khamseen, all efforts to hide the fact the army was on red alert had been abandoned. In the harbor, troops filed onto the boats of the 12th marine assault squadron, and in the city centre, troops began to start heading for the airport and the docks. Large helicopters buzzed overhead carrying troops to the island, where conflict was now unavoidable.


At Seikan AFB, four heavy bomber regiments of the Ide Jiman Strategic Air command had been placed on alert, and were now preparing to launch strikes on the Riderian boats. Strikes on LT nations had been rehearsed a great number of times in the past, so this kind of action was second nature to the crews. The 12 IJB-22M3 'Bluefire' bombers blasted off, heading for the island.

On Tinian the small airborne and marine forces had landed and had secured a small beachhead. To the north, an entire assault squadron approached, carrying thousands of troops, but for now the tiny group would have to secure a beachhead, and hold off an as yet unseen enemy…

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user posted image


Leader1: Okay, target reached. Main target locked on. Ready to give a warning shot.


Pilot1: Hold on, they seem to be nervous. I'm not sure if this...


Leader1: Watch out, six o'clock, enemy fire! Scramble! Break! Break!


One shipwrecker bursted into flames. The formation broke up and the planes spred, high into the sky. The crew of the Riderian ships quickly went back to their posts.


Pilot2: sh*t, they got, my wingman, they got Red.


Pilot3: Kate is hit! Sweet mother of God.


Leader1: Tyfus, Ryan, back me up, target the deck, we can't let too many planes go up.


Leader2: Leader2 here, we're going after the frigates.


Leader1: Roger, be careful.


Two planes fired their missiles on the runway of the carrier, while the group leader dropped a torpedo. Another group of three copied the procedure.




In the meantime attack helicopters and Seaqueen helicopters, carrying troops, material and Pol Kettle, divided into two. One went to the town in the center, where the broadcasting station was located, the other, with Kettle, went to a town in the South-East, where the old government had been.

Edited by Haken (see edit history)
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(If this comes up tiny, then all I did was add ships coming from Khamseen)

The carrier was hit badly, and the planes stood no chance of getting airborne without repairs — that was if the defense ministry deemed the carrier worthy of continuing in service. One of the frigates had been badly injured by missiles, and was limping away, whilst the corvettes did their best to hold off the shipwreckers.

The Riderian navy had been faster to rouse here, but less than 50 miles to the northeast, the Ide Jiman 3rd High Seas fleet and 12th marine assault squadron approached. They were in range to attack from the air, but in the interests of preventing international war, the carrier aircraft remained aboard their ships. What was left of the small fast reaction naval force crept back to Khamseen. Both frigates made it, but only just, whilst the carrier stopped dead in its tracks halfway back, and remained out at sea, listing dangerously.

The situation had deteriorated badly. A small Ide Jiman force was stranded on the island, with the Riderian home fleet between them and any backup. The President now decided to play the diplomatic card…


----Ide Jiman Announcement to the World----

Today, the Ide Jiman navy task force, sent to restore democracy to the island of Tinian was ambushed by the Riderian home fleet. What can be seen here is yet another example of an LT nation looking to expand its borders by means of attempting to prop up a corrupt dictatorship. Tagmatine support of Nationalist Deltannia failed, as will Riderian support of the corrupt regime of Pol Kettle. The Ide Jiman military is on full alert, and major combat formations are undergoing full mobilisation. Tonight, as the people of Tinian undergo another night of oppression at the hands of Kettle as a result of Riderian greed, let it be known that the death knell is sounding for LT imperialism!


30 minutes later,

“This is Silver Samurai KN12, we have visual, repeat we have visual.”

“SS KN12, you are authorised to offload full weaponry at the port on western Tinian”

The 12 Bluefire bombers cruised ahead at Mach 2. Far below, the world stood still, and the lights of Tinian's towns twinkled. The bomb bay doors creaked open, revealing four of the aircraft to be carrying SAC 'Boomslang' cruise missiles. The two aircraft launched the massive missiles at the port areas, whilst others released bombs onto the small towns, in a desperate attempt to stall the Riderian advance. The bombers turned and began to run north, in order to reach the air protection of the 3rd fleet as it moved south…

OOC: Those missiles aren't nuclear…

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To: Haken Rider

From: Suverina


A battle in the sea? Please tell us exactly what is going on. Our nation have watched the events carefully and now we have several reports of combat and a propaganda message from Ide Jima. We need to have full information about the situation so that we can report to the CIS and to prepare for any necessary actions.


OOC: Just tell me something so that I can officiallt know what exactly has happened, as it would take some time to re-tell everything. biggrin.gif

Edited by Suverina (see edit history)
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Messages, messages and messages...



To the nations of Europa


Yesterday Ide Jiman ships and Haken Rider ships met, close to our own nation. Their intentions were not clear and perhaps the real ones will never be revealed. However, it is without a doubt Ide Jiman ships launched an attack first, declaring war by shooting down Riderian planes.


People of Europa, the great nation of Tinian layes in chaos. Rape, murder and pillage governs the country now. The rightful government was brutely kicked out of their own nations by cruel rebels. We hoped to restore peace and prosperity, apparently these values contradict Ide Jiman policy.


If the price of freedom comes with mixed Tinian and Riderian blood, than that price has to be payed.




***Super Secret***


To: Suverina

From: Haken Rider


Hostile Ide Jiman ships layed anchored on the route of out Homefleet. Several of our ships met them and were outnumbered. We have sent planes to intercept the Jiman ships. On our side, 11 planes were lost, killing three pilots. We have inflicted heavy damages on their ships. None of our ships took damage. It seems the situation is in our advantage. The Homefleet is closing down acces to Tinian and the situation there will be secured soon.






To: LT members

From: Haken Rider


Be careful, watch every suspicious move from any Alliance member. If one begins blowing things up, the others follow most of the time. As Ide Jima made clear with his statement, they see the League of the Treaty as an enemy, even calling us imperialistic. You have to love their irony, but fear their iron! Don't let you be caught of guard. These are dangerous times we dwell in.




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Back in the water…

The Ide Jiman 3rd Fleet steamed at full speed towards Tinian. Occasionally, they bumped into a fleeing Ide Jiman corvette. The flagship of the fleet was the IJS Taishan a giant Scharnhorst III class battleship, alongside a smaller Type 14 'Raiden' class CVN. Tinian showed up clear on the radar, but between them were a number of smaller dots — the Riderian fleet. The high seas fleet was slow, which left the Riderians with the opportunity to flee, but were they to stay and fight, they could possibly prevent the landing of a massive Ide Jiman marine force. The MOD had made it clear that the same mistakes were not to be made twice, this time a large well-balanced and modern force with good air cover was gradually approaching the island.

“OK, Listen Up!” Admiral Park yelled across the bridge of the CVN — his methods were unorthodox, but he was a good admiral.

“We should scare the HR forces, let them know we mean business. But so as not to waste aircraft fuel or weapons, we are to do this the old-fashioned way…”

Park gestured to the officers out the window, towards the Taishan with its massive 17.8-inch guns lying still.

“That was designed for shore bombardment though, they'll get out of the way after the first salvo!” Complained an officer.

“Yes, but they've never seen one of these in action… and besides, we want them to get out of the way, don't we?”

The guns on the Taishan creaked and groaned into position. Over 21 miles was a long shot, but the assisted ammunition would at least get the guns in range — albeit with shockingly poor accuracy. The design was not to destroy, simply to force the enemy to move. The ship rocked, and shock waves rippled through the water. The shells could be seen as glowing dots hurtling over the horizon. Four salvoes were fired, before the ship stopped, and began to move with the rest of the fleet…


Encoded Contact:

From: The Ide Jiman War Office

To: The Alliance

The LT and their satellites can only be suing for war with this military action. The Riderian generals knew full well the consequences of invading an island whose inhabitants are Ide Jiman. We would like to know that we have support from our allies should the situation deteriorate further. Remember that we have the moral high ground, for we are backing pro-democracy rebels, and this may sway some non-aligned nations to our cause.

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To: Haken Rider

From: Suverina

We shall contact the CIS and argue that we stand on your side in the conflict and try to stop the spreading of Ide Jiman imperialism.


“Captain! Captain!”

“Yes, Vladimir, what is it?”

“An important message”

“From whom?”

“The chief of Navy”

“That far up?”

“Yes, captain”

“What is it about?”

“An island.”

“What island?!”

“The island of Tinian”

“Where the hell is that?”

“To the north-east of us”


Corporal Vladimir shows the captain on a map where the island is located.


“What do they want us to do?”

“We should go there and scout for the Ide Jiman navy”

“Are we at war with the Ide Jimans!?!?”

“No sir, but they are at war with Haken Rider over the island of Tinian… (Vladimir tells the entire story)”

“I see, but what should we do if the Ide Jimans attack?”

“Fight back”

“Are those our orders?”

“Yes captain”

“But that means war if we fight back…”

“Yes it does”

“Is Suverina prepared for war against the Ide Jimans?”

“Officially we haven't received any order or information, officially is what we're about to do decided by you, captain.”

Corporal Vladimir burned the telegram from chief of navy. The submarine cancelled its drill and headed to the north-east.

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The Federative Popular Republic of Emakera condemns the intervention in Tinian, which is driven only by thirst for power, and not the will to do any good to this nation’s inhabitants and sovereignty. We urge the nations of Ide Jima and Haken Rider to make peace, for their and our good, and for the good of the people of Tinian.

Rep?blica Federativa Popular de Emakera

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Akiiryu said:
To:  The Nations of Europa
From: SPA

It has come to the Baronic Council's attention that the nation of Haken Rider has supported a coup on the isle Tinian and installed a pro-riderian puppet government in the place of the legally recognised government of Tinian.  This is merely a preluded, we fear, to annexation.  The Prince, Baronic Council and people of Akiiryu condemn this act of imperialistic aggression and we call on other nations to do the same.   We especially hope that CIS nations - realising that Akiiryu is not drive by partisan motives in issuing this declaration, but rather both by a real concern for the people of Tinian and in abject disgust of Haken Rider's imperailistic acts which deny the the people of Tinian their freedom - join us in condemning the illegal and dishonourable acts of Haken Rider.  The acts of Haken Rider are surely against the values enshrined in the CIS charter



Statement to all Europan Nations

The government of Rekamgil thanks the SPA for bringing this situation to the Region's and CIS attention. CIS policy states that we do not support imperialism, be it Ide Jiman or Riderian. We are not fully informed as to the current disposition of all parties concerned. But our position is that neither Ide Jima nor Haken Rider has adequate claim on Tinian to risk war, or to risk the subjugation of the people of Tinian. Our historical section informs us that Ide Jima has some ancestral kinsfolk on the island, but with only tenuous links. The island falls within Riderian territorial waters, but is already populated and has a culture of its own. This culture should be preserved, the people of Tinian should be allowed to sort out their own concerns and restore order to their island and its politics. The only outside presence, in our current view, should be an international team that will oversee the resumption of government activities and that will provide relief and aid to any Tinians that have been adversely affected by the current international power struggle, over which they exercise no control, and in which they are entangled through no fault of their own. At present, the CIS is not involved in the conflict and does not plan to become involved. We wish only to see the independence, freedom, and well-being of the people of Tinian respected. We shall discuss the situation further in the CIS governing council, but that statement shall, for the time being, represent our official stance.

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From:Ide Jima

The people of Tinian have the right to live under democracy, which is what the Ide Jiman military is enforcing. Were the island to come under Ide Jiman control, we would create it as a semi autonomous state where the culture is preserved. Once the island economy is back on track, we would then leave it be. However, for now, we are fending off the true imperialists — the Riderians, who wish to keep Pol Kettle in power, so that they may use his oppressive regime as a puppet. They want only to get to the massive Uranium deposits on the island. The people of Tinian are making a bid for freedom, we urge you and those loyal members of the CIS to back it, and stand up to the LT imperialism that has been encroaching on your organisation.

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To: Haken Rider

From: The SPA


The Prince, Baronic Council and People of Akiiryu condemn your unprovoked attack on assets of the Ide Jiman Navy. The Sublime Principate will not brook such blatant disregard for international law and honour that such a cowardly attack signifies and demands that your nation withdraw its forces immediately. Further, the Baronic Council also demands that you remove your forces from Tinian and allow peacekeepers onto the island to assess the situation. Failure to meet these demands may force Akiiryu to support its ally with more than just words. You have been warned.

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The Homefleet began taunting the Ide Jimans, firing some shots and then quickly retreated. Their orders where to stall them long enough to have their forces on land eliminated. In the meanwhile, planes and ships layed mines. Suddenly massive explosions rocked the sea they were sailing on. "What's this", the Supreme Admiral exclamated: "a secret weapon of some sort?" "Should we retreat?" an adjudant asked. The high ranking officer examened the situation: "their methods completely lack accuracy, we won't yield!" A shell made a direct hit against a modern destroyer, creating a fireball that climbed the sky. "To hell with this, let's see if they can hit the airforce with that". The Fleet turned around, creating a passage.




The second wave of Riderian helicopters flew into Tinian. Thin Lizzy screamed The Boys Are Back In Town trough the speekers mounted on the choppers. Sky Captain Pricard described to himself the few people he saw on the ground, who were gazing at the impressive amount of flying weaponry, as "passive" and "desillusional". At the horizon he could distinguish the black smoke. Pointing at it, he said to his civilian passengers: "Ladies and gentlemen, war."

His helicopter landed in the central square, soldiers urged civilians to move aside.

Holding his hand on his fez, so it wouldnt blow away, and carrying his assault rifle with the other, Pricard stepped out the machine. A sergeant welcomed him to "Tinian City", as the men had named it, since they didn't understand the native population.

"Ide Jiman", replied the sergeant, when the Sky Captain looked with questioning eyes at the many housholds in rubbles."How many do you have?" "106 soldiers when we landed, sir, now 23 wounded and 8 death. We had a cannon, but it didn't survive the landing." A little Tinian girl ran up against Pricard and dropped her doll. With a smile, the Captain picked it up, gave it back and signed the child to run off by going with his hand through her hair. "Sergeant, I give you a 100 extra men and two tanks, your orders are to defend this town against advancing Ide Jimans. You'll get air support too. I will move with the rest of my men and equiptment to the south. There's a big, blank spot where rebels suppose to be. Ow and another thing, I have brought you an interpreter..." the two watched at the civilians, still sitting in the helicopter. The little girl attempted to climb in, when a soldier tried to take her away, the helicopter exploded, killing all in and directely around. The Captain and the sergeant behold the disaster with shock. Medics and other men came rushing to the site, looking for survivors.

A jeep stopped next to Pricard, who stepped in: "listen, those Jimans are outnumbered and isolated. Hold them of for four days, then my campaign will be at an end and I can take care of those slit eyes myself." The jeep drove away, when Pircardo ordered "it's flushing time", followed by other jeeps and tanks. When the convoy reached the outskirts of the town, he mumbled "civilians, sucking all the beauty out of battle".




To: The SPA

From: Haken Rider


We respect your opinion and attempt to fulfill your desires. However, we feel the need to point out that we were attacked by Ide Jima. The fact that they seem to battle with their backs does not make it any less of a provocation.

Sadly enough, we are a bit confused by your second wish, do you or do you not want the Riderian peacekeepers to stay and help on Tinian?


With love.

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Serekan MOD building...


"This is a matter of utmost importancy to international security, and the pride of the alliance - we hold the moral high ground at the moment, but we won't do the moment we go to war!"


The president was arguing with a general.


The reply came... "If you want Tinian, then I'm afraid that your going to have to go for the jugular of the enemy. We have at least one army group and two rapid reaction corps ready to move. Place them on the coast opposite the Riderian mainland, and they will be sure to back down."


"I disagree" An Admiral broke in... "We've already forced the Riderians to panic. The Taishan has apparently just sunk a destroyer, forcing the Riderian homefleet to retreat. We now have our chance to move the troops acccompanying the 12th assault squadron onto Tinian. That will give us the numerical and the strategic advantage, whilst not neccessarilly signalling total war."


"I am afraid I support the statements of Fleet Admiral Keysan, General" The President said. And with that, the planning now moved onto what to do with the forces already on Tinian...


More squabbling followed, but 2 hours, and 10 bottles of mineral water later, the people in the room came to a decision. The troops would hold their ground until the assault fleet was in place. Air support from the fleet was already within range, but the Ide Jiman troops were in danger themselves from the Riderians, outnumbered, outgunned and outmaneuvred. The west of the island was full of infrastructure, whilst the east was mainly forested and uninhabited.


"We have a report though... That Riderian troops have been seen in the centre of the island, at the broadcasting station. If we take that town, we can broadcast to the people of this island that we are here to support them..."




The 800 Ide Jiman troops sent to take the town carefully picked their way through the dense country toward the town in the island centre when the gunfire started. Riderian troops had been waiting, and now the Ide Jimans returned fire with QBZ97-Type 2 assault rifles, and a full blown firefight followed.


Major Kyu was in charge, and unlike other officers, he carried a longarm himself, and was at the front shooting at anything that moved in the undergrowth. Overhead, two AH-1Z helicopters tried the fire at any possible targets in the undergrowth, but the fact that the IR imaging had not been fitted correctly that morning meant that the task was easier said than done. Another helicopter flew to the town and began to fire at vehicles in the street, regardless of who they belonged to.


Tanks were useless in the rocky countryside, and artillery was hard to move. A few light guns were in range of the town and began to fire, despite the fact they had been ordered not to in order to keep the broadcasting station from harm, but still the troops attacked, and a full scale battle ensued...





The 3rd fleet was coming under hassle from smaller ships, despite the fact the bulk of the enemy had fallen back. A corvette went to full power and began to pursue the enemy when it was suddenly blown out of the water in a gigantic explosion. Launches from a nearby frigate went to pick up survivors, when something was just touching the surface of the water...


"Mines!" The call went back to the frigate.


That was annoying. Minesweepers now needed to be bought up, and that would take precious time, time in which the Ide Jimans on Tinian threw themselves at the Riderian defenses. Further airstrikes would now be needed in order to prevent any powerful Riderian attacks that could force the Ide Jimans off the island.


4 A-5IJ Vigilante bombers took off from the carrier and blasted towards the island, carrying conventional bombs, their target, the old seat of government on the southeast coast...

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To: The SPA

From: Haken Rider


We respect your opinion and attempt to fulfill your desires. However, we feel the need to point out that we were attacked by Ide Jima. The fact that they seem to battle with their backs does not make it any less of a provocation.

Sadly enough, we are a bit confused by your second wish, do you or do you not want the Riderian peacekeepers to stay and help on Tinian?


With love.

To: Haken Rider
From: SPA

Your belligrancy and dishonourable language has been noted by the Baronic Council.  

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Militairy HQ Hakbar


"Shame on them" was printed in big letters on the front of The Reader, Haken Riders' biggest newspaper. The freshly fired, "relocated", Grand Admiral Java Cocky looked again, sadly, at the article that criticised the retreating Homefleet. Not looking back at the HQ building he just had left, he stepped in his car, lonely. Above his head a large amount of fighters, fighter/bombers and torpedo planes were planning to send ammunition to the Ide Jiman ships the fast way.


Inside Sir Polo tried to ignore the many men, uniformed or not, that where complaining for more troops, less troops, more offensive, more defensive, aggression, diplomacy, icecream with or without nuts... In his haste he stumbled over the many reports the fax was printing out. One of advisors handed him the most important ones that were printed a few instances before. The native enemy had not yet shown his face, but Captain Pricard had only begun his hunt. More urgent was the fact that Riderian forces where about to be overwhelmed by the Ide Jimans. The mayor got cold shiffers about the fact that one of the most militairized nations was fighting them only one small channel away. Dramatic events need drastic measures and one for one he checked the boxes on the permission slip. Clusters, napalm, mines,... An hour later, planes where getting geared up to hault the advancing enemy.

Other reports informed about the so-called 'visit' an Akiiryan fleet was going to pay to Ide Jima. His hopes were slim that they weren't going to give the same pleasure to Haken Rider. From his own allies there was little responce and the newly acquired ally Suverina seemed to be creating enough enemies on their own.

The Alliance seemed to be putting their noses into every conflict in Europa and were capable of getting what they want too. This time, however, it was different. This time they were to meet more than a handful of soldiers, backed by some pitch-fork carrying folks, this time they'll see just how popular their imperialistic politics are in Europa. He who lives by the sword...


"On air in 1 minute!"


Sir Polo was just about to give his "I'm a Tinian"-speech, when the report of the situation in the southern part, Pol Kettles' part, met his eyes.

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