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Return of an old friend/adversery

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The prince looked round as he walked through the rubble, past the shattered ruin where his fathers palace used to stand, through the streets, ravaged by rioting, looting, and the general chaos that had abounded after his brother siezed power all that time ago, When his father, Phil V had been assasinated, and his elder brother then became Phil VI, before dissapeering all so suddenly into no-where, leaving the nation leaderless, it devolved into anarchy, looting, rape, pillaging abound, the few innocents that were left had mainly fled the country into its neighbours, mainly the old friend that was Orioni (OOC, erm, well we used to be neighbours anyway, whats up with the new map? how are we RPing with the location changes?)


The prince gazed upon the fountain that used to flow so beautifully in the central square of Philengrad, the water mains stopped so long ago, it was now just full of the rubbish and detritus that had gathered there since the demise of the nation. The Prince had been out of the country, sent to preside at a wedding in some nation or another during the crisis, and had been advised not to return, it was good advice, at the time, the airports were all non-functional, the army had holed themselves up intheir barracks and shot anyone they saw approching on sight, it was not a good time to return to Phil IV.


Now however, the chaos had decresed, and the nation had gone quiet, the Prince had returned to the country the previous morning, in a boat, with his honour guard, who surrounded him now. a few people, survivors, had started to poke heads out, to see who this person was, at a time like this, anyone with anything was something t be interested in. The Honour guard saw these, and pointed their rifles at the wretches warningly, but there was no need, any hope or will to fight anyone had gone out of these people a long time ago...


(more to come... )



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The Prince approached one of the men cautously,

"what, what is your name? how have you managed to survive in this wasteland?"


the man looked at the Prince like he was mad

"we survive by scavangine what we can, who are you, who look so rich and well off, who are you and why are you here?"


The Prince took a step back,

"i, i am the Prince Rupert SartDu, do you no longer recognise your royals here?"


the man averted his eyes hurridly,

"I, I am sorry lord, it is hard to think straight when one dressed so gloriously walks among the ruins, one who does not look like he has been living off rat meat for the last three months, one who has been out of the country for the last four, avoiding all the chaos, only coming back now, when it is all over, and you can come and try and pick up all the peices and play the hero..."


at that the man spat at the Princes feet,and before he could stop them,one of the princes guards shot the man dead, the sound ringing out around the ruins.

"What was that for!" the prince shouted, as he struck the soldier around the back of the head

"he was right, i have been away too long, this country has become a mess while i have stayed wealthy, watching from afar... Although, i must try and pick it up, as he said, i must become the hero..."


with that the prince started back off towards the ruins of the palace, and the camp that some of his other soldiers had begun to make.


(ooc, just so you know what is happening, basicly, the last king i RPed with, Phil VI, dissapeered mysteriously, along with much of his staff, and alot of the nations nomey, with no rulers, and little money, the nation descended into anarchy, Prince Rupert, he was away at the time, on some trip or another, and could not return, then decided not to return till now (just fitting into the gap where i have been away irl) now he is back, has seen the destruction and chaos for himself, and wants to rebuild the nation back into what it once was. At some point i will be asking for outside help, offers would be appreciated, as currently the only civilisation consists of the Prince, and about 20-25 or so personal guards...)

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It was a glorious night in Nordhaven. The empress was out inspecting a new destroyer of the Imperial Navy, when one of her trusted aides rushed in with what looked like a fax.


Aide: "Your majesty, I bring you great news form across the seas!"


Empress Orioni: "Well then, don't keep me waiting and get to the point. Was Max Barry elected Miss Universe again, or does your message have actual significance?"


Aide: "Oh no my liege, not at all. Although I must say, I have voted for Max yes, as he does have great eyes.."


Empress Orioni: *sigh* rolleyes.gif


Aide: "Oh yes, the message.. Well, it has come to our attention that Prince Rupert SartDu, the heir to the throne of Phil IV, has returned."


Empress Orioni: "Prince? You mean to say that old bugger Phil VI had a son? Mmmm, interesting.." licklips.gif

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The Purple House of Pa?o city, head of the Emakeran government, a bizarre-shaped building full of curves and twisted concrete, is usually quiet by this hour of night. This is usually the time when he-- The head of the Emakeran State, President Dictator Richard Haller-- sits at his office, playing mindless action games. Then, a knock is almost heard by our brave leader, who is too busy being killed by knife blows in his favourite game, Reverse Strike 1.7. Haller just punches the table, takes out its earphones, and hears the knock at the door, followed by a serene voice.


-Richard, we have got news from Phil IV.

Annoyed, Haller asks. -Phil? The nation, you mean?

-Exactly. A heir of the deceased king has just arrived back into Phil IV, probably hoping to restore power and order.

Richard shuts down his game, and scratches his chin.

-Well, he?s eating the bread that Satan baked... the whole nation has collapsed into anarchy?n?stuff. I?ve heard some stories that border the unbeliavable in there. Hardcore stuff, may i say. How do i contact him? We?ll be killing two rabbits with a simple cane swing... doing our good deed of the day to both His... Majesty? I don?t know, gotta check my dictionary or ask him about how should i call him. and his people, and all the profits we can get with this. Now, contact him! Say that we?re willing to help on his comeback.


His aide agrees and leaves the room.


-Damn... this fiendish computer has crashed again!



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*Somewhere deep inside the Great Palace of Konstantinopoli. Andronicus VII is reclined on a lounger, reading a book. An aide stumbles in.*


"Sire... Phil IV... heir... quick..."


"Calm down man!" *the book is lowered and Andronicus pouts, annoyed*"What is it?"


"Sire, an heir to the throne of Phil IV has emerged, against all odds! The Prime Minister has called her advisors into closed session!"


"And? She needs to test her metal in foreign affairs."


"But sire..."


"Fine. I'll draft a statement" *the page is dogeared and the book closed. Andronicus rises to his feet, and heads for the desk*




It so pleases His Imperial Highness to open a diplomatic channel to the nation of Phil IV, in light of the recent emergence of a new claimant to the throne of that Principality. His Imperial Highness wishes to convey his opinion that Prince Rupert is best befitting of the throne, though he insists on deference to the domestic politics of the nation. His All Holiness Theodore VIII also wishes to convey the blessings of our church onto Prince Rupert, as the means of formally recognising his rule in our eyes.

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(@Orioni and others, Rupert SartDu is actually the old king Phil VI's Brother, not his son,and they are both sons of the old king Phil V, this will be importent later i am sure smile.gif)


The Prince was awoken by the sound sof a hurried guard,

"sire, our presance back inthe old country has seemes to have been noticed, telegrams from King Andronicus VII of Rhomanoi(i dont know you countris name, sorry) and the Dictator Richard Haller of Emakera have expressed their welcome back to us, and there is also rumours of the old Emporeress Orioni having expressed an interest in you as well."


Rupert sat back and mused on this for a moment, greetings were nice, he was glad there were no hostile reactions thus far, but still, words were words..


"send thanks to the two nations that have awknowlaged us, and tell them we are glad of their friendship in this difficult time, also, send a regionwide radio message to the leaders around the region, announcing the return of Prince Rupert that we may start afresh..."


as the soldier walked out, Prince Rupert summoned another guard to him,

"Jereld, gather your unit, i want to make a proper scan of the ruins of this city today, Philengrad was once a great capital, i want to see what has become of it.."


with that, Rupert turned back to his bed, and lay down to think, there was no doubt in his mind now, the nation of Philia must be rebuilt...

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From: Emakera

To: Philia




The government of the Federative People?s Republic of Emakera not only recognizes your government and welcome you back, but are willing to help on whatever is needed, for the good of both of our peoples and for all european nations. If you wish so, we can be sending troops, volunteers, medical equipment, and construction material to help on the rebuilding of your once great nation.


Yours Truly,

President Dictator Richard Haller

Rep?blica Federativa Popular de Emakera

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Prince Rupert and his five or six guards gathered around him as they set off for another foray into the city. the prince saw more of the ruins ad wretchedness that he had seen the day before. Today the prince and his group had bought a map of the old city with them, they intended to see what of the old city remained, mark out how much of the previous landmarks still stood.


The old Philian football stadium still stood, but the pitch was overgrown and covered with debris, but suprisingly still standing, in seemingly good shape, the big Kings Theatre was the same, still standing, but it looked to have been looted and anything of value gone a long time ago. In fact, much of the city seemed to still be in a decent shape, buildings still standing, and salvagable,just most were gutted of all furnishings, and a fire appeared to have swept through the eastern half of the city, destroying most of the buildings there before being quenched by the heavy rain that so charecterised the Philian winter.


The only other part of the city that was in bad shape was the centre, around the palace where Rupert had pitched his camp, the city was in better shape than he had thought, prehaps this wouldnt be as hard a task as he first anticipated. Rupert wondered what the rest of the country was like, whether it was better or worse than the state of Philengrad, they still saw peope around, but most of them appeared to keep their distance, prehaps word of yesterdays incedent had got around.


As Rupert and his group approached the old militry base in the south of the city, something appeared to have changed, the houses here appeared to be more intact, as if looting had not taken place, or at least, it was more organised, the shops were still all empty, but there were few broken windows, and things seemed, tidy, at least for a city that was supposed to be desolate.


As they approached the militry base, Fort Kosscow, second only to Slavenmouth in he south of the country for the base of the militery, they were greeted with a hail of gunfire, which sent the princes guards scuttling into cover. The prince stood up incenced,

"Who the hell are you to shoot like that, shooting at your prince? what has this nation come to?!"


as he walked towards the walls of the base, a voice called out,

"don't come any further, you have no clearence, we have not survived the last 4 months by trusting any old person who comes alog claiming to me the prince, or the king, or the king of mushrooms or whatever"


the prince hesitated, it was true, anyone could claim to be him, but if there was a chance that the militry had survived this disaster, he had to speak with them,


"i need to speak to your leader, My name is Prince Rupert SartDu of the house of Phil, i have returned to the country that boor me to try and bring it back to what it once was. If the militry has managed to survive all this, i need you on my side to turn this country around, i cannot have my own people working against me during this time"


The building went quiet for a while, before the voice called out again,

"you may enter, but your men must stay outside, come in and meet with General Hardcourt, he will discuss the matter with you"


Rupert turned to Captain Jereld,

"wait here, if anything strange begins to happen, call for reinforcements, but you are not to cause trouble ok?"


and with that Rupert turned and walked towards the dark militry base, to discuss the future of the country with the only ones left..

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General Hardcourt eyed Rupert up suspiciously, not knowing whether to believe that this prodigal prince had returned,


"Well its like this see, The country is in turmoil, Anarchy rules, and the only places left are in militery compounds like this one, there is another over near Slavenmouth on the coast. We have been recieving news of camps along the Aiikiryuian boader of refugees recieving aid from the Akiiryuian government, but other than these, there is little control left anywhere in the country.


What we need is a figurehead, now whether you are the real Prince SartDu or not, i have no idea, and care even less, but you look the part, and could probobly pull it off. Here is the deal, we, as all that remains of the militery power that was once Philia, are willing to support your claim to the throne, as long as you can get this country back into a stable postition and keep it that way.


You know that the only chance you have is with our support, so what are you going to say?..."



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