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Hi, im not really new but some of you might remember me from such times as 6 months ago, last year, and indeed, the old europa that i once knew and loved


i know i have been away a long time, i know i have claimed to be making a comeback before, but here i am take me or leave me tongue.gif


(and btw, thanks for my sea, ill have to try and invade someone and take it back...;p )


(edit again: if someone would liek to update me an what i have missed, which is alot i am guessing, then feel free 2-thumbup.gif )

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good to meet you too Miiros, seeing as i have been away, you seem to have missed my traditional Europan Greeting, so here it is...


*Presenting the Nation of Miiros With the traditional, home baked, Philian Pie, with deep crust pastry, and a delicious ham and custard filling, packed right to the brim, mmm mmm, we hope you enjoy smile.gif

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None of the OTHER nations gave me a home baked pie when I joined. I like you already!

Yeah, but once you tasted a authentic Philian pie, you don't want anything else... seriously for for a week or so, just untill you stop exposing your inner body fleunces.

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*throws custard pie at Suverina* remember, it tastes best when yu dip a sausage in it smile.gif


thanks for the welcome guys, who else has left sice i have been gone tho? there seem to be a few people missing i havnt seen around, Byzanium Nova for one (and is Stoned Smurfs ever around any more? he was always good for a laugh tongue.gif)

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lol, hey Piralo, and yes Merlion, he always used to ask that the last time i was here too tongue.gif


hey, you are new as well biggrin.gif *readies his pie making abilities* im feeling generous today, what do you want in your pie today The Merlion? tongue.gif

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