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Huge maneuver in the north

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


A huge maneuver in the north is taking place right now!


Minister of Defense, Field Marshall von Steinburg, is leading personally the maneuver. It is part of the restructuring process of the tamurinian Army that has been going on since the end of the civil war.


"Technology is an important part of an army - it always has been and it always will be. But there are other things that are more important", the Field Marshall said. "The Civil War showed us how important maneuverability and the ability of quickly relocating forces is. A small group of mobile forces is more useful than a large group of static forces. The orioni carrier groups and the byzantine expeditionary force were very quickly in our country, helping to defend it."


"The Air Force and the Army Air Corps are the key for this." General Speidel, head of the Luftwaffe, added. "Helicopters and close-combat support aircraft can be more useful than a whole squadron of heavy bombers."


The maneuvers involves four mobile infantry division, a light armored division and a heavy tank division. In the air, the ground forces are supported by two squadrons of fighter/bombers and four squadrons of the new battle-aircrafts.


"We currently are testing several designs of battle-aircrafts." General Speidel said. "The types are still confidential, but I can say, that they'll be used against every possible target on the ground - may it be a tank, a bunker, infantry or a ship - the sea is ground as well, you know."


"Voice of the Republic" was able to get some pictures of the maneuver:



user posted image


Within hours, where they have to be: Tamurinian mobile infantry



user posted image


On the way to the frontline, while the mobile infantry is holding the ground



user posted image


Ready to break through the enemy lines - heavy tanks arriving at the main battle line



"We still have some work to do", von Steinburg said, "but it looks promising."

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


Maneuver continueing - Army Air Corps demonstrates close ground combat support


The newly formed "Battle squadrons", a complement of specialized battle aircraft and outdated aircraft (refitted for close support) showed today what they can do.


Within minutes a mixed squadron of battle aircrafts decimated a group of remote controlled tanks, armored vehicles, trucks and jeeps to 10 % strength. The test was shown to journalists who weren't allowed to make pictures.


"Out battle groups may seem as ancient, but they're most effective and no potential enemy should know that too soon. If they see our battle aircrafts attack, they will begin to laugh at them - just before they realize they're facing their worst enemy." General Speidel said.


"It's a simple philosophy - a battle aircraft needs to stay in close combat range and has to carry a lot of weaponry. So it should be slow, it has to be slow and will be slow. Why not use some outdated fighter/bomber from another age? You can't transform an F-22 into a tactical battlefield aircraft. I'd prefer an old Spitfire in that case." he added.


Tomorrow the Naval Air Corps will demonstrate its capability to control the sea from the skies and to fight off any medium-sized navy battle group. It will also demonstrate the capabilities of airborne war control, electronic warfare and reconaissance.


user posted image


Five minutes earlier this was a heavily armored main battle tank

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TO: Tamurin, MoD, Field Marshall von Steinburg

FROM: Orioni, CoD, General Bruiser


On behalf of the IDF (Imperial Defense Force) I would like to congratulate you with the impressive display of military might and cunning tactics.


Your demonstrations during these past few days have shown us that our northwestern neighbour is not as trivial as many other nations in this region.


Truly an ally worth having.

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FROM: Tamurin, MoD, Field Marshall von Steinburg

TO: Orioni, CoD, General Bruiser


Thank you for your kind words. It is a great honour to hear that from the mighty IDF with its powerful Navy.


It is the wish of this government to strengthen relations between Orioni and Tamurin, especially in terms of joint military defense. Soon you will receive an official letter about this, I thought it might be useful that you knew in advance.

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BNN - Balkan News Network


Today three of Slavic Byzantium's most prestegious legions, the I Carska Garda, II Varangian Guard, and XXVI Pax Byzantium, began 5 day long exercise to show the capabilties of the ever transforming Royal Slavic Byzantium Legions. The legions form the core of the Slavic Byzantium land forces. They are considered the elite of the army generlaly speaking. Some legions date back to Roman times and other were formed in more recent centuries, and accordingly some have the battle honours to exemplify their status as the most capable fighting forces the world has ever known.


The first two days will show the mechanized capabilties of the legions while the last 3 will show the airborne and air calvary capabilties.


the mainstay of the legions are the CV90 series of armoured combat vehicles. It is a modular system designed to fufill every current and near future forseeable role of the legions. Various roles include infantry fighting vehicles, anti tank vehicles, AA vehicles, command, et al. The average size weighs in at 25 tonnes. The standard armour can shrug off 30mm APFSDS (armour piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot) rounds. The vehicle has low radar, acoustic and infrared signature. A fire detection and extinguishing system is fitted and full nuclear, chemical and biological (NBC) protection is provided. The legions have access to better armour than the standard army units and make full use of refitted CV90's using 50mm ceramic and composite armours that effectively double the armour protection of the standard CV90.


Most notable of which si the CV90120-t. it has been refitted with ceramic armour, high pressure smoothbore 120mm gun, battlefield management system and extensive defensive aids suite. This makes it able to take on even M1a2 abrams MBT's at a weigh in of under 30 tonnes, therefore retaining air transport capabiltiies onbaord a400M's or 2 on an IL-76mf.



user posted image


Their other main advantage is that at under 30 tonnes, they are able to traverse any land that a m1 or even a c2a5 would sink in. However, they are are still light tanks, regardless of the ability to kill any tank fielded in the world today, and as such cannot take on regular MBT's in a head on head fight. In such cases, C2A5 leopard tanks are used in the more conventional role. The CV90 has even been fitted with the AMOS Advanced Mortar System, which consisted of dual 120mm mortars able to fire 14 rounds as it advances onto the same target, allowing for one strike by a single AMOS carrier to be equivalent to one strike by an artillery battery.


The infantry use a combination of the G-36 assault rifle developed by Heckler and Koch, and the MP7-PDW, also developed by HK as their primary weapons.


Air support is provided by the RSBAF, and sqns are normally attached on a mission by mission support basis.


Currently, only 15 000 men plus supporting units of the legions are taking part in the 5 day exercise. Its purpose is to show the abilities of a Rapid Deployment Strike Force. Military public relations officer, Lt. Col. Hovat says, "Today the legions have two main purposes. The current one we are showing is the rapid deployment aspect, wherein legions on high alert can, once transported to any region on Earth, usually taking 24 hours tops, can within the hour, fight with 100% strength. The other aspect is to act as a spearhead, where normally the heavier C2a5 leopards are used to breach the enemy lines, which is then exploited by the faster and more maneauverable LAV III and CV90's. The legions are fully mechanized so the entire 5 000 strong contigment can be brought to bear upon any specific point within minutes at the longest. Right now we are witnessing the breaching of such a line in an urban area, in which the infantry would disembark from the protection of the IFV's and proceed to move into clearing buildings and holding main intersections. "



user posted image


"Later on in the day we will focus on containing such an area, including applying rules of engagement procedures, searching vehicles and people, vital point security and convoy operations."


user posted image


"This will also include defending against raids on field bases, and fire bases."


ModEdit: Please no pictures of that size. It's wayyy too huge, makes reading difficult and is a menace to dial-up-users...

Thanks for your understanding!


"Wait until you see day 3, where we will involve close air support working in conjunction with a breakthrough, and then dropping behind the lines. On the final day we will be doing mostly AA roles. If you like explosions, you'll love that. "



Also, in response to Tamurin's maneuvers, Minister of Defense Nikephorus Phokas has contacted their Field Marshall, inviting the Tamurin armed forces to a series of wargames to hone the skills of our respective armed forces, and for strengthening of relations amongt the two nations.

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TO: Minister of Defense, Nikephorus Phokas

FROM: Minister of Defense, Field Marshall von Steinburg

RE: Joint wargames


Dear collegue,


it would be an honour if Tamurin and Slavic Byzantium could do a maneuver together.


I was very impressed by your Main Battle Tank formations and I think that a good exercise could be a joint maneuver of your MBT's and our air battlefield groups. This could train the "fight with combined weapons" and would benefit the knowledge and experience of both our forces.


It could also strengthen the relations between our two eastern coastal nations. The President and the Prime Minister have agreed to establish permanent diplomatic relations between our two nations.



von Steinburg

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