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For Fans Of Babylon 5 And/or Star Trek

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Star Trek Fans + Babylon 5 Fans + lots of work + 5 years of rendering on home computers =




The best fan-film of all times!


In a 104-minute movie Star Trek and Babylon 5 finally meet each other. This dark comedy from Finland "frees" the characters from the original series from all restraints and shows us a first-class thrilling SciFi-Action-Adventure with State-of-the-Art-Special Effects.


On the Star Trek side we have Captain Pirk, Lieutenant Commander Info and the Plingon Commander Dwarf - and last but not least the russian Captain Fukov. On the B5-side we have Captain Sherrypie, Commander Ivanovitsa and Chief of Security Michael Garibrandy.


(Of course, this story is totally inconsistent with everything from these two worlds, but it should be fun, right?)


Captain Pirk and his command crew (Info and Dwarf) are stranded on Earth after successfully beating the Korg in Star Wreck 5. Pirk is bored and builds with the help of Russia the P-Fleet, effectively making him master of the world. To solve Earth's problems he seeks out new planets and new civilizations, but it's Captain Fukov on board the CPP Kalinka who finds a portal to B5-space (here called "Babel 13").

Pirk is very enthusiastic about that and launches his whole fleet to conquer this new world. Aboard his flagship, the CPP Kickstart, he invades B5-space. But he hasn't thought of Sherrypie, who, with his long speeches about his father, his service in Earth Force, his mission, mankind, the universe...erm, yes, is determined to throw him out of "his" universe...


What here might sound weird is the beginning of a 104-minute SciFi-Space-battle epic, like any SciFi-fan wishes for. Babylon 5 and Star Trek, both disgraced, must accept that some freaks from Finland outperform them both.


Little pointer:

The movie is only available in finish. You should download the version including english subtitles.


Those of you who wanna just try out the teaser, here it is (it's the smallest teaser in low quality, the movie and the real trailer have a much better quality):




Trailer: 4.6 MB, DivX

Movie: ~ 550 MB, Xvid

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(Now where have I seen that before..) wink.gif



Believe it or not but I saw that film only yesterday. It was pretty okay, for a low-budget production. I found that the names of the characters made me laugh the most. That Captain Fukov is so stupid. tongue.gif

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I think Fukov is the best-casted actor in this movie and his character is really funny...that guy could really go for a comedy-career...the times when he complains are really great...


Info: "Captain, we have no idea if a starship can survive the maggot-hole."

Pirk: "Correct, that's why Fukov is going first."

Fukov (complaining): "Well thank YOU very much!"



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