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Europan Stock Market

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I had an idea about opening a stock market in Europa. Now normaly, such a thing wouldnt work, due to the fact you need to manage the stocks moving up and down in the market, and thats hard, with an imaganry market. But I have a fairly good idea. We could base the market on the realy stock market. For exapmle. I we register companies on the Europa stock market, and i can pick a real company to base them on, for exapmle.


I register Vickers on the stock market, and i could base it on say the Dow Jones, and when ever the Dow moves up and down on the market, so does Vickers. This way we can have a nice flowing market, and I can update it once a week or somthing. Hows that sound?


This means we can also keep a record if someone wishes to sell shears in a company and such.

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I think I get what you mean, and it seems like a good idea, so I could register an Ide Jiman company and then base it's share price on say GSK or something? Seems good to me, it would add a great deal to the reality of the game.

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well if you just register your companies, I will go down a large (very large) list of companies i found on bloomburg's website, and i'll update every week or so. So just freely yeah.

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Some points here i didnt get ( I am Stupid sad.gif )


1) How many companies from a nation can the nation itself register?

2) If i want to register a company i could take a real company from rea life? (So that means if for example i wanted to register a car manufacturing company i could just take the stock market of BMW right?)



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1)As many as you want realy.

2)Well i stumbbled upon a large A-Z of very company across the world, on Bloomburg, and well i was just goin to go down that list for each company. So it will be a bit more realistic, rather than someone picking an exisisting top company.

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Lo and behold, I bringeth a miracle, to present to you!


*drums and trumpets can be heard*


user posted image


Name: PearSoft™

Founded: Orioni (April 1, 1976)

Location: Zuidhaven, Orioni

Key people: Stefani Werk, CEO

Industry: Computer hardware and software

Revenue: ^ $13.93 billion USD (2005)

Operating Income: ^ $1.650 billion USD (2005)

Net Income: ^ $1.335 billion USD (2005)

Employees: 14,800 (2005)



+ Nasdaq

+ London Stock Exchange

+ Google Finance

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Haha, Looks like O's getting the ball rolling. I'll start up the main thread. Anyway.


Name: Adapton Weapons (Vickers Weapon Systems)

Founded: Adaptus (12 June 1904 ((Vickers Arms Plant)))

Location: Tyne Vally - Adaptus

Owner: Government (Andrew Wilson Company Head)

Industy: Arms Manufacture


Oh, and another thing, I could do currency rates too.

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^^ click this button for the link to this post.


Oke, let's go. If I may suggest one simple trick to keep everyting neat and orderly: try using the same method as I used for the "Orioni Industries Inc." catalog.


Keep everything organised in the first post, which someone updates from time to time. And then link to each individual post, as I've shown by pointing to the link above. One post per company should work best.

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Perhaps for reference? I just wonder: what's the use of listing all companies in this thread, and then updating stats in another? Anywho, it's your topic, and I already added it to the encyclopedia. tongue.gif

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I like having a track on my currency rates. Especially since I kind of have two that are interconnected strangely.


Can we have more than one company? I have a few companies, but one important one I want to get. Just curious as to how big we want this to be.


Name: System Technologies (SysTech)

Founded: Deltannia (Haven't figured out a date. A long time ago)

Location: New Deltan Lower Valley

Industry: General technologies

Symbol: Maybe SYS?


In terms of SysTech, it's like a super corporation. Think like Umbrella in Resident Evil, but not so evil. Military technologies (including arms), scientific stuff, and just general electronics and stuff like that. It's Deltannia's primary corporation for most things, but thtere are specialized corporations for other stuff. Just FYI.

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