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Dude, Where's My Tank?

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Encase anyone is interested (I hope people will be :P ), this is going to be more of an espionage thread.

The idea is that Colonel Kontarian and his group of corrupt soldiers steal the designs of the tank that Tagmatium and Adaptus are developing, and flog them to the highest bidder.

As yet in the thread, the Colonel's plans are coming into action, as murdering the security guard Peters allows Kontarian to put a soldier loyal to himself as the security guard, meaning that he can move stuff about the base without any suspicion.

He's also bought off members of the local Tagmatine police, who will make Peters' murder look like a suicide.

They'll then be able to steal the plans and do a runner.

Once this has happened, Tagmatium will alert Adaptus, but, of course, it won't admit such a thing. Other nations may become aware of it unofficially through any contacts and spies in the international community.

Then, there will be police (Inspector Ioannes), the III (Tagmatium's CIA) and military police trying to hunt the man down, who will flee into the relatively lawless “Lesser Jaihu Basin” area of the Greater Holy Empire.

Of course, other nations may also wish to contact the Colonel and buy the plans.

This isn't going to be a thread with big armies, as it'll all be unofficial action with spies, agents, and the like. Armies won't be able to get into Tagmatium, which has a powerful army and navy, but small groups of spies and agents probably will be able to.

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Thanks, Hak.

I know this is just me posting for the moment, but my next post is when it will kick off. First, Tagmatium will alert the Adapton government, and it will go from there.

However, as my PC is now not working (I'm on a different one here http://i6.ifrm.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif), I won't be able to get online until it is fixed. Or replaced.

@Aki: If the other side's weapons are so weak, why is the SPA so interested? Is it because they are actually afraid that someone else is better than them?

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Because it is always nice to know how much better you are than your enemies LOL. Seriously, Akiiryu is always interested in what other people have got, it allows Akiiryu to develop counters and take ideas and imporves on them.

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IJ prehaps our spooks should work together on this one?


The Royal Akiiryan Intelligence and Security Service's (RAISS) external intelligence and operations section is aware of the events.

Yeah, I suppose that would figure...


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I had an idea to add a sort of Iranian Embassy sort of thing to the RP, maybe spice things up.


my CRA terrorists could aks for some plans from Tag's colonel, but since they are struck for cash, your colonel agrees to give them some parts to the plans, in exchange they will attack the Tagmantine embassy in Adaptus, to cause a disstraction within Adaptus to get CI6 off him, but he betrayes the CRA and doesnt give them the plans.


How about it?


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Bare in mind it's open season on Confederate citizenry in Tagmatium, sure.


Bounce a few ideas off this thread, and we'll see what we can do.


EDIT: Plus, no large armed forces, just individuals or small groups.


EDIT2: One more thing! Only III people and soldiers are armed in Tagmatium, not even coppers. Any obvious weapons will quickly mean you're swamped by Armed Response Units.

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