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Breakthrough In Space - Og-2 Launched!

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---- Voice of the Republic ----

The replacement for the OG-1 (Orbital Glider 1) which was the first Tamurinian spacecraft capable of reaching high orbit, the OG-2, was launched yesterday at 0631 AM from Arrabar AFB on top of a B-70 “Valkyrie”.

The OG-2 reached a standard orbit ob 36,000 km and was able to perform several manoeuvres there. It docked with a supply vehicle launched by a Proton rocket, refuelled and performed various extensive manoeuvres. At 1521 the OG-2 released a geo-stationary communication satellite and started the descent to Earth at 1755 hours. It returned to Arrabar AFB at 2134 hours.

The OG-2 is a project created by the government, the military, and the economy. The goal is to manufacture 10 such vessels and launch one or two every month into orbit.

The OG-2 is equipped with high altitude engines capable of pushing the aircraft to Mach 3 and a rocket engine that gets it out of the atmosphere. In orbit, it will refuel at a supply vehicle (the “gas station”) launched by a Proton rocket and then go on with its mission. The “gas station” will automatically return to Earth.

The OG-2 is capable of lifting 3 tons of cargo into orbit and can stay there for about 3 weeks with four astronauts on board.

Tamurin offers every friendly nation to use its new “space cargo horse” for commercial transport of satellites into orbit.


The new work horse: The OG-2

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---- Voice of the Republic ----

Second launch and announcement of Claudia Hartman

Today at 0937 the OG-2 ‘Thor’ entered orbit and released two satellites: One at 1022, a weather satellite and another at 1552, an astronomical lab with a powerful telescope aboard. Thor then made a couple of pictures of the Earth's surface and re-entered the atmosphere at 1921 hours. It landed a couple of minutes ago at Arrabar AFB.

This was the shortest successful missions of all time in the history of Tamurinian space travel.

“Now it's possible to get up in the morning, early in the morning, go to work, fly into space and be home again for a very late dinner – the same day!” said Albert von Puttkamer, the chief scientist of the newly formed Tamurinian Space Agency.

At 1730 hours, Minister of Technology Claudia Hartman visited the Arrabar Space Center and had a little chat with the astronauts aboard the Thor.

“I can assure you that the new government will continue and increase its efforts for the space program.” she said. “The Thor will be joined by at least five more Gliders: the Wotan, Mjöllnir, Baldur, Freya and Ægir. That way, the ancient gods will finally reach the stars, like the Thor has done today.”

She also mentioned a top-secret government project called ‘Batman’ which was to be hosted by the new TSA in cooperation with the Luftwaffe. “We want our space engineers to be involved in this project. I can't tell you today what Project Batman is about, but in time we will be able to tell. Right now it's too soon – the project is not ready to be presented, because quite frankly we are not sure if it will succeed and if so how it will be.”

The next launch of the Thor is scheduled some time in late June or early July.

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---- Voice of the Republic ----

Thor sets Kepler Space Telescope free

Yesterday at 1841 local time, the Thor launched again into orbit and released its main payload, the Kepler Space Telescope. The Space Telescope will be able to make pictures of the universe as we've never seen them before. The TSA announced that all pictures will be released for the public to see as soon as they're out of post-production, as the scientists call the process of creating a picture out of many different data sources.

Johannes Kepler was an important astronomer of Tamurin in the late 16th and early 17th century. He discovered the laws of planetary movement, which are today called the Kepler laws. He was also a brilliant mathematician.


The Kepler Space Telescope, minutes after the release


Johannes Kepler, around 1610

The Thor also released a much smaller communication satellite for the military. It will orbit the Earth on a geostationary orbit above Tamurin and only be useable by members of EOS.

The Thor entered the Eurth's atmosphere at 9 AM local time and landed a couple of minutes ago at Arrabar Space Center. All crewmen are safe and well.

The fourth launch of the Thor is scheduled for late July or early August. The second glider, the Wotan is scheduled for its first launch after the Thor in late August or early September.

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TO: Tamurin

From: Orioni



We congratulate you on the succesful launch. You're space program seems to be going really well. Your latest succes with "Thor" only show once more what can be achieved by good and hard work. Kuddos to you!

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TO: Orioni

FROM: Tamurin

RE: OG-2


Thank you very much!


It is our goal to establish regular flights into low Earth orbit and make this area of space our own "backyard". Currently we don't have the technology to launch deep space missions, so we're concentrating on this.


Btw, all our gliders are capable of carrying tourists into orbit (for 50.000 credits per flight). A flight lasts for 12 hours. So, if your citizens are interested, please let us know.

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---- Voice of the Republic - BREAKING NEWS! ----



"Thor"'s mission nearly fatal!


The latest mission of the OG-2 "Thor" ended nearly fatal. After a beautiful start into the sunday morning sky yesterday, the "Thor" easily reached orbit and deployed a new communication satellite and a weather satellite. Both are working fine and the mission was already a big success.


The "Thor" was scheduled to re-enter the atmosphere at 2231 hours. At 2115 it was hit by six small objects within 2.3 seconds. TSA guesses that these objects were small pieces of debree from old rockets like screws and pieces of hull. The "Thor" was heavily damaged because the objects had an impact velocity of approximately 55.000 km/h. Several hull breaches, electronic failure and human casualties were the results. One astronaut suffered major injuries in the chest, another suffered minor injuries on the head.


All astronauts had to put on the EVA suits and repaired the damaged ship within the following hours. One of them had to take care of the injured astronaut with was very difficult because of the EVA suits.


At 0622 the cockpit of the "Thor" could be re-pressurized, the cargo bay was repaired but couldn't be re-pressurized due to micro fractions of the outer hull. Because of those micro-fractions, the "Thor" is unable to land.


Right now, the "Wotan", "Thor"'s sister ship, is rushed into service and scheduled to launch Tuesday morning at 1015 local time. Until then the astronauts aboard the "Thor" should be able to survive in the damaged ship.


""Wotan" will dock with "Thor" in the afternoon", said Albert von Puttkammer, chief scientist of TSA, "and rescue the wounded astronauts. Those two will land with "Wotan" the same day. Two crewmen from "Wotan", two of our best engineers, will transfer to the "Thor" and repair the cargo bay. "Wotan" will carry the materials the engineers need. They should be able to finish the necessary repairs within 24 hours and then land with "Thor" on wednesday afternoon.


If everything fails, "Wotan" will go up again on thursday, rescue the astronauts from "Thor", blow "Thor" up and land on Earth on friday. But we doubt that this will be necessary."


"Let us hope that our astronauts will land safely and that all of them survive this tragedy." said J?rgen Axmann, President of Tamurin. "All our hopes and prayers go with the astronauts on "Wotan" and the men and women on the ground. Let us all hope that they'll be able to rescue our brave men and women in space."

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


"Thor" makes bumpy landing! Rescue mission a success!


The docking maneuver of the "Wotan" was successful. Both injured astronauts were back on Earth on Tuesday night at 2200 hours. The "Wotan" performed flawlessly despite being rushed into service and without all systems working, although all critical systems were up and about.


The "Thor" was repaired much quicker than anticipated and returned to Earth on wednesday morning. During the re-entry, the damaged rear part of the spacecraft broke and parts of the tailrudder burned up in the atmosphere. This didn't help with the already difficult landing.


The pilots made a very hard and rough landing, damaging the landing gear, but the spacecraft and the astronauts and engineers on board are intact.


"'Thor' will now go through a long time of repairs." von Puttkammer said. "'Wotan' will take over the job and hopefully, 'Baldur' will be ready this winter."


Questions about the safety of the spacecraft were answered quickly. "Our ship survived multiple impacts of space trash. And we were able to send a rescue ship in time. What more do you want?"

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Tamurin


Deltannia is relieved to hear that there were no deaths aboard the Thor, and congratulates your team for a job well done. With a growing fleet, Deltannia wishes Tamurin the best in the future of space travel.


Deltannian Space Agency

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To: The United Republic of Tamurin

From: The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

Subject: Preventative Measures


In the history of the Union, we have undertaken the exploration of many new frontiers, from alternative energy sources, to political organization, etc. Although there were always times of bleak discouragement, we have continued to remain a strong and united confederation of like-minded tribes who dared to challenge the limits.


Your nation's resolve to continue the exploration of the space frontier is admirable and honorable. We would hate to see such a successful project be ruined by near-tragedies such as this one.


The Tribal Tribunal has agreed to offer you a donation contribution for the good of exploration and the expansion of human knowledge, not just for the 'scientific elite', but for all of mankind. We feel that space tourism should be available to anyone, not simply the greatest thinkers or those with the greatest pockets, and wish to make good on these beliefs.


If this offer interests you, please contact Sunry Ytturb, Chieftain of International Affairs for negotiations. We are looking forward to aiding your nation in this most honorable cause.

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TO: Deltannia, SPA, Mongol-Swedes

FROM: Tamurin Space Agency


Dear friends,


thank you for your thoughts and kind words. As you can imagine we're most pleased and relieved that the rescue mission was successful. However, despite the news report, the "Thor" is heavily damaged and will be out of commission for several months.


We have hopes that the "Wotan" will be able to take over the role of the "Thor" soon and that "Baldur" will be ready this winter.




Attachment for Mongol-Swedes only:


Thank you for your offer. We are very interested in a partnership in that area. With funding and support from your side, we could increase work on another OG-2, maybe the "Mj?llnir", and refit it for tourism usage. In that case it would be finished in early winter 2006 instead of summer 2007.

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


OG-1 tests new heat shield


user posted image


An OG-1 spacecraft launched on saturday at 0831 reentered the atmosphere on sunday at 1351 hours and successfully tested a new heat shield.


After the near-fatal desaster of the OG-2 "Thor" a couple of weeks ago, experts from the TSA increased work on a new heat shield that is more powerful than the one currently used.


"In theory, this new heat shield would be much more tolerant to damage and would allow a spacecraft to enter the atmosphere much harder than before.", director von Puttkamer said.


This theory was put into practise this weekend.


"The heat shield did well. We had some glitches, but we're content with the result." von Puttkamer said.


"It was very hot inside, but I think it was OK. Let's keep in mind that we were dealing with a prototype.", pilot J?ger said.


The next launch into space is scheduled in early september.

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---- Voice of the Republic ----


"Wotan" deploys DSEV 1 and returns safely to Earth


The OG-2 "Wotan" successfully completed its second mission today at 1500 hours local time. After a successful launch on saturday, the "Wotan" released its cargo, the DSEV 1 (Deep Space Exploration Vehicle 1) that is scheduled to fly over Mars in six months and reach Jupiter within two years (OOC: This'll be made shorter to play it out). The DSEV 1 is the first interplanetary probe that Tamurin has ever built and launched into space.


The "Wotan" returned safely. After the accident of the "Thor" several upgrades were performed on "Wotan", including a hull armor that should provide much better cover against micro-meteorite impacts.


"We are proud and happy that this mission was such a complete success." director von Puttkamer said.


The next launch into space is scheduled for late september.


user posted image


Drawing of DSEV 1, orbiting Jupiter

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"Galactic Enterprises" begins tourism flights into orbit


user posted image


"Galactic Enterprises", the leading private space company in Tamurin, today began with commercial tourism flights into orbit.


The first four tourists launched on "Venturer One", a small aircraft/spacecraft-hybrid with a single rocket engine, after it was carried to 10.000 meters by a purchased and demilitarized B-70 "Valkyrie".


The tickets are still very expensive: 200.000 credits per flight.


"But it's worth it", said one of the first space tourists, Herbert Gr?hlemeyer, 53, singer. "4 hours of space - no gravity, the stars, the look on the Earth...and a fantastic re-entry. I'm booking the next flight already."


"We're booked until summer 2007." CEO Albrecht Hagendorf said. "But we're expanding our fleet. We hope to put ten "Venturers" into service this year. That way we can make all booked flights until January 2007 instead of July. In the future we also see prices dropping to about 10.000 credits per flight - and that's something everyone can afford - just stay four, five years at home and you have your spaceflight."


Spaceflights are open for all Tamurinians. Foreigners are also welcome, but they have to sign an agreement with the tamurinian government for security reasons.

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TO: The Desk of Albrecht Hagendorf

FROM: Sunry Ytturb, Consular, The Embassy of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

SUBJECT: Security Agreement for Space Travel


Asalaamu Alaiku, and good afternoon to you, Mr. Hagendorf. I represent the citizens of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa, and have a responsibility to them to ensure that they are protected. Can you be more specific on the terms and obligations of this agreement you require for foreign citizens to utilize your space tourism services?

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TO: Sunry Ytturb, Consular, The Embassy of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

FROM: Albrecht Hagendorf

RE: Security Agreement for Space Travel


Dear Mr. Ytturb,


this agreement is nothing more than a contract stating that during this tourism flight (which includes the time preparation period before and the aftermath period after the actual flight) the nation accepts that the tourists are temporarily subjects of the tamurinian state.


In case of a hijacking or a terrorist strike we want to make sure that these people are trialed and punished in Tamurin under tamurinian laws. Otherwise all security and juristical precautions would be useless.


Being a subject of the tamurinian state would mean the following:

In case of a crime, the following applies:

1.) The criminal would be trialed and punished in Tamurin.

2.) The criminal would loose the right of being turned over to his nation

3.) The nation accept that the criminal would not be turned over


I am very sorry that security measures are so high that we have to do something like this. But because of international terrorism and the increasing threat of the INELF the state has ordered us to do something like this. Again, this would only apply if the tourist would do a capital crime like murder, hijacking or terrorism during the flight. Nobody will be punished without a reason or thrown into prison because of a stolen apple or a lost personal ID card.


I hope that we can arrange tourist flights for the people of the Tribelands.


Thanks for your understanding!



Albrecht Hagendorf

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"Wotan" deploys Deep Space Communication Satellite - DSEV 1 making fly-by over Mars - "Galactic Enterprises" performs 10th flight


The OG-2 "Wotan" deployed a Deep Space Communication Satellite today. It is designed to allow high-performance communication with Deep Space Probes and Exploration Vehicles like the DSEV 1 that is flying to Jupiter.


The "Wotan"-mission was a success and the crew returned safely to Arrabar Space Port today at 0730.


The Communication Satellite established communication with DSEV 1 just in time to receive several data bursts consisting of high-resolution images and sensor data from Mars.


user posted image


The Mars atmosphere, seen from DSEV 1


Yesterday "Galactic Enterprises" performed its 10th flight to orbit. The tourists from this particular flight were able to witness the deployment of the Deep Space Communication Satellite. The "Venturer One" and the "Wotan" approached to 500 meters distance and the ships exchanged greetings.


The "Venturer One" landed 2 hours before the "Wotan". The next flight of the TSA is scheduled for early October.

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Would be nice indeed and a little activity from other players would be nice as well.


However, as long as the tamurinian space program is acting on its own, the first priority is to establish a presence within orbit - meaning a space station or something like that.


I have an idea about something spectacular, but that might take a while.

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TSA buys large area in New Pommern


The Tamurinian Space Agency today signed a treaty with the Independent Republic of New Pommern (OOC: Island 0.14). The TSA bought a huge area on the island that will become the new spaceport of Tamurin, named after the creator of the Republic Menelassar.


"'Menelassar Spaceport' will go 'online' in a couple of years (OOC: real time will be weeks/months, perhaps December)." said TSA-head of staff von Puttkamer. "It will increase the capabilities of the TSA and we will finally be able to start with much larger programs. I cannot reveil them today, but believe me: It's going to be BIG."


Minister of Foreign Affairs Stefanie Kleinschmidt arranged the treaty with the government of New Pommern and also signed a treaty of friendship and cooperation.


"New Pommern was founded as a tamurinian colony in 1884 and became independent in 1922." she said. "The people here talk an old-fashioned tamurinian, but they're still tamurinian at heart. The unpopulated island was completely civilized by the tamurinian colonists and they have achieved great things.


It is my pleasure to announce that today the Republic of New Pommern and Tamurin have signed an historic treaty that will re-unite Tamurin and New Pommern."


New Pommern President Alarich said: "It is definitely not a re-unification. I like to see the relations between New Pommern and Tamurin as an...well, we're becoming an associated member of the United Republic. The United Republic will take over foreign affairs and defense for us, but our internal affairs, finance, economy and social welfare will remain here. That way we get the best of both worlds."

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"Wotan" deploys Module 1 of Solar System Explorer!


The OG-2 "Wotan" deployed Module 1 of the new "Solar System Explorer" yesterday. The "SSE" is a gigantic spacecraft, six times the size of the OG-2, that will be transported in no less than 24 modules into space.


The SSE is the most ambitious space project of Tamurin to date. It is designed to carry 15 astronauts on a long-term cruise around the solar system. The cruise will send the astronauts on fly-bys on Venus, Mercury, the sun, Venus again, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Earth. The whole trip will take 6 years, the spacecraft will rendezvous with Earth after two and six years.


"We will be able to replenish the supply of SSE after two years. There are always rescue pods available for the whole crew." said flight director von Puttkamer today. "We know that this a very risky thing to do. But have gathered some experience with the OG-2 about space flying, with submarines about living in a very small space for a long time and with several ground experiments about long-term isolation."


The SSE's predecessor, the USSE (Unmanned SSE) will be launched in November. It's a small scale model of the SSE manned with rats that will make the trip to Venus, Mercury, Sun, Venus and Earth.


"We will learn from the USSE's mission for the SSE." said von Puttkamer. "There's always a chance that it will fail. If that's the fact - then we will of course be disappointed, but then the SSE will not be equipped with engines and just become transformed into a space station.

I guess that is the best way to think about the SSE - think about it as a travelling space station."


The USSE will return to Earth in late 2008 and by that time the SSE should be finished.




"Galactic Enterprises" offers sub-orbital flights through Europa


"Galactic Enterprises", the commercial space tourism agency of Tamurin, now offers sub-orbital flights through Europa.


"Imagine a flight from Orioni to Tagmatium in 70 minutes." said CEO Albrecht Hagendorf. "We can connect all major airports in Europa. All we need is a big carrier aircraft at this airport, something the size of a Boeing 707 or bigger."


So far, no nation has shown any interest in the offer. Meanwhile, "Galactic Enterprises" performed its 25th flight on Sunday. Space tourism is flooding the television stations in Tamurin and there are many lotteries where people don't play for money, but for a trip to space.

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DSEV 1 arrives at Jupiter


Amazing pictures and sensor data from the DSEV 1:


user posted image




user posted image


Jupiter's ring system


user posted image


Image from one of Jupiter's moons, Europa


The DSEV 1 will remain inside the Jupiter system. It is now in a high orbit around Jupiter and will visit most of its moons within the next years.


"We have an active interest in staying there", said TSA-chief von Puttkamer. "The DSEV 1 around Jupiter is Tamurin's foot into the 'outer-space'-door."

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The Dominion of Rekamgil would like to publically congratulate its most excellent neighbour for this impressive achievement. If only all nations of Europa would look to the stars and cooperate in scientific achievement, maybe some of the petty bickering could be avoided and more lives saved and lived in happiness and peace.


Congratulations neighbour! If you ever need a partner in discovery, the Dominion would be honoured to particpate.




Secretary of Education and Research

Mit Teews

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