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Phil IV takes control of no 28

Phil VII

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Phil IV has decided to take this oppertunity to expand their own boaders in order to house more people under the protective influence of Phil IV. Lot 28 has come to Phil IV's attention as an area of our region ravaged by anarchy in the absence of a governmental force to act there, at 7:30 on the evening of October 10th, Phils' Troops marched in to claim the region as their own.


As the troops marched into the City of Ahmsville, the citizens celebrated and welcomed them in with opened arms as the country was united under one rule once again.


In a press statement king Phil IV proposed to bring the new area of 28 under his protective wing, to root out the rebals who had been regularely attacking and causing terror and damage to the people of Lot 28, and to give them a general better quality of life.



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