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I'm sorry to have to do this, but I cannot stand some of the intolerances seen, ( and is common throughout Europe ). If I am not allowed to speak my mind, than frankly, I might as well leave. My comment was directed at the inner city black culture, and frankly, is 100% Ture. I would like some of you to tell me why if I am wrong about Black Culture, than why do Black women speak out against how it degrades women? All I hear is some new 50 Cent song called "Baby get on your knees and suck me Off." No lie, actual Song.


To tell me, people who don't even live in my country, and say I don't have a right to speak about it, is damn ignorant. And Frankly, I doin't have to put up with Aki's mindless censorship. I appreciate the goodwill of just about everyone on this forum, except for him. Its not whats happened in the past, no that is not it at all. I respected him, totally and moved on, until now. This in breach of basic civil rights, and Frankly to hell with it, and to hell with you Aki. you can take my Comment and shove it.



to everyone else, I bid you good journey and a prosperous life.

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US, I think you're overreacting here; most boards have policies against racist statements. Perhaps if you had elaborated with your earlier statements and explained which part of black culture you had issues with, Akiiryu would have no beef with you. Afterall, black culture is way more than 50 Cent, gangsta rap, and the ghetto. I share your disdain for those things, but your statement lumped all black people together. You simply can't do that with an entire race because there are far too many different types of people and culture there! Defining culture based on race is quite stupid really, don't know who started it. Generalization may seem trivial, but can be very hurtful and is often false.


And the separate forum is really a silly idea. If you're planning on staying active with other nations here, why not just boycott the general forums and stick to RP?

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